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I get weekly blood tests for a blood clot in my leg, to check the thickness of my blood.

A: No, they can''t tell although those things can have an effect on your blood itself. You need to start being honest with the doctor about doing those drugs....


blood clot in the palm of hand

A: tamiira......blood clots are only dangerous when they are in large arteries or large veins e.g veins of the leg or pelvis. there are no large veins in the palm of your hands to harbour a clot. the clot in the palm of yopur hand would be in the fleshy part and hence would not pose a threat to your lungs. Your doctor is quite correct. the clot was in the vein as you could see where the vein had expanded. Never heard of such a thing....sorry. Sqad you seem to know quite...


What Are Symptoms Of blood Clot In Lower leg?

A: I had a soreness on the top part of my foot near my ankle.  When I got out of bed it was hard to walk but after a while it was easier.  the next day it was difficult to walk but the soreness had moved to the top of my foot.  It was not swollen or red.  the next day same thing, it moved over to the side of my foot , no redness or swelling.  the original area feels just fine and the new area feels tender.  Any advice or help will be appreciated....

What are the signs you might have a blood clot in your leg?

A: I believe you would have redness of the leg, and swelling. the whole legwould appear larger than the other leg, with a general uncomfortablefeeling. If you think you have a problem, call your doctor immediately! Good luck. I had blood clots years ago, and had no symptoms that could be seen. Myleg hurt, like an strong achy hurt, that wouldnt go away unless i stood upand bent my knee. Like put my heel up to my butt. then the pain stopped. If this is happening to you, please please go see your...


Is it common to have a blood clot in the stomach a day or two after surgery?

A: I do not think it is normal to have a blood clot at all. Dr Harrington andthe nursing staff made me walk walk walk after surgery while in thehospital and they gave me alot of those gosh awful heprin shots. Also, Itake asprin therapy 1 x a day it is called Ecotrin. What this does is thinsthe blood. My doctor told me to take it until he tells me to stop. there ismeds that the Dr can give you to get rid of blood clot. there is a dangerwith any blood clot isn''t there?!...


Is It Possible To Get A blood Clot From A Torn Ligament In the Knee? & What Are the Signs Of A blood Clot In the Calf Of the leg?

A: Absolutely YES, I got 2 from a knee injury...check it out right away, you will have some pain, a lot of itching and you MUST seek medical attention immediately!!   Godspeed to you...

What Are the Symptoms Of A blood Clot In Lower leg (calf)?

A: You may not feel it and sometimes can only be detected by ultrasound. If you suspect this see your doctor asap...
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