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Can sporadic Herpes gential outbreaks cause a drop in white blood cell count as seen in CBC taken during the outbreak?

A: Hi, If you have a outbreak of genital herpes, then I would expect the WBC count to be elevated usually. Therewould also be a prevalence of a type of white blood cells known as "lymphocytes" and a relativelesser number of "neutrophils". However, don''t worry as herpes rarely causes severe illness.Hope this helps....

What does contineous low white blood cell count mean?

A: It means that you have few white blood cells, and as a result, your immune system is shot to Hell, since white blood cells fight diseases....


my son has an extreemly high white blood cell count and the doctors are telling me that it is just a viral infection are they ri

A: did you check for the white blood cell shapes? thats always important and often missed out in diagnosis. High white cells is an alarm. Please check with a doctor and if u already have.. get a second opinion...

What foods can help improve low white blood cell count?

A: What foods can help improve low white blood cell count?...


What causes low white blood cell count

A: My daughter''s wbc is not dangerously low, but is under normal, we found this out today. She rarely gets sick. We found out from routine bloodwork. First thing we did was have the bloodwork done again, because if it was done when she was even a little sick chances are the count would temporarily be low because of that. The results were still the same so her pediatrician sent us to a Hematologist at a children''s cancer and blood disorder center which made me 10 times more worried, but it was very, very helpful. Heredity played a part in our case because I found out my count and my Grandmother''s are low as well, some people carry a borderline low level wbc without...


Can You Get Chemo With a Low White blood cell count?

A: It is important to remember that chemotherapy''s main goal is to kill cancer cells, but chemo drugs also kill off some healthy cells also (hair follicles, the cells lining the intestines, etc.) In order to be eligible for chemotherapy, you need to be healthy enough to survive the drug. If a patient is too weak or has some other severe problem like low white blood cells, the risk is that the chemotherapy could hasten the person''s death. This is why when your white count is too low, for your safety the oncologist will refuse to give chemotherapy. So it''s important to realize that the refusal is for the patient''s safety even if the patient is...


Elevated white blood cell count with a 9-year old boy?

A: An elevated WBC and temp is most likely an infection, you might want to consider going to see an infectious dsease doctor, they will be able to do more pin point test to find the underling cause Take your son to the nearest CHILDREN HOSPITAL. Tell them what you just told us. Don''t wait do it now. The baby''s stomach has been attacked:it''s weak and irritated. "start with easily digestible foods, " suggests Dr.Mofenson. Try cereal,pudding,soda crackers,or both.Avoid high fiber,spicy,acidic,greasy,sugary,or dairy foods that could further irriated the stomach.You should do this for a day or two:then your stomach will be ready to get back to it''s routine. The differential diagnoses of elevated WBC count is very broad and varies with duration and degree of...


  my son has a white blood cell count of 44000 and i want to know if it could be leukemia

A: Hello,Leukemia is one of the causes of a high WBC count (leukocytosis). However, this is not enough information tomake a diagnosis at this time. A correlation of significant history and clinical symptoms (easy bruising,bleeding tendencies, fatigue, etc.) along with confirmatory tests is essential. The presence of immature cellsin the blood and bone marrow is essential for a diagnosis of leukemia. Other causes of a high WBC countinclude infections like tuberculosis, whooping cough, infectious mononucleosis; trauma and bleeding; drugssuch as dapsone and steroids. The high count in these cases is called a ''leukemoid reaction'', whichis the body''s normal response to...


What causes a low white blood cell count?

A: A low white blood count (below 4000) could have many causes. The most common would be medication side effects (like chemotherapy), heavy metal exposure, infections, bone marrow disorders, or an immune system disorder. Hopefully, your husband will be referred to a hematologist, so that the reason for his low white count can be explored.. ...


high red blood cells count

A: Dear June, A hematologist/oncologist does not only deal with cancer.  The "hematology" part of the specialty concerns non-cancer causes of blood disorders.  If his red cell count is extremely high, this would be the most appropriate referral.  It is very important to find the most experienced specialist you have access to.   Sincerely, J. Seigle, MD...
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