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My 4 year-old-daughter has bad breath, her tongue is white in the back w/bumps. What is this?

A: Oral thrush is caused by the same microorganism that causes vaginal yeast infections, Candida. Take her to a walk-in clinic this weekend! Left untreated her mouth can become so infected and get so sore she won''t be able to tolerate food or liquid in her mouth. It can be in her esophagus and all the way down to her stomach, gastrointestinal tract and her lungs as well. It takes quite a while to heal, so the sooner you start the treatment the better. Most walk-in clinics are open 7 days a week, at least 12 hours a day, and take all types of insurance. Get her into the doctor today, please....


Why is there so much mucus in my mouth?

A: Sounds like you may have a reaction to diary products. Try cutting out all diary products for 6 weeks and see if it improves things. Nothing made with milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. It''s helped me a lot Stopping the dairy is a good start, but pig meat also causes mucus in the mouth. So stop eating ham and bacon. It takes a couple of months for the effect to be noticeable but give it a try. Failing that ask to see a dietitian. mouth is the most filthiest organ in the human body. It is unprotected to say the least. we keep opening our mouth allowing in germs and


I punched this dude in the face...Swelling hand?

A: Ice your hand and kick his ***. If you hurt5 someone bad enough they tend to leave you alone. tell your girlfriend to be careful who she takes pics with (or if she has any of his blackmail him) ok srry but this sounds so fake becuz ur bragging...but for the hand it goes on ice, wrap it up too. for the dude, he probably wont find u, carry a knife or something in case this is true, machiavelli says that u must make it seem very difficult to kill you, men will not easily do what they see as diffficult put a frozen bag of peas or some ice on your hand. as for your situation, it does take a real man nowadays to stand up for his woman. just watch your back. i don''t know what to tell you about...


My daughter 13 years old. the last 1 1/2 years, she started to have times where she will belch a lot and when that happens, it smells like rotten eggs. You can''t stand to be in the room with her. It is very embarrassing for her during school. Please help!

A: the bad breath that your daughter is experiencing is caused due to a condition known as halitosis. Basically bad breath especially the one that smells like rotten eggs is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. these sulfur compounds are formed with the help of bacteria in the mouth, which breaks down the dead cells. the bacteria basically multiply and congregate on the tongue and also in areas like under the gums, in between teeth and

I have a cyst in my mouth perhaps from a decaying tooth, it does not hurt, but it starts to show as it swells more. Its on the bottom rightside of my mouth. Are there any other alternatives to reduce the swelling other than going to the hospital?

A: If you want to get rid of the swelling alone, you should be aware that you would be tackling a symptom of the problem rather than the problem itself or even the root of the problem. It is far better that you try hard to get rid of the problem itself. Even if you do take measures to reduce the swelling, you will basically end up not being able to stop it from occurring again. It would be advisable to first consult a dentist and figure out why you have the cyst you have described here in the first place. It is entirely possible that

What is the best way to get rid of the mouth infection Gingivitis, i have tried mouth washes.?

A: Ok first off you can''t get rid of Gingivitis once you have it. What you can do however, is prevent it from getting worse. Gingivitis is merely the first step in a very bad process that leads to a lot of pain and the loss of your teeth. This does not mean that it cannot be treated however. It just means you are more prone to bleeding gums and such if you don''t take proper care of your teeth. Firstly, there is no need to brush your teeth four times a day, three will do just fine. Secondly, you NEED to floss. mouth washes don''t help as much as one would think...and here is where I''m going to call BS on ya. No dentist worth their salt would advocate


Does another person's saliva really stay in your mouth for 6 months?

A: half of that is true because wen u snog all his/hers sliva gets in each others moth and if you feel in your mouth its alwas wet never dry so were do u think all of that comes from.....yep his/hers but i dont think it last 6 moths hope this helped by xxx trace amounts of the bacteria from their mouth will stay in yours untill your natural bacteria kills it off. as for staying in your mouth for six months no its more like 3 weeks No it isn''t true at all. No that is ridiculous. Kissing is the main culprit for this and saliva only stays in your


Why do ppl have bad breath in the in the morning????????

A: the bacteria builds up in their mouths at night bacteria live in there, you can actually get rid of breath simply by drinking water and breathing in, air and water will kill the germs. because odor causing bacteria builds up in your mouth while you sleep. Because when you sleep bacteria grows in your mouth and it smells bad....


What does it mean when you have a strong metal taste in your mouth that doesn''t go away?

A: A persistent foul, metallic taste in the mouth is a medical condition known as Dysgeusia. In this condition, your mouth has a constant bitter, acidic taste which lingers throughout the day, even when you are not eating something. the problem is not serious, but it obviously has an effect on the desire to eat and consequently the appetite, leading to a decline in general health. there are several reasons for this condition, including lack of dental hygiene, dental caries leading to infections of the oral cavity, other infections such as...

After sitting in a lecture for more than an hour, the smell of the mouth becomes foul, kindly suggest some home remedies?

A: Foul breath is medically known as halitosis - for many people, the problem is temporary and does not indicate any underlying health issues, whether minor or major. When the problem is chronic however, it usually has some underlying cause such as inadequate production of saliva, tooth decay, or gum disease. In your case, the problem seems to be somewhat chronic, but does not seem to bother you except when you attend your lectures. If this is the case, there are a few simple things that you can do to prevent it. First of all though, you need to get your teeth and gums checked by a dentist. If you are suffering from...
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