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How Can attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Be Treated?

A: To my knowledge, the ONLY Treatments for ADHD recognized by the AMA and the FDA are DRUGS. If, however, you''re looking to overcome some of the effects of ADHD there are a variety of options, including diet, exercise, behavior modification and educational coaching. For more info visit www.swish4fish.com and download free booklet, ''Gifted--Not Broken: Overcoming dyslexia, ADHD and other learning challenges''. Also, www.youtube.com/hughes1622 and Facebook group, ''ADHD/ASD: Gifted--Not Broken'' Children should be tested first to determine if that is the problem. They can be tested at school by request or they can be tested by your private physician. Depending on...


What Does an attention deficit disorder Support Group Do?

A: An attention deficit disorder support group can help sufferers or their families manage aspects of the condition and connect them with others who experience the same struggles. Support groups can take several forms, including those that are led by professionals as well as by peers. Some attention deficit disorder support groups are made up of individuals who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity


Are attention deficit disorder Symptoms Something You Can Ignore?

A: If you have a child with attention deficit disorder symptoms or you are an adult and think you may have some of these, you may be wondering whether or not you can ignore them. After all, many of us are so busy, we may not even notice them or think that it is simply part of a particular person''s personality. After all, we all know people who have lots of energy in seemingly endless supply. However, when it comes to this type of disorder, you would do well not to ignore the various symptoms. The reason for this is that often times it is all too easy to just say that it looks like they are having an off day or that the child in question will grow out of this particular...


attention deficit disorder: Why Some People Choose to Ignore It

A: If you''ve been doing any research into the mind or mental disorders you know that attention deficit disorder is certainly one that is getting a lot of attention these days, mostly due to the effect that it has on children and their ability to learn and do well in daily life. However, what you may not know is that there are those that try to ignore or minimize what can be a potentially devastating disorder if left undiagnosed and untreated. The question here of course, is why do they ignore it? In some cases, this is an easy answer, simply because there are those that...


Are attention deficit disorder Symptoms Easy to Spot?

A: If you''ve been watching the news then you know that bullying of all forms seems to be running rampant in our society. Not only that, but it seems like every time you turn on the television, you''ll see attention deficit disorder symptoms used as an excuse for various types of behavior that 50 years ago would not have been tolerated. The question here of course is how easy the symptoms are to spot so that you can fix the problem before it becomes unmanageable. This is something that many parents ask themselves and so do many teachers. The thing here is that lots of these symptoms tend to look like general behavioral issues that all kids seem to display from time to time as they grow up. As...


What is the dosing range of Adderall to treat adult attention deficit disorder?

A: Adderall is a psychostimulant medication composed of racemic amphetamine aspartate monohydrate, racemic amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine saccharide and dextroamphetamine sulfate for use in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Use the lowest effective individualized dose; administer the first dose as soon as awake; use intervals of 4-6 hours between additional doses. Initial dosing of Adderall is 5 mg once or twice daily; increase daily dose in 5 mg increments at weekly intervals until optimal response is obtained. The usual maximum dose is 40 mg per day given in 1 to 3 divided doses per day. For more detailed...


Do you think that attention deficit disorder is an over-diagnosed disease?

A: Don''t try to say it''s just boredom, you stupid kid, I''m teaching here you moronic brats. Now take your drugs! Ya know! First. attention deficit disorder is NOT a DISEASE!!! It is a condition! A disorder!! Dang. Maybe you should do research on the disorder, even if you have it...or even if your child has it, before making assumptive remarks and diagnostic commentary on it! Yes! Wait, no! I like ice cream! Seriously - I think you''re absolutely right - it''s a cop out! yes.its not even a disease Over diagnosed, yes...but my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, he could not sit down for 12 hours aday, not even a minute among alot of other...


ADHD College Success: How To Succeed In College With attention deficit disorder

A: As a doctor who treats ADHD, I know ADHD college success is possible. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be managed and students with the condition can use the gifts of their condition to thrive. Organization is key for succeeding with and overcoming ADHD. These helpful tips can help college students manage the demands of college academics. - Write things down. Keep an updated wall calendar and daily planner to record all of your upcoming exams, due dates, assignments, meetings, team practices, etc. - Introduce yourself and communicate with your professors....


ADHD or hyperactivity disorder

A: Dear Louise, Thanks for asking me your question.  I apologize for taking so long to respond to you.   I don"t know where you live so I can"t really compare how the education system might be where you are.  I also don"t know how your son compares to other boys his age.   It is true that it is said that these symptoms should present themselves in more than one environment, however, I think that tolerance makes a big difference and where one person sees challenges another might see zealousness.  It really is a matter of perspective.   I would say that if it is bothering you son, if his grades are not good and he does not seem happy about school then you need to do something.  Moving 4 times in...

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder for the first time as an adult?

A: many people go thru a good part of their adult lives without being diagnosed, count your blessings. I am 41 years of age and was diagnosed at 37. I have ADHD and an LD. I have had trouble keeping a steady employment record since 2001 because I feel trapped in full time permanent jobs. My creativity is stifled. I began working with www.opportunityworks.ca in Dec 2002 to become self-employed. In secular work, I last about 3 months and then get bored or due to poor inter-personal skills I am fired. I waited a year after my diagnosis (got two opinions) and then began meds. I started out on 5 mg Dexedrine (short acting) - got dizzy on those and split them so I was taking...

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