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How to Request a Copy of My birth certificate in Maryland

A: To request a copy of a birth certificate in the state of Maryland you must be requesting your own birth certificate, or be the parent/guardian of the person named on the certificate. If you are the representative of the person on the birth certificate, or of the parent/guardian, you must have a notarized letter giving permission to acquire the certificate. You can request copies of birth certificates by mail or in person....


birth certificate, guardianship

A: Mindy: DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A LAWYER or ATTORNEY. I am someone who has experience in family law issues. I am sharing my OPINION only. For the exact law as it pertains to your specific case contact a Professional Attorney in your county/area/country. In answer to your question and according to what I have read if the birth certificate carries your ex"s name there are situations where he would be notified or be responsible since the birth certificate shows him as the father. Of course, the legal guardianship of the child have primary responsibilities of said child. However, from what I have read does not "terminate rights". The ones whom have guardianship of said child are responsible...


birth certificate

A: Shante: DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A LAWYER or ATTORNEY. I am someone who has experience with family law issues, and am sharing my OPINION only. For the exact law as it pertains to your specific case contact a Professional Attorney in your area/county. I recommend hiring a Professional Attorney: Most Attorneys offer a free 1/2 consultation time to discuss the case and payment arrangements. I believe you can simple write in the fathers name on the birth certificate at time of birth. However, here is something to think about? Will Dad be paying child support while he is in prison or jail? In any case, once Dad gets out of jail I believe you can amend the birth


How to Obtain a Minnesota birth certificate

A: Obtaining a Minnesota birth certificate is easy, if you have a tangible interest such as being the person named on the birth certificate or the child, spouse, grandchild or grandparent of the person named. You can submit your notarized application in several ways. It typically takes four to six weeks for your application to be processed and the birth certificate to be mailed....


How would i go about getting the birth certificate signed if we live in different states at birth?

A: I would contact your local Department of Family Services office. birth certificate paperwork and paternity paperwork varies by state....


should i let my boyfriend sign the birth certificate?

A: Okay, first of all, it''s sweet that your boyfriend would like to sign the birth certificate. BUT do keep in mind that a birth certificate is a LEGAL DOCUMENT. If he signs it knowing he is not the father, that is technically fraud. If he is not the biological father but wishes to obtain legal rights of fatherhood, then he can adopt the child later. Having him sign a birth certificate is not a matter to take lightly. If you "don''t want him to have to pay child support or anything" then it''s best that he NOT sign it. In signing it, claims to be the biological father in the court''s eyes and accepts all responsibilities therewith....


Custody when another Father is listed on the birth certificate

A: Pursuant to Florida Statute 382.013 (c) If the mother is not married at the time of the birth, the name of the father may not be entered on the birth certificate without the execution of an affidavit signed by both the mother and the person to be named as the father. The facility shall give notice orally or through the use of video or audio equipment, and in writing, of the alternatives to, the legal consequences of, and the rights, including, if one parent is a minor, any rights afforded due to minority status, and responsibilities that arise from signing an acknowledgment of paternity, as well as information provided by the Title IV-D agency established pursuant to s. 409.2557, regarding the benefits of voluntary...


Father on birth certificate.

A: I think all you have to do is go to the births Deaths and Marriages Registry and request the certificate be updated.  It can take some time to have done (takes upto 3 months for the original certificate sometimes), but they will do it.  Contact the NSW Registry of births, Deaths and Marriages to ask if it can be changed.  Their web site makes direct reference to amending father''s details on certificates so it sounds like it''s possible.  See  http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/amend/addRemoveDetailsOnCert.htm Cheers I found out the same thing. http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/amend/addFathersDetails.htm  It costs $100 plus $6 postage. Ironic that you...


How to Get a birth certificate After a Homebirth

A: The laws for obtaining birth certificates after home births differ by state. If you used a midwife or obstetrician during your home birth, she is authorized to prepare the birth certificate paperwork for you. If you did not use a licensed midwife or doctor, the process becomes more complicated. You''ll need proof of your pregnancy from a licensed doctor or midwife who treated you during your pregnancy, a witness of the birth and medical records of your pregnancy....


my daughters birth certificate

A: no you will not be prosecuted and you can ask to have his name removed from the birth cetificate and as he is not her biological father and never adopted her he doesn"t have to have anything to do with her but the mental damage he is going to do to her is sad and evil as she is only 3 and you can change her surname back via deed poll (english name) If i was you i would tell your ex that if he wants to see your youngest it is to be when your eldest isn"t round because a far as she is concerned your ex is her dad and she will be heartbroken if she thinks her daddy doesn"t love her or want to know her. Good luck and if you need anymore help please don"t hesitate to contact me again...

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