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A Few Things to Remember When Thinking About attention deficit Disorder

A: If you''ve been looking at attention deficit disorder and really doing your research, it can be very easy to simply slide into a almost clinical mode. You spent so much time looking at the disorder from a scientific perspective, you may forget about the personal perspective. As such, if you know someone that deals with this disorder on a daily basis, there are a few things you want to remember. One thing to consider is that while the science behind the various treatments of this disorder can be fascinating, it''s important, especially if you''re doing research, to treat any subject that you talk to her deal with, as human beings. This is something that they will appreciate, simply because they are going through a tough. With this disorder...


Have You Consider How Undiagnosed attention deficit Disorder Can Affect a Person Suffering From It?

A: If you''re like many others, is that no matter how much you get done today, there''s always more. In fact, it may seem like there''s no end to the amount of work that you could do, almost to the point that you may think that they need to be extended to 30 hours. Offer many of us we can focus on a task and get it done and be efficient in our use of time, there are those that have problems doing this. And while it is easy to mock them, you may want to consider exactly how attention deficit disorder can affect someone that has it. One thing to think about is that unlike many of us, those with this disorder have troubles focusing. This means that while they may understand the task that they need to do, and may even be quite good, there will...


Can attention deficit Disorder Be Conquered Through Sheer Force of Will?

A: If you''ve been doing any research on mental disorders you know that one of the most prominent ones in today''s society, especially when it comes to both children and adults, is attention deficit disorder. You''ve also probably discovered that there are many different treatments and ways to diagnose this particular issue. One thing that some people may be thinking is that it can be cured through sheer force of will. Of course, you''re health practitioner will probably dissuade you from this line of thinking, especially if you yourself are considering several forms of treatment. However, there is something to be said for the human will and what it can do. Consider for a moment that there are people with disabilities,...


attention deficit Disorder, Your Family, and What Can Happen

A: If you suffer from attention deficit disorder and you are the primary source of income for your family, you know that sometimes just getting through the workday is deserving of an award in and of itself. Couple that however, with dealing with a disorder such as this one, and it becomes twice as hard. But the question then becomes: what is the effect on your family? It can run deeper than you may think. Certainly this disorder will make it more difficult to focus and allows people to get easily distracted and seem like they have very little interest in the tasks or that they have unfocused energy. This is something that we know from experience. However, while this can have its effect on your family in much the same manner, there are deeper...


How to Talk to Children About attention deficit Disorder

A: If you''ve got kids, you know that you as they grow older, there will be things that you need to explain to them that will most likely leave them bewildered, somewhat confused, and leave you slightly uncomfortable. It''s the same with disorders like attention deficit disorder. However, if you think that your child may have this, you need to first sit them down and talk to them before doing anything else. The reason for this of course is quite simple: you want to make sure that they understand what is going on and you want to also make sure that they feel empowered to do what they can to be the disorder. If you just do things without their knowledge or without explaining it to them, then they may very will resent you...


Should You Schedule Your Life Around attention deficit Disorder?

A: If you have attention deficit disorder you know that it can affect your life but only to the extent that you will have to. That said, you may wonder whether or not you should schedule your life around your treatments and doctors appointments. Of course, this could be something that might make sense. However, realize that there''s going to be times when you just won''t be able to work things this way and as such, you''ll have to come up with a alternate plan. True, you may be in a bit of a wait for another appointment, but if you have no more days off, then this is what you may have to do. One thing to consider is that depending on how nice your employer is, you may find yourself with more time off then you need (i.e. you get fired). Of...


Can attention deficit Disorder Be a Source of Frustration?

A: If you''ve been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, you know that you have many different treatment options and, depending on the severity, you may have a long road ahead if you when it comes to treatment. One thing to think about is that you may not be sure if getting angry and frustrated is conducive to being this problem or if it is even warranted. After all, you certainly didn''t do anything to exacerbate your condition, therefore, you may wonder if getting mad at it will help things. The answer may surprise you. Consider for a moment that in our society, getting really angry or frustrated, is almost frowned upon. We are expected to be professional and, through just about everything. In fact, if we lose our temper, we are looked...


attention deficit Disorder: Are Chemicals Always the Answer?

A: If you suffer from attention deficit disorder or you know either adult or a child does, your first instinct of course would be to refer them to mental health specialists. Something to think about here is that while you''re family Doctor can of course write you a referral, they are not necessarily qualified to deal with disorders such as this one. They are great when it comes to physical things such as checkups and things dealing with the body. However, for mental disorders, it is always best to seek out the advice of a professional whose business this is. That said, you may be wondering whether or not the standard response of a prescription for Ritalin is always the best and first option....


Do you think that attention deficit Disorder is an over-diagnosed disease?

A: Don''t try to say it''s just boredom, you stupid kid, I''m teaching here you moronic brats. Now take your drugs! Ya know! First. attention deficit Disorder is NOT a DISEASE!!! It is a condition! A disorder!! Dang. Maybe you should do research on the disorder, even if you have it...or even if your child has it, before making assumptive remarks and diagnostic commentary on it! Yes! Wait, no! I like ice cream! Seriously - I think you''re absolutely right - it''s a cop out! yes.its not even a disease Over diagnosed, yes...but my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, he could not sit down for 12 hours aday, not even a minute among alot of other and learning dissabilities. I used to think it was not real either, but he is doing better with a...


Is erectile disfunction a side effect of attention deficit disorder medicine

A: The attention deficit disorder medication atomoxetine (brand name Strattera) can cause sexual side effects. again soon!...
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