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Ten Essential attention deficit Disorder Facts

A: ADHD is a condition characterized by hyperactivity and inattention. It is a fairly common condition that is being increasingly recognized in school children. There is a lot of information and news about ADHD in the media, and itís often hard to know what to believe. Here are ten essensial attention deficit Disorder facts that you should know....


attention deficit disorder: quality or nurture or both?

A: Actually, it is believed that ADD is mainly a genetic disorder. People can capture attention disorder which is a similar problem, but not one that is genetic. Theoretically if you own ADD you have it and show signs of it until that time your are 7 or it is something different. Its great that your medication makes you get the impression more comfortable with your lifestyle, but if you are looking for a medication that help you focus more it is possible you are on the wrong medication or wrong dosage of your medication. It is important to do titration conducting tests with medication for attention disorders because a dosage to be exact too high or too low won''t hold the optimum effects. I suggest you see a neuropsychologist who can do...


Any post-ops dealing with adult attention deficit Disorder?

A: Ah . . . diagnosed about 18 months ago and I will be 21 months post op onmay 6th. Ritlan and Adderall were awful for me but I am now takingStratterra!! It works great for me, don''t know how I survived without out!!My pcp sent me to a psych for a true diagnosis although he knew I didsuffer from ADD. Psych have way more experience with this and are verycurrent with the meds.Feel free to email me with anymore questions you might have!! I was diagnosed bipolar-then with schizoaffective disorder- still mentaldisorder. Both after surgery. I am being medicated, and I struggle with itall the time as it messes my food plan up. I am coming up on 9 years postop. Deep depression is what sent me to seek help and since we were USN atthe time, there was no fee for treatment. It opened up a whole can...


ADHD diet: Do food additives cause hyperactivity?

A: There''s no evidence that food additives cause attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but an increasing number of studies show that certain food colorings and preservatives may cause or worsen hyperactive behavior in some children. Because several studies looked at a combination of food additives and their possible effects on hyperactivity and ADHD, it isn''t clear which additives may affect behavior. Food additives that may increase hyperactive behavior include: Sodium benzoate FD&C Yellow No. 6 (sunset yellow)D&C Yellow No. 10 (quinoline yellow)FD&C Yellow No. 5 (tartrazine)FD&C Red No.40 (allura red)FD&C Yellow No. 5, used in beverages, candy, ice cream, custards and other...


Is there an herbal or natural diet that you can give a child who has attention Defecit Disorder? He is not hyperactive type. just unable to focus. I am also the same way so I am also looking in to this for myself.

A: attention deficit disorder is mostly starts during childhood and kids affected with ADD tend to show a constant pattern of inattention or hyperactivity and also symptoms like forgetfulness, poor control of impulses. The disorder is generally chronic and tends to persist during one’s childhood. There is no   cure for attention deficit disorder, even though are medications available to counteract the symptoms.   There is no precise diet as such but there are some foodstuffs that your son may have to refrain from. The first one is the prevention of consumption of dairy products. This very important and should be paid

What Factors Affect attention Span in Adults?

A: Some factors that affect attention span in adults are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), fatigue, technology, and the side effect of certain medications. Millions of people live with ADHD, a disorder that can severely affect attention span in adults and children. Fatigue is another common factor and its symptoms are sometimes mistaken for ADHD or other chronic disorders and mental health problems. In addition, many studies show that spending a lot of time watching television on a frequent basis can shorten attention span. A shortened attention span is also a side effect of some prescription drugs and...


What Factors Affect the attention Span of Children?

A: Under normal circumstances, the attention span of children should progressively improve through the early stages of life. For some, however, certain conditions can cause adverse effects that emerge during a child`s school years and last into adulthood. These factors include anemia, excessive use of electronic entertainment at an early age, and attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There are also, however, factors that can have a positive effect on attention span. Involvement in crafts and activities, caring for pets and having a well-balanced diet may all have a positive affect on children.. One of the main causes of a shortened


What Are the Different Types of attention Problems?

A: Most of the attention problems seen in children and adults are classified under the umbrella term, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD can have a variety of different symptoms and can be caused by many different cognitive, neurological, or physical problems. People diagnosed with attention problems may have difficulty focusing on tasks or remaining in control of themselves and may have a combination of these two primary symptoms. These problems may arise out of an inability to process information, control emotions, impulses or actions, or by a learning disability.. People who are diagnosed with ADHD related attention...


How can a medication that is used for hyperactivity be used on a non-hyperactive child?

A: Vyvanse is a central nervous system stimulant prescription medicine. It is used for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Vyvanse may help increase attention and decrease impulsiveness and hyperactivity in patients with ADHD. Vyvanse should be used as a part of a total treatment program for ADHD that may include counseling or other therapies. Vyvanse is indicated for use in children with ADHD aged 6 to 12 years. Vyvanse has not been studied in children under 6 years of age or adolescents. The efficacy of Vyvanse in the treatment of ADHD was established on the basis of two controlled trials in children aged 6 to 12 and two controlled trials...


What are Symptoms of hyperactivity?

A: hyperactivity, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as it is commonly referred to, is often first noticed in childhood. The main symptoms of hyperactivity include inattention, impulsivity and excessive activity. These symptoms can certainly surpass the childhood years and manifest themselves in teens and adults. Inattention includes difficulty with being able to focus and organize, as well as inability to remember what is being presented or studied. A person with inattentive symptoms of hyperactivity finds it difficult to get started on tasks or to complete them. Monotonous tasks are...
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