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Can the antibiotic Bactrim cause low platelets?

A: A few years back, I was on Bactrim for a staph infection. Three days after I started noticing bruises on my hips, and the next day my body was covered with large bruises, petechiae, and I had blood blisters in my mouth. the doctors attributed this to the Bactrim I was on. I have never had this happen, nor has it happened since. I no long take ANY sulfa-drugs.. ...


I have found a lump under the skin in my right armpit?

A: you have lymph nodes in your armpits ...your body may just be fighting an infection..give it a week or so try some herbal tea. they actually do work kinda miraculously. Taheebo tea is one. It could be a gland have it checked out. Good luck. It sounds like it might be the shingles, a herpesvirus infection similar to chicken pox. This infection is often a series of little blisters that follows the path of a nerve in a rough line curving around your chest wall, Because the nerve is inflamed it can be painful. the swollen lymph gland in your armpit is a response to the infection. You should have this confirmed by a doctor...


What are the Lamictal® Side Effects?

A: Lamictal®, which is now available in generic form as lamotrigine, is an anti-convulsant medication. Like a number of other anti-convulsants it has proven to not only be useful in treating conditions like epilepsy, but also in the treatment of bipolar disorder, and is actually approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for this purpose. For either seizure disorders or bipolar, there can be some strong preference toward using Lamictal® because it can have a lower incidence of certain side effects and be tolerated better by many patients. This is not to say that the medication is free of problems and there...


You know those blisters inside of ur mouth?

A: If you are talking about a canker sore, you can''t make it heal faster. You can buy medicine for them that will GREATLY reduce the pain caused by them at your local drug store. the BEST thing you can do...rinse your mouth with a mixture of warm salt water...(cover the bottom of a glass with salt and add warm water)...rinse several times a day...it really works... these are commonly referred to as canker sores, there is a new product on the market made especially for them, it is a Pain Relieving patch, you put it over


What Are Different Types of Skin blisters?

A: there are various types of skin blisters, among the most common being burn blisters, blood blisters, and water blisters. Epidermal blisters occur on the outer layer of skin, or what is known as the epidermis. Most skin blisters caused by burns are classified as second-degree burn injuries. Fever blisters occur after an infection and subsequent fever. Cluster blisters occur in small groups or clusters and may be due to infection or other factors.....


blisters on inside of hands and bottom of feet

A: this sounds like hand foot mouth. You will need to stay away from other people until the blisters are closed. Practice good handwashing. the virus will live in your stool for up to 4 weeks after the primary infection is done. This will make you feel pretty uncomfortable. You can take tylenol to help with the pain. This virus has gone through my family one month ago. It was not much fun. I hope you are feeling better soon! i agree this sounds very much like hand foot and mouth. its going around my daughters preschool. its like chickenpox where its actually contagious before


Have you ever bitten the inside of your cheek so hard that...?!?

A: Major Owwie! ;) Rinse with listerine. It pinches, but helps a lot. Hurts don''t it.Takes a least 2 weeks to heal. I have upper dentures and sometimes i bite the inside of my cheek and also down on the inside of my lower lip and it seems to take a long time to heal, i sometimes use chloreseptic (sp) spray and put some on a piece of cotton and keep it on the spot till it numbs........fastest way is warm salt water or peroxide, dont swallow.........and patience helps but its not easy cause it hurts like the dickens.!!!!!! good luck......ST FROM OHIO i''m not sure How to treat it, dealing with the same problems, unitll you find out how to treat it, i usually chew really,...


What Are the Most Common Methods of Herpes Transmission?

A: When people discuss herpes transmission, they usually mean spread of the herpes simplex virus, which is usually called HSV I and HSV II. these can occur on or around the mouth and on or around the genitals, and actually, either type may occur in either area. there are other herpes viruses, and noted ones cause things like chicken pox. Unlike HSV I and II, the chicken pox virus can be spread by air transmission, though it is more common for people to pick up chicken pox by direct exposure to the...

Do anyone know the sign affects when dealing with Herpes?

A: Seek immediate professional medical advice. It is much better for your physical and mental health to find out exactly what is wrong. Genital herpes symptoms include fever, swollen glands, and lesions on the genital area. A herpes infected person usually has four or five outbreaks during the year. However, a person may not even know he/she has been infected with the virus. Flu like symptoms may be present accompanied by a skin rash. A friend of mine suffers with this illness. (She thinks she contracted it from a sauna. She refuses to birth a child out of fear that the child would be born blind due to the herpes virus.) *Research has confimed that herpes is a...


I have 5 mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth?

A: wot you been up to huny ,, one for each ov them lol x Ask your dentist to refer you to the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry Unit at your local hospital. these people have seen all the different things you can get in your mouth and they should sort out your problem so you can get peace of mind. Millions suffer from this. the medical term is aphthous stomatitis. there are treatments to help them go away more quickly, but nothing to entirely prevent them from returning. GO TO YOUR GP. you may have oral...

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