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How do you prevent the spread of Swine flu if you attend a head-banger concert with a mash-pit? All those germs slamming together!

A: Since the H1N1 virus is spread when one coughs it is a good idea not to cough. Yes, it is merely a good idea. If you have a cough and you do not cough the irritation will become worse because the irritants are not being expelled from your body. Remember, if you have a chest infection you are expected to drink plenty of water and take deep breaths, in and out, to open up the alveoli and clear the secretions. So the optimal answer is cough but cover your mouth and nose to prevent spraying the H1N1 virus into the air from where it can be inhaled by o


My throat gets itchy sometimes during the day then i wake up the next day and its sore. what is it?

A: lol r u brushing ur teeth... well b4 u go to bed brush ur teeth and use a gargle,, also drink lot of water.. maybe some bacteria trap on ur throat.. it can cause tonsilitis or some severe infection Could be allergies. I have allergies and this occasionally happens to me. If you have post nasal drip or drainage down the back of your throat, this can irritate your throat, making it itch and become sore. When this happens to me, my itchy/sore throat usually lasts a day or two, and then is gone. Sounds like post nasal drip, it''s irriatating your throat, that''s why it''s sore. Take an antihistimine to dry up your nasal congestion, should work pretty quickly. I wake up a lot with a sore and dry throat, and it''s because...


Questions/Concerns about tobacco chewer and mouth cancer

A: I would have your brother keep up with his doctor appointments...without a doubt just to be sure. My friend had throat cancer and his symptoms were... a painless lump on his neck(the tumor was on his tonsil) frequent sore throats, weight loss and fatigue. Also a great deal of cancer in his family.If he doesn''t get anywhere with his doc have him see a ENT(ear,nose& throat) doc. I think with him have painful glands, it might be an infection but I am no doctor! Good Luck!...


Does the cleaner in your office, pub or workplace disinfect the telephones when they clean?

A: yes every day Yeah right, they barely vacuum- an easy solution is the lysol wipes, wipe down your desk, phone, and keyboard/mouse. er no and I work in a hospital errrrrrr!!!!!! Probably not. If you insist on this, tell the person. No, and I work in a hospital too. I am kind of paranoid and clean my own phone and desk. YUCK! No, they don''t, I do it myself with a disinfectant wipe every morning. I used to clean my parents offices, and the office next door to my mums and I always used to use Antibacterial wipes on the telephones once a week. I thought that this was just common sense and something that everyone did...


What is the treatment for bacterial endocartitis?

A: people live after having it, it is serious. i''m pretty sure they use iv antibiotics If you have received that diagnosis, you are under the treatment of a qualified physician, and you must follow his instructions...this is a serious problem, and I would not classify it as common...the endocardium is the inner lining of your heart...itis is the medical term used for inflammation... your doctor can best answer all of your questions and by following his treatment regimen, you will be in good hands and recover. Weeks and days of IV antibiotic therapy. It is not that rare and the criticalness of it depends on whe


have you had strep throat? wat are the syptoms?

A: Yes I have a few times in the past. Spots on the throat were always present. Took the following from online. hope it helps. Strep Throat - Symptoms Common symptoms of strep throat in children and adults include: Severe and sudden sore throat without coughing, sneezing, or other cold symptoms. Pain or difficulty with swallowing. Fever over 101F. Lower fevers may indicate a viral infection and not strep. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck. White or yellow spots or coating on the throat and tonsils . Bright red throat or dark red spots on the roof of the mouth at


In re: to my root conduit today?

A: You freshly wasted 20 points on this ask. A web explore on google says to avoid biting down on that piece of your mouth for 24 hours, and to take the gauze out after several. I''ve have a root canal and I didn''t walk out the dentist until my tooth was chock-full in. What the hell caring of dentist did you go to, that consent to you go home next to cotton in your teeth?i purely had root conduit and i had matching problem i just pushed it beside my tounge a lil and a lil bit of the filling come out (not enough to spoil it though)they pack it so that all the microbes in the tooth are kill. If...


Is it really vital to budge to the dentist every 6 months?

A: no, you can move about yearly. pilfer extra care of your teeth Probably not as long as you hold extra care of them including flossing. Checkups are so regularly to kind sure everything stays clean and cavity form quickly. Like I said, money more attention to them since you won''t have a dentist around as commonly. No cavities? Keep it that means of access!i wouldn''t give it up. spend the money and get hold of your teeth cleaned. I didn''t go for a year and after needed a deep scale. 1 it hurt, 2 it cost more then a cleaning.I guess if you don''t own dental insurance you''ll be okay as long as you brush and floss like you should. I haven''t gone surrounded by a long time, but I don''t...


Putting out more than taking in..GROSS SORRY

A: Is your BM yellowish in color? Or dark? Yellowish is actually fat leavingyour body. If its loose, it may appear more than it really is. If youdon''t poo every day, you could be pooing out 3-4 days worth of food. Drinkmore water to break that plateau. Call your surgeon and ask about the pooto be safe. I drink Enough water (2 gallons a day so 256 ounces) I think my Body iscomfortable where is GGGRRR. But No it is not the Yellow fat disposalcolor. It is regular. and I make SURE i go daily. SO who knows! I also found this to be true. I am pretty regular (daily).I had complications from the surgery and for almost 2 months took nothingin by mouth. No water, Food, shakes... nothing. Everything was...


What Are the Different Cyclophosphamide Side Effects?

A: Cyclophosphamide, also known as cytophosphane or CYC, is a cytotoxic agent medication that suppresses the immune system. Few patients experience serious side effects from cyclophosphamide, but they might suffer from one or more of the milder consequences. Cyclophosphamide side effects can vary, depending on dosage and administration of the drug. Common side effects include a loss of appetite, thinning of the hair, nausea and a skin rash. More seriious cyclophosphamide side effects might include bloody urine, infertility and bladder cancer. This drug was originally developed as a chemotherapy drug to be used in combination with vincristine to...

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