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What are the medicines prescribed to those with attention deficit disorder and those with attention deficit hyperactive disorder

A: Stimulants. Adderall, Concerta, Dexedrine, Focalin, Metadate, and Ritalin are all stimulants that are prescribed for use in (more)...

Who was the first person to do tests for attention deficit disorders?

A: In 1902, Dr. George Still first tested and documented attention deficit disorder symptoms in children. Seventy-eight years later, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders officially labeled the disorder as ADD with and without hyperactivity. Today, 3 to 7 percent of school-aged children suffer from symptoms of the disorder, now known as ADHD.Source:The Childrens Clinic: attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder...


lexapro and attention deficit disorder

A: Lexapro is an antidepressant. Unfortunately it is not recognised as an effective treatment for ADD/ADHD. Many peple who do have ADD/ADHD may develop depression because their ADD/ADHD was not  recognised. In these cases if given an antidepressant and no treatment for the ADD/ADHD, the antidepressant will have little effect.  When given stimulants and an antidepressant the response is very gratifting....

Is attention deficit Disorder a disease?

A: Hello, Ashley, No, I don"t think it makes much sense to call ADD a disease, unless your definition of "disease" is so broad as to make the term meaningless. On the other hand, it"s not just a con. attention deficit Disorder is a condition characterised by a collection of symptomatic behaviours. You can find the specifics in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, or, if you can"t lay your hands on a copy, your local mental health association can help you find literature. Some people think that ADD is too frequently diagnosed, and I do think that some teachers and psychologists are oversensitive to its signs. That doesn"t mean it doesn"t exist. Because you"re basing the diagnosis on a...

ADD(attention deficit disorder) support?

A: ADD is a total 100% fraud.. according to Fred Baughman Jr. MD. See http://www.adhdfraud.com for more information Suffers of attention deficit Disorder (ADD) enjoy many hurdles to overcome on a each day basis. Typically, ADD behavioral problems will stop a sufferer’s ability to successfully interact contained by social situations. This can lead to problems surrounded by at home, in college, at work, or even in a romantic situation. The frustration that a sufferer can incur from the absence of control over their conduct can be emotionally exhaustive. A common ADD behavioral problem is the inability to focus on a chore. Many sufferers are easily distracted by things which other general public would consider periphery and unimportant. This,...


What is attention deficit disorder?

A: attention deficit disorder, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a condition affecting children from early childhood around the age of 7 that can persist into adulthood, according to the non-profit group Help GuideCharacteristicsHelp Guide reports three primary characteristics of ADD: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. These three characteristics can present in each individual as one symptom or as a group of symptoms....


Am I an undisciplined day dreamer or do I have some kind of attention deficit disorder?

A: If it''s been going on since you were 5, getting screened (if possible) would be ideal. Caffeine helps, minimizing time in a classroom environment helps (if that''s possible, which it seems like it isn''t from what you''re describing), minimizing time on the computer/watching TV helps. Medication helps more than anything....


What kinds of medicine do you take for attention deficite Disorder

A: Adderall and ritalin are good choises for Add...

Can attention deficit disorder medicine stunt your growth

A: Yes! After three years on the ADHD drug Ritalin, kids are about an inch shorter and 4.4 pounds lighter than their peers, a major U.S. study shows....

What is an attention deficit disorder treatment drug that starts with an S

A: The most common name for medicine prescribed to children who have ADHD is Ritalin. ....
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