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Bleeding after abortion pill answers (364)

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I need help and information

A: So your question is, are you eligible for a hysterectomy?  What do you mean by "eligible"? If you need it, you should get it. Talk to your doctors about that. Perhaps you speak of hysterectomy as a means of birth control. You can certainly do that but wouldn"t a tubal ligation be easier and almost completely effective? I had thought you would be inquiring whether you have a medical malpractice case or not for the doctor not taking care of the hematoma earlier. But that would probably not be a good case. In the late stage of pregnancy they certainly do not want to be doing abdominal surgery. So, I suggest you consider it a blessing that you have two children, you will heal up fine, and that tying your tubes will solve the long term concern that you have. Good luck....


14 and First Time Having Sex? Please Help?!(:

A: Please sweet young thing that you are, do NOT let some jerk ass back you into a corner with sweet talk and HIS version of what is right for you! If you don''t use some kind of birth control and you end up pregnant? Do you think this pot hole of a brain guy will stand by you? No way Jose. You being a virgin is like fresh blood before sharks. These dumb asses will be all over you like stink on sh*&. Do you want a husband and a family in your future? One you didn''t HAVE to marry? Do you want a husband that married you because he loved to? Not because he had to? Honey he is trying to use you,or he would not be trying so hard to get into your pants! He would think of you first, he is not. He would be prepared to marry you now. He is not. He is only thinking of using you and then you will...


Vaginal Blood Spotting, Can You Help?

A: First of all make sure that the bleeding really comes from the vagina and not from the urinary tract or the rectum.if you are pregnant it may mean that you have ectopic pregnancy.it can also come from sexual intercourse,infections,stopping and starting birth control pills,stress,or after an abortion.but you should really see a doctor...


Menstrual disorder

A: Hello,Since most causes of irregular periods have been ruled out in your case,so one possibility that needs to beexplored thoroughly is PCOS. PCOS causes cysts to form on the ovaries, interfering with regular ovulation.Diagnosed by blood tests like blood insulin levels, serum testosterone and androgen levels and ultrasound.Isincerely advise you to discuss this possibility with your gynecologist. Hope it helps.Take care and regards....

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