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What Are the Most Common Causes of Tongue Numbness?

A: there are many causes of tongue numbness. In the medical field, the condition is called paresthesia of the tongue, and it is most commonly caused by nerve damage. Damage to the brain, allergies, and pregnancy may also lead to numbness or tingling in the tongue. Multiple sclerosis and burning mouth syndrome can also cause paresthesia. A doctor should be consulted when someone experiences this symptom.. the most common cause of tongue numbness is nerve damage. Paresthesia is the medical term for...


What Are the Common Side Effects of Diovan®?

A: Diovan®, a brand name for valsartan, is a drug that works by dilating blood vessels to treat congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. Diovan® generally is well-tolerated, and most side effects, if any, tend to be minor. the most commonly reported side effects of Diovan® are headaches and dizziness. Other side effects can vary based on the condition for which the patient is being treated. the most serious side effects of Diovan® might cause conditions that can lead to kidney failure, but these cases are extremely rare. Headaches and dizziness are common side effects...


Started using atripla for 3 weeks now after using trizivir for a long time? Why the change?

A: the other main advantage is you only need to take Atripla once a day which makes treatment less complicated! Good luck. You may find this link helpful http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/Meds/Archive/Simplify/Q184381.html Hi. Thanks for your question. I have been taking HIV meds now for over 13 years. In the beginning, the earlier meds were horrible, with serious or debilitating side effects. I continued taking various meds over the years that simply would not work after several months or years, because the virus is smart and knows how to mutate to get around some. Also, when genome assays were performed showed that


Got the plague. Left me with allergies.

A: You didn''t happen to get a tick bite recently, did you?...


What Are the Different Side Effects of Albuterol?

A: Albuterol is a drug that makes breathing easier for people who have respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. It helps to open up air passages by relaxing muscles in the airway. Side effects of albuterol that are usually considered minor include vomiting, dizziness, and headache. In addition to minor symptoms, side effects of albuterol are sometimes serious enough to require immediate medical attention. Some of the more severe side effects of albuterol include rapid or irregular heart rate, chest pain, and problems breathing. Some people have severe allergic reactions to albuterol that usually begin with swelling in the face or neck. In some instances, the


Wath causes staff infections in hospital?

A: contact with patients who are sick and they dont use a mask or clean hands properly after being with a patient this causes a lot of breakouts in hospitals and nursing homes Basically it results from unsanitary conditions. People do not wash their hands well enough, or instruments are not totally disinfected. Nasty people who don''t wash their hands after using the restroom. USING DIRTY TOOLS WEARING A DIRTY CAtheTER CAN MAKE YOU VERY ILL the HOSPITAL NEEDS TO CLEAN EVERYTHING BEFORE USING DIRTY SURGICAL TOOLS USED DURING SURGERY ALSO A SKINNING YOUR ELBOW OR SKINNING YOUR KNEES AND NOT CLEANING theM OUT CAN CAUSE YOUR...


What gets your knickers in a twist?

A: I hate to be instructed on what to say and how to say it by arrogant Flutherites who appoint themselves hall monitors. It makes me want to splatter the walls with blood. I get my panties in a bunch whenever I see someone toss a cigarette out their car window. A night of tossing and turning. When I make a joke, and people think I mean something by it. I''m often just going for the funny! On Fluther, my knickers get twisted when someone writes something that doesn''t make sense, others point it out and they still won''t acknowledge their mistake....


the inner part of my private area hurts and theres a bump on the right side of my lip.?

A: I think you been riding to many horses. you know it my be (HPV) HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS WEMEN MOSTLY GET IT FROM the SEX FRIEND, IT CAN BE BAD, YOU CAN GET CANCER FROM IT ,GO TO DOCTOR AND GET CHECKED OUT..HOWEVER IT COULD BE AN IN GROWN HAIR, MIGHT BE NOTHING,BUT IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO CHECK You might just have a boil there. they usually go away in about five days or so. And, yeah, they are painful. Sounds like you might have some type of yeast infection though. I''d call ob/gyn and go have it checked out. If you have yeast infection, you can get meds to fix it. If you have herpes, the dr. will know. You might have to get lab test where


Need PN doc in Boston

A: Hi Nancy, whilst a skin punch biopsy is very good at diagnosing small fibre damage did that neuro do a EMG to test your larger nerves and a nerve conduction test to see if there was any axon/myelin sheath damage ? if not he has not even started to do his job properly. Sorry I can''t offer any PN specialist as I live in Australia, however I do know some American PN people that talk about the " John Hopkins hospital " and " Mayo Clinic " as having PN specialist working at these places, perhaps if you phone them they may be able to tell you were the closest PN specialist are to your area. Your GP can order


Im in my mid-twenties and have never had the Chicken Pox. I was just exposed 1 week ago.....?

A: dont go near chickens medicine sooothe with ice You maybe getting the pox being an adult it will affect you worse then if you were a child. Im 29 and just go the pox, people find it hard to believe i had never had them. I am on anti virul meds. You should see a dr you maybe able to have something to stop you getting the chicken pox. Possibly. Definitely start looking for bumps, but I would also suggest having a good conversation with your Dr about what you should do now that you have made it this far without them. the older you are, supposedly the worse and more...

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