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Is a blood clot [ in the brain] the same thing as cancer?

A: blood clot in the brain is a tuma , it was on house :) Different things completely, cancer is cells that have gone bad, a blood clot is a blood clot which may cause stroke or similar if it bursts. Sounds like your friend is ATIT..! A blood clot occurs can occur if a blood vessel is damaged or passage thru the blood vessel is slow. Both of these cause platelets (the thing in blood which is...


Can A blood clot In the brain Cause Confusion/bad Judgement?

A: Dear, its not always the same in all the cases, as my grand father used to have a small blood clot in his brain but he used to say every time that I am feeling hectic and a pain in my head, but some times he falls into bad judgment but the best option is that you must visit the doctor, because the doctor can advice you accurately....


Is It Likely That By Lifting 50-60lbs Of Weights Will Cause A blood clot In the brain? Even If Lifted the Wrong Way

A: Many things can cause a clot to the brain, or a stroke.  Heart health is the primary one, cholesterol levels another. So a healthy fit man, who has been training with weights for years, and knows his limits, and can listen to his body and know what it is doing, is less likely to experience this. Yet someone who is keen to knock his body into shape as quickly as possible, could indeed damage his health by straining in the face and not in the arm chest and leg muscles. You need to have your health checked out regularly by a health professional. If you are full of lean muscle, you can get away with more, if...

blood clots in the brain

A: Depending on where the stroke is in the brain, your father''s balance may be affected as well as the leg numbness. Are his legs still numb or has the feeling come back? What about numbness in the bottoms of his feet? Diabetes can cause that without a stroke. And yes, Valium can make you dizzy and make you fall. But I tell you that even if his legs are back to normal, his balance may be way off just from the stroke alone and he may need physical therapy to get it back. I''m going through that right now myself. Talk to his doc and ask about


blood clots in the brain? help!?

A: well first of all sweetie depending on where exactly the brain clot is she might of had a stroke (aneurysm, "blood clot") depending on age and how she was before (healthwise) she might just come out fine maybe a little paralyzed but who knows for sure. do some research on blood clots you can find alot of interesting things there. just keep on reminding her of who you are, and where she is and hopefully in time she will remember. just what ever you do dont disagree with her just go along with whatever she is saying becasue you can really confuse her. just go with

is there a chance of living when someones in a coma from blood clots in the brain?

A: I have no medical training, but I believe a blood clot will kill you instantly once it reaches the brain so i would assume even someone in a coma would not survive a blood clot. I have had blood clots in the brain and lungs, and I was in a coma for about 2 days, you can survive, just it depends on how long the person is in a coma for, the longer they are ''sleep'' sorry got cut off, the longer they ''sleep''

my father had a brain bleed that they gave a blood clotting med for and it caused a blood clot in the brain. He had a 6x6 peice removed and is in a coma, Is there or has there been people recover from something of this nature

A: Hi there. I''m sorry for what your father is going through. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. I found this article for you: Coma. the article states: ''Sometimes the cause of a coma can be completely reversed, and theperson will regain normal function. This is often the case for peoplewho suffer a coma from a drug overdose. But depending on how severe thebrain damage is, where the damage is located, and the duration of thecondition causing the coma, the person may...


What does it mean to have a blook clot in the brain,?

A: A blood clot anywhere in the body is a clump of blood cells that clogs a blood vessel. A clot is always serious, but in the brain it is especially serious because it can cut off oxygen to parts of the brain, causing brain damage. Yes, it is possible to survive a blood clot in the brain, somtimes with brain damage, sometimes without. It will all depend on where the


What Are the Symptoms of a blood clot in the Foot?

A: blood clots in any part of the body can be dangerous, and a blood clot in the foot is no different. Many people who experience foot swelling, or edema, as well as pain or numbness will not recognize these symptoms of a blood clot in the foot. these symptoms and the other blood clot signs often go unrecognized until after the blood clot has...

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