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Has anyone heard if its ok to fly with a blood clot in the right leg?

A: It isn''t advisable. I wouldn''t fly with a blood clot in me period! You should speak with your doctor before getting on an airplane, he/she will let you know what to do and if its advisable for you to do so or not. they will advise you not to fly because if the blood clot becomes unlodged from its current position it can float or travel up into your lung or even heart and cause a pulmonary embolism...which can be fatal...and since you will be in the air...medical attention is slim...seriously talk to your doctor and figure out when you can have it removed or busted......

blood clots in the leg related drugs: fondaparinux  · Kinlytic  · urokinase  ·

I have a scar from a chemical burn on my ankle. Can this lead to blood clots in that leg?

A: if it is just a surface scar, then it probably will have no effect on the potential for blood clots, but if you are concerned you should discuss it with your regular doctor at your next appointment. Your doctor would know best.He can answer that better for you. Here is a link about blood clots.But speak to your doctor on the treatment that he can provide for you. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2684215/what_can_cause_a_blood_clot.html?cat=70...


I have developed blood clots in my leg and doctors have not found the cause. I have been taking the

A: Thanks for your question! What a tough situation, I wish you the best. From the literature I''ve read, I haven''t seen any reports of blood clots associated with bisphosphonates. (A completely different osteoporosis medication, however -- Evista -- is not recommended for those at risk of blood clots, but that drug is chemically unrelated to Boniva.) Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to confirm that your doctor is aware of all the medications you are taking (even those prescribed by other physicians) as you try to figure out the best course...

Left leg rash for 4-5 years; Last summer 2 blood clots in same leg. Could they be related?

A: Thank you for your question.   I am not a medical professional and would not be able to provide you with medical advice.   HealthCentral.com does have additional information that may be useful:   Deep Vein Thrombosis   I hope this helps   Eileen...


Can you get blood clots in your feet?

A: Yes a person can get blood clots in the feet. It is possible it can form in the legs and then travel into the feet. they are extremely painful and sometimes the patient can hardly walk. It is sometimes known as a deep vein thrombosis and can be regulated with a blood thinner.. ...


  I was diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs 3 years ago. I recently hadsurgery to repair a hernia. and was given anew lung doctor. He removed mefrom the blood thinners because there was no real reason established on why theclots haddeveloped in the

A: Hello,clots in the lungs (medically known as pulmonary embolism) actually are formed in some other part of the body,most commonly the legs and calves that are moved to the lungs by the blood circulation where they get lodged.Pulmonary embolism is a life threatening emergency. Very small blood clots may still be there but they ontheir own do not cause so much of breathlessness. Still the...


What causes blood clots in hearth?

A: the bad collesterol you get from eating too much fat. they probably formed somewhere else then got lodged in the heart. stuffing corpses into your chimney. Perhaps u mean blood clots in arteries supplying the heart. As we grow older fats deposit inside the blood vessels narrowing them and sometimes the fat plaque in arteries become ruptured into the arterial lumen, producing a rough surface where blood starts clotting. smoking, diabetes, high


Pain In the legs?

A: Try adding potassium to your diet. Banana''s are a good source. One thing I learned in yoga is that because of gravity, all our fluids are dropped to our lower body (duh). But what you should do every day is stretch your legs and elevate them at a 90 degree angle (laying on your back) and let the fluid to drain. Also, you should incorporate more potassium and water into your diet. OK eat ATLEAST one banana before bed and one for lunch. ..and several times during the day massage it and stretch it out...write the alphabet in the air with your big toe..it will help loosen it...and massage and kneed it afterwords. You might be suffering from...

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