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What Does A blood Clot In the leg Look Like?

A: You cant see it with you eyes. Its in the blood veins. there may be a knot there or may not be. If you think you have one pleas go to the dr or er. blood clots can travl fast and are deadly. At the dr/er they can give you meds usally through and iv to help dislove the clot...

iit possible to ge pregnant with blood clots in the legs

A: yes- I am guessing that you would be put on blood thinners to prevent clotting and will be taken off of it abut 48 hours before a scheduled induction/c-section. Hope this answers your question...


What''s the Symptoms Of blood clots In the leg?

A: Pain and tingling; usually behind the knee. Can also have a feeling of ''heat''. Birth control increases the risks of clots. the higher the hormone concentration, the greater the risk....


If you or someone you know had a blood clot in the leg years ago...?

A: I believe your youth is causing them to be somewhat cavalier with the subject, when they should investigate more thoroughly. there are some therapies which can help alleviate (if not cure) this situation: blood thinners may allow the obstruction to shrink and pass harmlessly through your bloodstream, or (if that is too risky a venture because of its size or the stiffness of your arteries, a stint may be used to widen constricted pathways on either side of the obstruction. Left untreated, this situation could become...


Can A blood Clot In the leg, Can It Feel Like A leg Cramp?

A: It may.. It hurts more when you dorsiflex your foot.....


What Does A blood Clot In the leg Feel Like? I Have A Deep, Sometimes..

A: Tell your Dr. It could be a circulation problem.....good luck...


What are the sign that you have a blood clot in your leg?

A: A blood clot in the leg is a prerequisite to a pulmonary em bolus.As you wait for a answer consider the following.A pulmonary embolus is fatal upwards of 95%.I would encourage you to seek immediate medical attention(assuming your still alive). Your big toe turns black and falls off. You must first have a cut then it clots. Check if there''s a cut. I should know the answer to this. I''ve had 4 blood clots in the last 4 years. the last one was a partial clot left from last year. I am still...


What Are the Symptoms of a blood Clot in the Foot?

A: blood clots in any part of the body can be dangerous, and a blood clot in the foot is no different. Many people who experience foot swelling, or edema, as well as pain or numbness will not recognize these symptoms of a blood clot in the foot. these symptoms and the other blood clot signs often go unrecognized until after the blood clot has relocated to another part of the body and has become a...


What causes blood clots in the groin?

A: there can be many different reasons why a blood clot in the groin is caused. A few of them are having had recent surgery, being 65 or older, having had cancer or being treated for it, obesity, a bad bump or bruise, or being confined to a chair or bed much of the time. the main cause of blood clots is a lack of moving. Some ways to avoid blood clots are wearing loose fitting clothing, raising your legs six inches above your heart from time to time, eating less salt, not using pillows under your knees do not sit or...


What could be the cause of blood clots in the lungs ? Medics please?

A: it can be cancer trowing clots into the blood vessels...hope not!! have you blood clots in lung? then why are you wasting time asking yahoo Q A (as good as they be) when you should be going to doctor or hospital where there are doctors and consultants with the expert knowledge.l if hes a non smoker then he might need some medical help. this might cause a strong heart attack or mice guts Dunno bout specific blood clot in lungs, but a clot could arise in the lung as a piece broken off from ano

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