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I am looking for what foods to eat for newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes.?

A: My husband has been a diabetic about 18 years. This is what his dietitian recommended for him. Low fat, low carbohydrate diet, as follows: For a man she recommended 5 carbohydrates at a meal. For a woman she recommended 4 carbhydrates at a meal. 1carb. = 22 Grams or less. Read your food labels for serving sizes and amount of total carbs. Also beside the 4 or 5 carbs, my husband get a small amount of protein, baked or broiled, about the size of a deck of cards.( 3 oz. ) such as a bonelss chicken breast. Also a side salad with 2 tablespoons of light dressing. For his fifth carb he can have 3 or four sugar free cookies, depending on the serving size. Example: 1 slice 100% whole wheat bread= 13 grams=1 carb. 1 small...


what foods to eat to loose weight while going through menopause

A: Dear Juanita, Weight gain post-menopause affects most women to varying degrees.  I can tell you that our community of menopause goddesses has struggled with this symptom again and again.  We lose, gain, and lose again. Our metabolic rate has slowed to a crawl. You would think that this slowdown would be more than offset by calories  burned through our hot flashes. Literally.  And those goddesses who suffer 30 hot flashes per day should be wasting away, regardless of caloric intake.  But in seeming defiance of all natural law, the scale tells us we are getting heavier.  We look at our favorite fatty, sweet, carbo-loaded treats and we gain weight.  We eat ?healthy? food and we gain weight.  We don?t change our eating...

What food are people on a diet aloud to eat?

A: That depends on what diet you are on. Different diets require you to eat different things. The soup diet uses mainly soup. atkins diet is anything that doesn''t have carbs (IE: Meats). If you tell us your diet we can answer your question better....


What is the best breakfast food to eat if you are on a diet?

A: atkins It depends on what sort of diet you''re on. Commonly, oat-based cereals, such as porridge, are thought to be good, as they usually keep you fuller, than items with a higher GI, e.g. sugary, non-wholegrain cereals, and sweet fruits. However, if you have problems with overeating, carbohydrates can spike your blood sugar, and- especially first thing in the morning- set you up to crave bad carbohydrates throughout the day (this is the sort of thinking involved in the atkins'' and South Beach diets). In the latter situation, you should have a breakfast consisting of proteins, e.g. eggs, meat, and/or cheese. some oats or all bran flakes with...


foods to Eat on the atkins diet

A: The atkins diet is a popular weight loss diet focusing on the intake of high protein and low carbohydrate foods. This weight loss diet program, developed by Dr. Robert atkins, is composed of four stages. It restricts eating foods which are rich in carbohydrates, and recommends consumption of fats and protein. Those interested in losing weight through this program should know the different kinds of atkins diet foods to eat in order to implement them in their meals....


Is It True That With The atkins diet You Can Eat Bigger Portions?

A: The atkins diet does allow you to eat larger portions of food than most other diets do. It also allows you to eat the so called ''bad foods'' which other diets ban throughout their plan. Basically it is saying to you that it does not matter how much you eat as it does cut out some bad carbohydrates and it also adds more protein. It is thought that by eating high protein foods and good fatty foods, you can lose weight quicker as you will burn off more carbohydrates which will lead to weight loss. Many people cannot...

What are the best Low Carb foods to eat?

A: The best low carb foods are non starchy green vegetables, raw seeds & raw nuts. I advocate the atkins program to quickly (within 3 days) get you past the carb addiction. This allows a natural appetite suppression which then makes making healthy choices so much easier. You can lose more body fat eating protein & fat (don't eat protein alone) than not eating AT ALL. to lose weight fast, eat all you want, but nothing but meat, eggs, healthy oils, mayo, butter & half an avocado a day (for added potassium). Keep the calories high & the fat percentage high, at least 65% of calories. Green vegetables & some cheese will continue weight loss but at a slower pace. ...


foods to avoid & foods to eat

A: Cori - research a ketogenic diet. That''s just about what to shoot for, except not quite as extreme. Somewhere between ketogenic and Atkin''s.    By the way I loved your post about how to use envelopes with your paycheck! Cori- Well, now you have encouraged me. I am BP II, depressed. I am 60 y.o. Currently in a remission I think. And to think your mom has been symptom for 5 years, FANTASTIC. My husband had a heart attack, and got put on a very strict diet. He lost 50# in about 9 mos. about the worst thing he ate was a ton of meat, sausage, Polish and Italian,...


How to Pick atkins diet Products

A: Obesity and excess weight are among the biggest problems that thousands of people in the country face today. Because of this, hundreds of diet programs have sprung up, all claiming to help people lose weight quickly. Of the many diet programs, however, the atkins diet is one of the most successful and has thousands of followers. If you want to try out the atkins diet, here are the products that you can eat. Carbs . One of the basic tenets of the atkins diet is weight loss by reducing the intake of carbohydrates. Carbs...


Did you gain weight after you stopped atkins diet?

A: You might want to try to do something to reduce your hunger, rather than just torture yourself with weight loss. The Shangrila diet is supposed to do that, but I have no idea if it works as well as claimed.. If you have a sensitivity to carbs, then you can only eat them in moderation forever to maintain your weight loss.. There is a maintenance section to the atkins book that tells you how to gradually add them back to your diet.. My advice to...

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