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How can I successfully cut my own big toe off without bleeding to death?

A: Well, if pain isn''t an issue you can probably hack the sucker off and then burn the stump with a lighter to cauterize it. A tourniquet would at least slow the bleeding. Perhaps if you heat a knife up enough then it would cauterize as it cuts. You need help that we can''t give you. Or else..... Better call a tow truck. Tie a string tight around your thigh. It''ll slow down the blood flow. wow what a question you better do something like go to the movies instead of thinking to do something that stupid . get high heat up a close iron slice it off imeadiatly place the cloths iron on the wound until it cauterizes. or learn


why did my three month old kitten bleed to death from the mouth?

A: There are a number of possibilities with probably the most common one being trauma of some sort. but he  was born different from the other kittens. he was also half the size of the normal kittens   my kitten was about threemonths old and he was half the size of his siblings and took longer to learn to walk and eat and drink. one day he had a sezieur and all his blood drained from his body. please help shed some light on what happend. He also had odd looking eyes and he bumped into things and would walk in circles sometimes but he would follow my fingers. he loved to purr and play and love on us. his head used to be about as big as...

When You Are On Your Period, Can You Bleed to death?

A: No it is not possible to bleed to death but it is a very irregular period and it is good that you have set an appointment but they are very behind if they only have an appointment at the end of the month. ...


Can you bleed to death if your tongue is bleeding?

A: I guess so, if you don''t stop the bleeding. Eventually, though, it may take days, even weeks, you will loose a lot of blood. That is, if the cut doesn''t dry up. Maybe not, but don''t think about trying it........


If you remove a freckle or a raised mole,will you bleed to death?

A: well, if you remove it you will just bleed alot. i suggest you make a surgerer take it of, that is what my aunt did. she said it didnt hurt. No way. Your body has to lose at least 2 pints of blood before you die. Even if you just let it bleed, the wound would be so small it would stop bleeding before it got bad....


Can you bleed to death from a tongue piercing?

A: Actually yes you can. Some people have a third vein running down the middle of their tongue and when one gets a tongue piercing it is done in the middle of the tongue. So when the needle pierces it it will bleed more than tongues w/o that third vein would. But you can still get a tongue piercing if you have that 3rd vein. All professional piercers know how to control bleeding. It''s in their training...

a patient had a mild stroke and was given heperin, coumadine and plavix for a month after the stroke. nowpatient+has+brain+bleeding,+in+essence+bleeding+to+death.+what+can+be+done?

A: Dear Wishin,The stroke is the reason for the brain haemorrhage. If the medicines do not help in stopping the bleeding thenonly way is neurosurgery and the patient is advised to consult a neurosurgeon.Take care...


Will Moles Make You Bleed to death If Removed?

A: Ke? Who told you that? I think it''s an urban legend to be honest. First, even if you scratched a mole off and it bled a lot we''re surrounded by medical expertise who can stop the bleeding. Second... No, I just don''t see it. I''ve had tons of moles removed and not one has bled excessively....


If I got my arm chopped off, how long until I bleed to death?

A: IDK, just avoid getting your arm chopped off and you wont have to worry. When limbs are severed, the blood vessels frequently close up, so the amount of bleeding is minimal. This is why people can survive for so long. There was a case some years ago in England where a man lost his arm in a farming accident, and had to walk several miles to get help....


If you pull off a hanging mole will you really bleed to death?

A: Answer No but you might get an infection. Go to the doctor....

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