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How do i stop bad breath in the morning?

A: Make sure you brush your teeth atleast twice daily, one in the morning and one at night before going to bed. Use an effective mouth wash to remove bad breath. I do this and it works for me. mouth wash is the password!!!! :) Brush and floss morning and night. Visit your dentist every 6 months for cleaning. If regular mouthwash doesn''t do it for you, you might try rinsing with regular peroxide before bed (don''t swallow ... rinse with water after) ... it kills germs in your mouth. normal so normal before bed wash, gargle and you''ll still have a little. normal so normal Floss then brush your teeth


A question on the breath you get in the morning?

A: Get a life.. get laid and find out 4 yourselves lol i think it has something to do wit the rotting food particles in your throat that you cant reach with a brush that comes up during your hours of rest Everyones breath is stink in the morning cause your mouth stays closed for like 8 hours ewww i kno lol Heres a drastic idea: Wake up early brush ur teeth then go back in bed then when (s)he wakes up then ur breath will be minty fresh but after a while youll get used to each others stinky morning breath lol Did you know that the mouth is the...


Why is there a weird taste in my mouth

A: You could be having a side effect from medicine that you took. It''s easily remedied for a short time by sucking on a piece of candy, brushing your teeth, or having a cup of tea ( the tannins in the tea eliminate bacteria) !...

Can you have a yest infection in your mouth? Cause my friends mother told her she has it.?

A: Yes, thrush. Yes, it is called Thrush and isn''t all that uncommon. It is especially common in those with a compromised immune system since it is the result of an overgrowth of yeast. Yes it''s called thrush. she needs to get medicine. Yes, and your friend''s mother needs to practice better personal hygiene. I''ve never heard of anyone having it in their mouth. Did she touch herself and then put her hand in her mouth? YES!! yes you can, thrush (candida) Yes it is possible. It is called thrush. It can be caused by the use of inhalers, and antibiotics. there is a medication by prescription...


what to do about a bad taste in your mouth

A: Home remedies for bad taste in mouth This bad taste in your mouth could be due to the side effects of some prescribed or over-the-counter drugs that you might be taking. This could also be the symptom of halitosis i.e. bad breath. It might be caused due to pregnancy in some women or due to some diseases.Drink plenty of water and rinse your mouth after eating or drinking anything, especially milk, tea, coffee and milk products. Brush your teeth and floss them daily twice after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Also take care to brush your tongue at

Is it true that putting silverware in the freezer can cause botulism?

A: No but it can cause freezer burn to the tongue No.Organism that causes botulism thrives in an anaerobic environment and low temperature inhibits bacterial proliferation.I think it is plain simple mess to place your half-eaten milkshake inside the fridge.Spend some time for the other half!LOL NO. Uh no, that is ridiculous. This is the only thing I could find that might have led them to believe it. It''s about homemade ice cream and eggs though. Making Homemade Ice Cream Without Using Raw Eggs Protect yourself from the danger of possible Salmonella infection by using a homemade ice cream recipe...


If you have a sore in your mouth, should you gargle with salt water?

A: It can''t hurt & probably will make it feel better. If you swallowed any, better check the bottle for ingredients & what to do. Yes but not too much salt in that water...1 tspn per litre is more than enough. You can get some of that numbing gel for teething pain if it''s really painful. It will clean the wound. It is fine. It always seems to work for me. I don''t know why it works but it does. Yes, You can also use Hydrogen Peroxide. I prefer Peroxyl mouth rinse by Colgate. ya u could try.salt helps to eliminate the bacteria on the sore.if u dare,u could put the salt on the sore to get...


When my friend brushes his teeth he swallows all the toothpaste in his mouth on purpose isnt that bad for him?

A: Probably yes, because of all of the crap inside of Toothpaste. here, read this: http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/22559 there are considerable amounts of flouride in toothpaste and it has warnings not to swallow for good reason.When flouride was discovered as an industrial chemical byproduct, it was first used as a rat killer,It was on accident that they found it hardened teeth and makes them less prone to cavities.But it is toxic in high doses, Your friend can be slowly poisoning himself.Myself, I use toothpaste that doesn&''t have flouride. I don&''t think even small doses of any kind of poison are good for you. Yes. Read the label on the...

What Could Cause A Ketosis Taste In My mouth?

A: Many things can cause this including change in diet, fillings, copper cookware, but I would look for an abscess which may ''weep'' and cause this taste before it gets painful. Ketosis can occur when the body is burning fat or consuming muscle. This can happen if you aren''t eating enough carbohydrates (at least 30 grams a day or more). It can also arise from bacteria on the tongue. A tongue scraper can be an easy solution. Moderation and variety in the diet are the keys. One of the causes is from the medication, and since it is used to help you get better, I would try to get mouthwash that is...


What is the function of the appendix and tonsils in the body?

A: It appears that many of the people on this site don''t really know what their taking about and are just guessing. It''s really better to find out this information from a more reliable source or at least one that is referenced. the appendix currently does not have a known function but is thought to be a remnant of our evolutionary past when we lived on a diet much higher in more difficult to digest fibre and vegetable matter. Koalas have very big appendixes for their size and this may be where this theory stems from. So far no paper has been published and accepted proving a this connection. Additionally no reliable connection to it''s influence on

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