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I have been told i have to have a blood test for either diabetes or anemia. Any one know signs? thanks?

A: I am hypoglycemic with the same symtoms as diabetes. I fainted in a local grocery store twice, had to eat grapes at work to stay alive. I got dizzy driving if my blood sugar was too low. Don''t drink alcohol before your test. Keep beef jerky with you at all times. The salt is not good for you, so if you can find salt free jerky, then try that. your symptons sugest diabetis, especially if you felt better after eating chocolate, however it does not nessesary mean you do have it, the tiredness and sleepness can be a sign of anemia, dont worry though both are treatable, and you will be fine as long as you take drs instructions. wouldnt say you had either from that, but you could have problem with regulating blood sugars, doesnt mean your...


blood Test Results and Kidney Cancer

A: Maryann, The sed rate is VERY nonspecific - that is to say, many, many things can lead to an elevated sed rate - and it is hardly ever because of metastatic cancer.  Imaging studies, such as CT , MRI, Pet scans, etc, are much better tools with which to detect metastasis.  However, no test we have to date can detect microscopic cells in the blood stream or lymph system, and it is these cells that are the source of metastatic disease.  Your oncologist is, in my opinion, entirely correct - consider him cured and do faithful follow up.  One aspect of a cancer diagnosis is that there often is uncertainty, and this can be very difficult to live with.   I would be very careful about using...

Do you know that you are a spirit living in a physical body made up of billions of living cells that make every effort to make your body function correctly?

A: I''m kind of tall and heavy. It may be trillions of cells by now, since it''s been 12 years since I last counted and about 40 lbs. gained. Pretty cool news there buddy. Prove it. If you are referring to the metaphysical then don''t bother, since it can''t be tested which places it in the realm of fantasy and myth. Do you know your spirit is made up of energy that mixes with other energies (sometimes complimentary, sometimes destructive), that that is the embodiment of all that exists, and matter is simply really dense energy? Well, yes we do have specialized cells, tons of them to have a completely functioning body... liver cells, white blood

What Causes High White blood count And Low B12?

A: My cat has a white cell count of 24,000, vs. 16,000 considered normal level. What are the possible causes....

73 blood sugar level?

A: There are a couple things you should be aware of. The "finger-stick" BS measurement is a "snapshot" of a parameter which changes constantly in your body (especially in someone with diabetes). You have to judge your BS by taking many readings over time and averaging them to get a good idea of your levels and how well-controlled they are. I am a long-term diabetic who has good control, with HbA1cs in the high 5s and low 6s, however, I can finger-stick myself twice within 30 seconds of each other on different fingers and get readings 20 points different. The accuracy of glucometers is probably about +/- 10%, so on the same blood sample well homogenized at 100 mg/dl, you would get readings from 90-110. The Hemoglobin A1c test is a good diagnostic...


High reticulocyte count

A: A high reticulocyte count is normal with anemia. It''s your body trying to kick into high gear and produce more red blood cells, which registers high for awhile, until the anemia is resolved and then it should go back down to normal....


Why is my hemoglobin level is 9.6 with nornal rbc count?

A: A: the sad thing is that its probably hereditory...not your fault and also nothing that you can really do about it.. A: Your body is not producing enough red blood cells. You may have either Iron deficiency anemia, which is treatable with ferrous sulfate (iron pills), pernicious anemia, which is treatable with B12 injections or you may be losing blood somewhere in your body. Your doctor will need to do blood tests to determine what is causing it.. ...


The importance of CEA count in post cancer bloodwork.

A: Dear Karen,   CEA is a tumor marker blood test and CEA is a protein in the body....  CEA is usually use as POST-breast cancer tools because it is believed that when the CEA starts going UP, the cancer has returned....  However, this is not a specific test for breast cancer....  It was first used to detect and follow colon cancer patients after their surgery and cancer treatment, so this is why it is so non-specific... The fact that the mammogram was abnormal and the MRI and Ultra-sound are not conclusive, it sounds like she needs to go somewhere else for a ssecond MRI, mammogram and Ultra-sound as often one radiologist will NOT catch a tumor when another one will.... As far as telling if this increase in CEA is from the breast, it is...

For 5 Months I Have Had A High Wbc I''ve Been Sick Meaning Vomiting Weight Loss Not Eating My blood count Is Normal Now But Still Sick, What Could Be Going On?

A: You have not indicated levels of white blood cells. Anyhow, normal WBC levels are 4300 to 10800. Its high levels in the blood can be due to many reasons. Most usually, their levels increase as a result of infectious disease. Tissue damage like burn can also cause increase in WBC. Physical and emotional stress are other factors which cause WBC rise. Anemia, inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and allergy are other possibilities. Very high levels like more than 30000 can be due to leukemia. So, visit a doctor for differential diagnosis and proper treatment....

Prednisone and white blood count

A: Dear Ceebee: I ck''d my med bks & drug guide. Nothing stated prednisone had anything to do w/WBC count increasing. Asthma causes inflammation of the airways and inturn, WBCs rally to fight the infection. That may be a reason you have increased WBC count. It further stated that sometimes prednisone will mask other infections that are not related to asthma as it is a corticosteroid and fights inflammation. Did your MD go over your lab results w/you? Good luck! Info given meant for educational purposes only and not as med advice....

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