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Do Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair?

A: I think this question is far too vague to be answered intelligently. First, what standard are we using? Are we only looking at IQ scores, or are we looking at what people have been able to accomplish in their lives, because those two things do not necessarily correspond. And where is the dividing line between ''more'' or ''less'' zinc and copper? Since zinc and copper are two entirely different elements, what if a person has ''more'' zinc and ''less'' copper, or vice-versa? actually it is true you should go on this website:http://www.funfunnyfacts.com/fun-facts/funny-did-you-know-facts.html http://www.drkaslow.com/html/zinc-copper_imbalances.html Copper and zinc are regarded as neurotransmitters and are in high concentrations in brain hippocampus. As a result elevated...


Dealing with both husband with ADD & teenager with ADHD...Help?

A: Hi Smystic57,    I can hear the desperation in your voice! It''s not easy living with ADHD family members! To answer your questions-   You mention that your husband is doing well without meds. But yet, you''re having problems dealing with him. Do you feel he''s doing well without meds? Is he getting any kind of help for his ADHD? I''m guessing that his ADHD is still getting in his- and your- way, thus causing lots of stress in your marriage and family. I''m wondering if he''s seeing this, too and if he''d be open to getting some help with it, through seeing a counselor for himself and/or considering a few sessions with a marital therapist to help you both. When ADD is in the mix, there is often a lot of stress. Add a child or two with ADD and well...you know how hard...


ticks in a t12yr old gilr with adhd

A: It is recommended by the FDA that children with a history, or family history, of tics or Tourettes Syndrome not be prescribed Ritalin.   Recent studies, however, have shown no evidence that stimulant medications cause or increase tics in children. According to the A.D.A.M health information, ''Certain medications, such as methylphenidate (used to treat hyperactivity in children), were previously thought to precipitate tics in children already prone to the disorder. However, recent studies published do not support this notion and suggest that these medications can be used in children with tics who also have attention deficit disorder, which commonly occurs in the same population.''   I hope this...


How does adhd effect sleep and memory

A: DB   Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral. Many people with ADHD have a difficult time sleeping and complain of insomnia. Difficulty remembering tasks is also a common symptom of ADHD.   I have tried to provide some articles on our site to help you find some strategies for coping:   10 Coping Mechanisms for Thriving With Adult ADHD   Never Be Late Again    How ADHD Symptoms Manifest in Adults   Behavior Modification for Adults   ADHD and Sleep Problems   I hope this information helps.   Eileen...


How long does Strattera take to work?

A: Strattera is a drug effective for treating attention deficit or hyperactivity disorders. As with all medications for this type of disorder, it may take three to four weeks to see results. All patients are different; some may reap benefits within a few days.Source:Making Strattera Work...


My 3 in a half year old grandson is very hiper and sometimes a little agressive.with mood swings.

A: Pam   Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral.com.   I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice. However, I can share some of what I have learned from speaking with parents of children with ADHD, having raised a son with ADHD and bipolar and speaking with medical professionals.   You don''t mention whether your grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD. You also don''t mention whether the parents are involved with your grandson and if so, whether they are also concerned with some of his behaviors.   ADHD has been diagnosed in children as young as 3, however, many doctors are reluctant to diagnose in a child that young because each child develops at a different rate and many of the symptoms of ADHD can be...


Uhm Do you think I have ADHD

A: both of my boy''s were indicated to be ADHD by their teachers... but I quickly put an end to those indications by overcoming the real task at hand which is the content of the class, the lectures of the teacher and their participation as students...!!! Once we got with the program the hyper activity receded as a primary issue...!!! One of them may have ADHD Tendency but as his parent ...You can bet that I will beat down any teachers recommendation by showing that his 8.7 GPA demonstrates he is not only focusing on task but also above average on task...!!! My motivation is that I would NOT want my son to carry a Diagnosis and Label, for Hyper Activity or attention deficit, the rest of his academic life...!!! It sounds to me as if you need to...


I'm looking for a good over the counter herbal like natural remedy for ADHD any suggestions??

A: My 3 yr. old has ADHD and Autism. Dr''s. pressure me into giving him medication at a very young age. I simply just tried. I used methylin 2.5. His behavior completely changed. He became extremely aggressive, throwing toys, biting, kicking, pinching, etc. After almost two months I stopped giving him the medication. I suggest you try this site below http://www.nomoreadd.com/cp1.html I have ADHD. It can sometimes be caused by a genetic disorder called Pyroluria. It is a genetic deficiency of vitamin B6 and Zinc. At least 10% of the population has been found to have this disorder and so it is quite common. Stay away from anything with red or yellow food coloring....that makes it worse. Get Joan Matthews Larson''s book, "Depression-Free Naturally...." this book deals with all kinds...


What is the generic name for Desoxyn, and what does it contain?

A: Desoxyn is methamphetamine. It is primarily prescribed as treatment for attention deficit disorder (ADD) with hyperactivity. It is also sometimes prescribed as treatment for narcolepsy. Dexosyn comes in 3 strengths...5, 10, and 15 mg of methamphetamine. peace, fire...


Advantages of ADHD

A: While diagnostic criteria and treatment plans focus on negative aspects of hyperactivity, impulsive problems or attention deficits, there are a lot of positive aspects of ADHD children, adolescents or adults. Not all ADHD people will have all these positive traits or qualities but usually you will find a broad variety of strengths.This is one of the reasons why many parents do not want their children to be changed by psychopharmacotherapy or behavioural treatment. Some positive aspects of ADHD can be: creativity charming personality, warmheartedness good judge of character sense of humour quick to grasp essentials flexibility intuitiveness sensitive to surrounding environment enthusiastic, passionate ...

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