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I have bad back acne, is there anyway to treat it?

A: Your shampoo/conditioner has oils in it that clogg you up. When you wash your hair, rinse it so that it doesn''t run doen your back. Your final step in the shower should be to wash you face and body. You may want to geta back facial with extractions. If you''re lookng for a some awesome products see the website below. There is this new popular cream that people have been talking about. It prevents future and existing acne, diminishes scars, and lightens skin and blemishes. Fast results too! (It''s been claimed that major results can be seen within a week and no later than two weeks) Before and After photos are available at the given ebay site. This person is providing 1-3 week trial samples (Only for ONE DOLLAR.....


What Causes back acne?

A: back acne refers simply to acne on the back and is caused in the same way as facial acne, or acne located anywhere else on the body. In most cases, acne appears first on the face and later on other parts of the body, including the shoulders and back. Though back acne can affect any acne sufferer, male or female, it is more common in males. Like other forms of acne, back acne is caused by an infection of the skinís pores resulting from overactive...

How Do You Get Rid Of back acne?

A: Try washing the area with a wash of 2.5% salicylic acid. You should also wear loose fitting, breathable clothes and make sure to wash area thoroughly if you use conditioner. To rid your skin of acne, you should cleanse it thoroughly daily with a facial cleanser. Some people also believe toothpaste on pimples overnight helps dry them out. You should try a daily scrub or wash that will fight acne. You can use them everyday when you take a shower. remedies for back acne is cleaning the area, Sleep on your stomach, keep back from rubbing. try masks such as tomato, oatmeal, or mint. drink plenty of water and exercise. There is a WONDERFUL product...


What is the best remedy for back acne?

A: YOU START TO DO YOGA DAILY IT WILL HELPS YOU LOTS FOR EVERY PROBLEMS YOU CAN LEARN IT ON AASTHA CHANNEL AT 5.30 AM AND 8 PM. WITH SWAMY RAMDEVJI. YOU CAN VISIT WWW.DIVYAYOGA.COM SITE ALSO FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOGA AND HERBAL MEDICINES OR CONTACT PHONE. 01334 244 107, 240 008, 246 737 HARDWAR (UTTARNCHAL) Call it "bacne". It sounds much funnier. Check out Murad acne Treatment. There is a web site. Try Pro-active. back facial? You MUST detoxify your LIVER! Everyday morining drink two galss of water with four lemon juice; then EAT only BEETROOT! You must cock them first. Do not drink milk, andcoca; Do not eat chocolates, honey, nuts, fried food and meats; or reduce them. EAT as much as you can vegs,...


back acne..?

A: Well I don''t know of any effective home remedies for acne. But the best over the counter product you could use is Proactive. This product is about 20-30$ but really shows results. but if you want something slightly simplier go to your regular doctor and ask for differin. This is also highly effective My best suggestion would be to see a dermatologist so that they can assess how bad your acne is and then make a recommendation based on your specific condition. If you don''t want to see a doctor, the best OTC stuff that I have found is Proactiv Solutions, but you have to use it daily for it to work. Hope this helps! acne is common on the back, chest, shoulders, and...


How to cure back acne?

A: If you have acne on your back, there could be a couple of plausible reasons for this. One would be that you have oily skin, which has led to oily deposits sitting on your back. This is generally the most popular cause of acne anywhere on the body. The back, especially, gets neglected in the cleaning process completely, since we can barely reach it. For people with oily skin, extra care should be taken to clean the back. The problem is also aggravated because the back is covered for most part. This leads to perspiration, which also help along the process of blocking your pores considerably. One of the first things to...

I''m 30 and have acne on my T zone using acne remedies its drying my skin near nose area and I am having wrinkles down there. please advice.

A: acne is a skin infection that happens when something blocks the surface of the skin. acne typically appears on the face but can also appear on the legs and the back. Any internal change in the body especially hormonal can cause a spurt in acne. That is why teenagers usually see a lot of acne. Even adults are prone to acne. acne can be easily remedied using some simple home medication. Here are some acne home remedies that work. Application of tea tree oil on the infected spots can help.A paste of turmeric powder with water or turmeric water with lemon juice.The juice...


back acne won''t stir?

A: acne is common among those within adolescent years; when your body is making the change that will take you into adult years. "Pro-Active" is highly recommended by, even the Acting Professionals on TV- & they enjoy to look good!! My Children enjoy used it and all 3 said matching thing- That it works!! If I am remembering correctly, a dermatologist developed this product, and you do not need a prescription to purchase it. I am sure that you can instruct it online. There may be some stores that carry it (I''m not beyond doubt positive if stores carry it though). I know how you perceive. Mine wouldn''t go away and I finally get on Adoxa. Go to your dermantologist and ask for some acne medicine or acne...


I have back acne and don't know how to get rid of it?

A: After you've tried all of the homeopathic remedies, you'll probably need to go to your dermatologist for help, as back acne tends to be pretty resistant to over the counter remedies....

back acne Solutions, Anyone?

A: Neutrogena Pink grapefruit body wash smell great Helps to eliminate pimples on back, chest, and shoulders . also neutrogena Body clear body wash is really good....

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