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How does our brain develop during childhood?

A: When we''re infants, we have all of this brain material compacted in a small space. Like tree branches, they overlap. That garbled anatomy makes it difficult to do some things, such as making decisions, because the jumbled structures crossing one another make it nearly impossible for our brains to focus on one thing. As we get older-3, 4, and 5 years old-our brain starts deciding which branch points get developed and which sort of fall off. So the more we use certain parts of our brain as toddlers, the more we develop those kinds of neurons, while the opposite holds true for those neurons we don''t use. The way we train our brains at an early age actually has an effect on which of those neuron systems will become good and strong and which won''t. In autistic children, the current best...


What happens if your body doesn''t produce serotonin?

A: candy and sweets, which are simple carbohydrates, have the greatest impact, but the effect will only last 1 - 2 hours. Complex carbohydrates (rice, potato, pasta) may increase serotonin levels, but not to the same extent because the protein content of these foods might actually inhibit serotonin production. carbohydrates trigger the release of insulin into the blood stream, which clears all the amino acids from the blood, except tryptophan. When competitors are out of the way, the tryptophan floods the brain, where it''s converted to serotonin. Whole-grain breads, crackers, pasta, rice, cereal, and fruit all have the potential to increase your serotonin level. The dietary supplement 5-HTP (5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan) is promoted as a treatment for insomnia, depression, migraine, obesity and...


Base curve and image size

A: Hi, The image size is more a function or your prescription rather than the base curve.  You can change base curves and examine formulas  all you want; but, if there is a sizable difference between the two eye prescription wise, there will always be a size differential between the left & right eye.  The best way to correct the image size is to move the lens as close to the eye as possible which is done with contact lenses.  The other option available currently is lasik surgery. Hope this helps, Dr. Wojciak...


my wife accidentally took a 10 mg pill called focalin. how long will it stay in her system?

A: I don''t know and as a policy Health Central does not provide information on the duration a drug stays in a person''s system for fear of enabling drug abusers. You''re probably aware that Focalin used in attention deficit disorder that drug abusers sometimes used to create states of euphoria. It is a highly regulated drug; in fact it''s against federal law to give this drug to someone who does not have a prescription for it. I hope your wife can manage not to take that drug again!...


My surface guy friend have severe depression...?

A: Seems resembling fear of unknown after ailment & recovery - that''s average! The teenage years can be really knotty on people and depression is really adjectives and can be especially severe during this time. If he is worse than normal he should phone up his therapist. Perhaps the analysis they have him on right immediately is not enough.surface guy friend? do you live lower than the sea or something, dog?I''m not pretty sure what would be causing severe depression for at singular 17 years of age, life have just begin...I am 34 and have be deperessed scince I was almost 18. It gets worse for me, generally because the older one get the more responsabilities life throws at you, weather you want them or not. For me I find it tremendously difficult to find a reason to carry out of bed most...


How can I find a Doctor that deals with ADD children

A: Have you tried the attention deficit Disorder Association? They''ve got a very nice website with lots of information. I''ll bet you can find something on that could help you there.    http://www.add.org/mc/page.do;jsessionid=A2D4708E72D8FB3030D5180D89E26760.mc1?sitePageId=92488...


How to combat sleeplessness subsequent hours of daylight?

A: ADD medication have a look on the NIMH, don''t touch them unless you have need of them as they have speed contained by them and are a controlled substance. If you have ADD/ADHD later the meds work in the disparate way and work fine but for the everyday character they are a no no. Coffee helps, it is proven to minister to your memory and your ability to reckon especially in the morning.this happen to me all the time, but coffee doesn''t own that much effect anymore. Try doing some kind of exercise, I find that really help, especially running.take a attention deficit disorder pill it keep me alert and my *** up. Adderall, Riltian, ect...Try jogging for 20 mins and stretching. This get the blood pumping around your body and revitalises both...


Sensitivity to Noise

A: First, these people might really be annoying not only to you but to everyone, but you are just more worked up about it.  If no one else seems to notice or care, it is possible that you are hypersensitive.  It is like being in a heightened state of awareness.  This can go along with being very intelligent, creative, energetic, anxious, and/or attention deficit Disorder.  Do you have any of these symptoms?  Are you angry for other reasons or generally "on edge"?  These are questions to ask yourself.  The world is going to be full of little noises and annoyances so your job is to find a way to cope with them without feeling crazy or on the brink of going berserk at everyone.   Assuming there is...


How can I break out of the mannerism of individual a procrastinator?

A: Overcoming procrastination is not an easy item to do, however ways you can try overcoming procrastination is trying to make deal with yourself. For example communicate yourself "If I write one paragraph ill play video games for another 2 hours" or newly get up from your video spectator sport stretch and write one sentence sometimes you''ll end up writing two or three if your lucky next go subsidise to what you really want to do. Pretty much if your able to win up from your video games for a short period to seize a snack or use the bathroom you could probably just as glibly breaking homework down to that small of a task as "writing one sentence or paragraph". Try breaking down your assignment to a point of small short simple tasks as if it be like in recent times...


Too much mental energy?

A: Dear Darlene, As long as this sudden energy excess isn"t also followed by expansive and irritable mood, by a decreased need for sleep, by an increased self-esteem, a flight of ideas or becomes too talkative, as long as the energy does not become agitation it shouldn"t be a problem; it sounds like he wants to lose weight, which is very good for his health and his mood, and you should support him. If he begins to have all the above symptoms and engage in more and more activities, even in some with potential painful results and you start to notice an impairment in his social life or at his job, you should get him to see a psychiatrist, because he might experience a hypomanic or manic episode. You said you have a good relationship, so he must be just going through a different stage in his...

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