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attention deficit disorder

A: Any ideas anyone. Have I put this question in the right section? He may benefit from a course of CBT (Cognitive behavioural Therapy),he needs to be referred for this by your GP. Having a daughter,now 19,who was diagnosed at 14,I really sympathise. I have tried desperately to get help from doctors and psychiatrists to no avail.Unless they have adHd they really dont know how to deal with it. My daughter is very intelligent and articulate too and that didn''t help either. She still has severe concentration and organisational problems and life is hard! The best you can hope for is the extra time for exams. There is a book I used to have with goldfish on the front. I''ll try and find out what it was called. Good luck! Its called ADD-the unfocused mind in Children and Adults by T.E Brown,though...


Is it possible for adults to have ADD ( attention deficit disorder)?

A: Yes, adults can have ADD. There are many different strategies that help - I know a couple of my adult friends find that drinking coffee seems to help them concentrate better - it also works for children with ADD/ADHD. There are several websites that can give you some resources and information. CHADD National Headquarters (800) 233-4050 http://www.chadd.org ADDA (847) 432-ADDA http://www.add.org Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) (412) 341-1515 http://www.ldanatl.org Thanet ADDers Kent, England (0) 1843 851145 http://www.adders.org E-mail: simon@adders.org True ADD is presently understood to be genetic. Its first diagnosis could only be attempted with a look at the family tree. With the advent of a number of other conditions that act very much alike and are far more...


Can children with attention deficit disorder learn?

A: On One Hand: ADHD May Severely Impact a Child''s EducationADHD is a neurological condition causing concentration difficulties and hyperactivity. If ADHD is untreated, children face learning difficulties along with strained peer relationships. Minority and low-income children are less likely to be diagnosed and treated than more affluent children; their parents may be unaware of the illness or unable to afford the medical treatment for their children. of course, if you''re trying to teach them, you just have to make it fun and simple...


Top Treatments for attention deficit disorder

A: What Is attention deficit disorder? attention deficit disorder, also called ADHD or ADD, is a behavioral disorder beginning in childhood which can last through adolescence and into adulthood. It affects an estimated 8 to 10 percent of school-age children. It is three times as prevalent in boys as girls. Kids with ADHD have trouble focusing, act impulsively, and display hyperactivity. Though they may understand what is expected of them, they have difficulty following through because they can''t pay attention, sit still or take care of the details of a task. Most...


Does anyone believe that attention deficit disorder is a fictitious disorder to prescribe drugs?

A: ADD is a made-up disorder that have no basis within fact and definitely no scientific proof whatsoever. Check out the website of pediatric neurologist, Dr. Fred Baughman who testify before Congress roughly this subject and wrote a book about it at www.adhdfraud.org Also, check out the website for the Citizen''s Commission on Human Rights at www.cchr.org. It is a tragedy that so several children are being given drugs for this untrue "disorder". Its a jokeUmm, what be your question again? Oh yeah, ADD... Well, I see it approaching this. What was your interrogate again?I, personally, wouldn''t stir as far as to say that it is made up. I would however influence that it is way over diagnosed (along near depression and others) and is...


attention deficit disorder in Adult Women: Could These Symptoms Describe You?

A: Not Just for Boys attention deficit disorder (ADD), while often associated with rambunctious boys, also affects girls. But girls often go undiagnosed. hyperactivity may show up as talking constantly, says Dr. Patricia Quinn, co-founder and director of The Center for Girls and Women with ADHD. Often, the hyperactivity aspect is missing altogether, and the girls are considered “spacey” or daydreamers. Because of the different social expectations and hormonal differences between girls and boys, the symptoms of attention deficit disorder manifest differently, according to psychologist Kathleen...


How Does attention deficit disorder Affect Daily Living?

A: attention deficit disorder and How it Affects Daily Living attention deficit disorder presents with three main symptoms -- impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattention. While knowing what the symptoms are is helpful, understanding attention deficit disorder and how it affects daily living is vital. I asked my son, Travis, to write down some of his thoughts about having ADD and how it affects his life every day. He was diagnosed with ADD when he was in elementary school. Here is what he had to say: "I am Travis and...


8 Ways to Improve attention deficit Concentration

A: Symptoms of attention deficit disorder People with attention deficit disorder have trouble focusing or concentrating on a task for very long. They may also display hyperactivity and act impulsively. attention deficit disorder, also called ADHD or ADD, usually begins in childhood and lasts into adolescence and adulthood. An estimated 8 to 10 percent of school-age children are diagnosed with the disorder, which affects three times as many boys as girls. There is no known cause of ADHD, but it does have a strong genetic...


Spotting the Signs of attention deficit disorder

A: Early Signs of attention deficit disorder While doctors do not always feel comfortable diagnosing ADHD in toddlers and young children, parents often see signs long before the disorder is diagnosed and treated. At home, in social settings, and in preschool, children with ADHD exhibit recognizable differences from their peers. Young children with ADHD are often overly active and constantly on the go. Parents may hear comments such as "How do you keep up with your son? (or daughter)" or "I bet you're exhausted." Young children with ADHD run loose whenever they can, regardless of the location, such as after church, in restaurants, in grocery stores, and other settings....

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