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I need a diabetes diet food list.?

A: nuts, berries, twigs, bark.... LOL Eat high protien with good carbs like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. If you don''t want to eat red meats like beef and steaks, eat the leaner meats like fish, shrimp, chicken and turkey. Try the websites below. They should give you more detail. Then of course, you can always ask your doctor. http://diet.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Diabetic_food_List The proper diet is critical to diabetes treatment. It can help someone with diabetes: Achieve and maintain desirable weight. Many people with diabetes can control their blood glucose by losing weight and keeping it off. Maintain normal blood glucose levels. Prevent heart and blood vessel diseases, conditions that tend to occur in people with...


atkinson diet food list

A: The atkins diet is basically nothing but a low carb diet. It encourages you to eat foods that are low in carbs and exercise properly. Nothing new right? That''s what I reckon to. Most of these quacks write a book about losing weight and become instantly famous. I really don''t understand the fascination for these idiots. As if we didn''t know that low carb foods are good for losing weight. Avoid red meat and stick to white meat. The book goes along these lines for the most part. I hope you get the picture now. This diet is just another stunt to sell books....


What foods Are Acceptable On The atkins diet?

A: Acceptable food List is a list of foods that is a part of the atkins Nutritional Approach or the atkins diet. The list contains a series of foods which can be consumed while a person is using the diet. In the beginning of the diet, a person can eat whatever he wants but in limited quantities. After the weeks go by, the nutritional diet becomes very strict and you are only allowed to eat food which is very healthy for you and does not create any kinds of problems to your body. In vegetables, you need to consume as many amounts of vegetables you...

Kimkins diet..Does anyone enjoy the food list and the amounts for the Kimkins diet?

A: Do a search on alltheweb.com and investigate Kimkins diet. You should get a ton of results. You can investigate Kimkis food lists. I enjoy never heard of this diet earlier but it sounds interesting. I couldn''t find any info either short joining so don''t have any opinion what foods are allowed. I will watch to see if you go and get any ideas.I only just joined, and really, in attendance is a large inventory and many different option depending on what diet you choose. Plus, a big part of the bias is the support and tools you get which comfort you succeed. I had done shipment watchers but could not afford the website fee respectively month, so atleast with KimKins...


foods You Can Eat in the atkins diet Induction Phase

A: The atkins induction phase can last from two weeks to a year; depending on the amount of excess weight that you want to lose. As long as you follow the instructions, and eat only the foods you can eat in the atkins diet induction phase down to a tee; you can lose up to 10% of your body fat in the first two weeks. Experts recommend sticking with the induction phase until you lose 50% of your desired weight loss before you go to the Ongoing Weight Loss phase. The atkins induction phase is simple and exact no alterations, no substitutions, and no treats. Nevertheless, with the list of goodies you can eat and the varied atkins recipes, who...


Just a few atkins/Body/Digestion question?

A: 1. nil life threatening will arise when you go stale the atkins diet. in reality your life is contained by greater danger the longer you are on it. carbohydrates are essential nutrients and your body''s most instant source of fuel. you should be getting at least 50% of your day by day calories from them. you should be cutting adjectives the simple carbs out of your diet but keeping complex ones like fruit/veggies and integral grain/wheat products. always breed sure that the first listed ingredient on the collection is wheat flour. not enriched wheat flour or unenriched wheat flour because these are basically tricky names for white flour. the marketplace definition of "100% whole grain/wheat" is that the...


What are the crucial aspects of a low carb diet?

A: Long occupancy damage rubbish! I deduce you will find there is deeply more research on the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet then in that is for a low fat one. You do not stipulation to eat lean meat on a low carb diet, a low carb diet really shouldn''t be low fat and in attendance is plenty of research plus more to come to show that a high round low carb diet will not harm your heart. In reality too many carbohydrates are more promising to cause problems and elevate your triglycerides not a giant fat, low carb one. What foods you can get through? Try this, it is in suggestion to atkins Induction, has adjectives the rules and allowed


What Are the Different Types of Carbohydrate diets?

A: There are typically three types of carbohydrate diets — those that include low, moderate, and high amounts of this dietary component. Healthy carbohydrates or whole grains may also be consumed as part of a healthy eating plan. Carbohydrate diets can also be used for weight loss or glucose control for diabetics. Low carbohydrate diets are widely recognized as weight loss plans. U.S. diet creator Dr. Robert atkins created his classic low carbohydrate diet in 1972. This plan was made popular with publication of his book, Dr. atkins diet Revolution. The book...


what foods can/can

A: the atkins diet is a very high protein, very very low carb and generally high fat diet. i'll answer your question but just be aware it is not a very healthy diet. if you do see results they will only be temporary and you are damaging your health just to lose a bit of weight that won't even stay off. please consider a healthier lifestyle and exercise plan rather than the atkins. it will be less work, you'll enjoy more foods, you'll be alot healthier and you will see results that will last forever. anway i might aswell answer your question. you can eat the following foods: all types of meat, poultry and...

Can asthma be controlled or helped by diet? What sort of foods should or shouldn't be eaten?

A: yes I believe it can, I have been asthmatic for years, and have found carbahydrates to irritate the problem, I found this out a few years ago when going on the atkins diet I rarely had to use my inhaler, but even before this I mentioned to the asthma clinic nurse that I found I had to use my inhaler a lot after meals thinking it was maybe over eating causing me to be breathless .....but then I realised... no it cant be because I would feel breathless after just eating just a sandwhich, but this comment was met by the nurse just saying "oh Iv''e never heard of that before".... but like I said years later I found I did''nt need my inhaler so much on the atkins diet, it''s took me...

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