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How is attention deficit disorder diagnosed?

A: Because ADHD symptomatology is often present in children with poor coordination, reading and learning problems, and other neurodevelopmental disturbances, in the past labels such as ''minimal brain damage'' and ''minimal brain dysfunction'' were assigned, although no neurologic pathology or injury was detectable. The terms ''hyperactivity'' and ''hyperkinesis'' were subsequently introduced; however, these labels emphasize the motor aspects of the disorder. The current diagnostic label—attention deficit disorder—circumvents these problems by focusing on the core etiological determinant for the multifaceted expression of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional disturbances. For this diagnosis to...


Is attention deficit disorder a disease?

A: Hello, Ashley, No, I don"t think it makes much sense to call ADD a disease, unless your definition of "disease" is so broad as to make the term meaningless. On the other hand, it"s not just a con. attention deficit disorder is a condition characterised by a collection of symptomatic behaviours. You can find the specifics in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric association, or, if you can"t lay your hands on a copy, your local mental health association can help you find literature. Some people think that ADD is too frequently diagnosed, and I do think that some teachers and psychologists are oversensitive to its signs. That...

ADD(attention deficit disorder) support?

A: ADD is a total 100% fraud.. according to Fred Baughman Jr. MD. See http://www.adhdfraud.com for more information Suffers of attention deficit disorder (ADD) enjoy many hurdles to overcome on a each day basis. Typically, ADD behavioral problems will stop a sufferer’s ability to successfully interact contained by social situations. This can lead to problems surrounded by at home, in college, at work, or even in a romantic situation. The frustration that a sufferer can incur from the absence of control over their conduct can be emotionally exhaustive. A common ADD behavioral problem is the inability to focus on a chore. Many sufferers are easily distracted by things which other general public would consider periphery...


Is it possible for adults to have ADD ( attention deficit disorder)?

A: Yes, adults can have ADD. There are many different strategies that help - I know a couple of my adult friends find that drinking coffee seems to help them concentrate better - it also works for children with ADD/ADHD. There are several websites that can give you some resources and information. CHADD National Headquarters (800) 233-4050 http://www.chadd.org ADDA (847) 432-ADDA http://www.add.org Learning Disabilities association of America (LDA) (412) 341-1515 http://www.ldanatl.org Thanet ADDers Kent, England (0) 1843 851145 http://www.adders.org E-mail: simon@adders.org True ADD is presently understood to be genetic. Its first diagnosis could only be attempted with a look at the family tree. With the advent of a number of other conditions that act very much alike...


What are the Risk Behaviors Associated with attention deficit disorder?

A: Introduction The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that as of 2006, doctors diagnosed 4.5 million people between the ages of 5 and 17 with attention deficit disorder. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that the term “attention deficit disorder” (ADD) is used interchangeably with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the term used by the American Psychiatric association in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders, Fourth Edition Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR)....


How to Deal with attention deficit disorder Aggression

A: attention deficit disorder is a condition in which the patient exhibits chronic behavior patterns of no impulse control and inattentiveness. attention deficit disorder aggression is something some patients experience. It may also occur as a result of comorbid disorders, such as conduct disorder or oppositional defiant disorder. Understanding the aggression associated with attention deficit disorder and how to cope with it will help the patient and those caring for them....


attention deficit disorder in Adult Women: Could These Symptoms Describe You?

A: Not Just for Boys attention deficit disorder (ADD), while often associated with rambunctious boys, also affects girls. But girls often go undiagnosed. Hyperactivity may show up as talking constantly, says Dr. Patricia Quinn, co-founder and director of The Center for Girls and Women with ADHD. Often, the hyperactivity aspect is missing altogether, and the girls are considered “spacey” or daydreamers. Because of the different social expectations and hormonal differences between girls and boys, the symptoms of attention deficit disorder manifest differently, according to psychologist Kathleen Nadeau, also co-founder of The Center. She says...


Does anyone believe that attention deficit disorder is a fictitious disorder to prescribe drugs?

A: ADD is a made-up disorder that have no basis within fact and definitely no scientific proof whatsoever. Check out the website of pediatric neurologist, Dr. Fred Baughman who testify before Congress roughly this subject and wrote a book about it at www.adhdfraud.org Also, check out the website for the Citizen''s Commission on Human Rights at www.cchr.org. It is a tragedy that so several children are being given drugs for this untrue "disorder". Its a jokeUmm, what be your question again? Oh yeah, ADD... Well, I see it approaching this. What was your interrogate again?I, personally, wouldn''t stir as far as to say that it is made up. I would however influence that it is way over diagnosed (along near depression and others) and is...


attention deficit disorder: A History Timeline

A: The 18th and 19th Centuries The history of attention deficit disorder (ADD) in medical literature begins in 1798, though the condition has been around as long as people have. Scottish physician Alexander Crichton described a “disease of attention” in children that today would be identified as the inattentive subtype of ADD. It gave its bearers a “mental restlessness” that rendered them “incapable of attending with constancy.” Fifty years later, a German psychiatrist, Heinrich Hoffman, also described characteristics of the disorder. In 1845, he published a children’s book containing a poem titled “Zappel-Philipp” or Fidgety Philipp. Philipp cannot sit still to eat...


What is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Does Ritalin help?

A: Dear Reader, Having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) does not mean that you are stupid! Many people with ADHD are smart — even gifted — and lots of others have special talents that go beyond their skills in school. ADHD, similar to other mental health concerns as well as learning disabilities and other conditions, can affect people`s ability to do as well as they`d like to, or are expected to do, in school and in other areas of their lives. Getting diagnosed and participating in appropriate treatment for ADHD can make a huge difference. The three main symptoms of ADHD — difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior — play out in different ways in different people. Some people: Mainly...

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