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Ma Huang - asthma treatment by ephedra?

A: 28 Jul 2011 Ma huang (also known as ephedra) is a naturally occurring substance that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It was popular as a weight loss supplement, until it was banned in the United States due to safety concerns. Ma huang is still allowed in traditional Chinese medicine and in food products, such as tea. It caused dangerous and even life-threatening side effects, such as heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. There is no dose of ma huang that is considered safe and effective. Please take care, be safe & well, best wishes. Votes:+2CommentVote upReport DzooBaby28 Jul 2011 Ephedra is a very old asthma treatment but as Rajive pointed out, it is very unsafe. There are too many safer alternatives for treating


What is the difference between an inhaler and a nebulizer, specifically in asthma treatment?

A: Apparently there are no clinical benefits of using a nebulizer as opposed to an inhaler and spacer. However, as an asthmatic I feel that I DO respond better to nebulizer treatments of Ventolin(salbutamol/albuterol) than MDI, because when I''m feeling pretty bad, I''m able to get the medicine in deeper and more easily. I also know many asthmatics who feel the same way. Inhalers require technique to actuate and inhale the medicine properly if not used with a spacer, and are often used improperly. They also require a lot deeper breaths than do nebulizer treatments--which is harder to do when you''re having problems breathing. Mostly, though, it depends on what you and your doctor decide works...


Name one anti-inflammatory used in asthma treatment?

A: ibuprofen Sabutimol Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Also AVOID Aspartame as this causes asthma. ERM...... inhalers, nebulizers, ibprofen makes asthma worse. more likly to cause an attack. Not sure if this is an anti-inflammatory but Prednisone is one drug used for asthma. don''t you mean steroids Steroids are used a lot, mainly inhaled but I found a link with many different medications (listed as my source). DON''T take Ibuprofen, Aleve, Advil, Naprosyn -- Naproxen, or Motrin. There are many others that asthmatic people can not take. Ask you Doctor or your pulmonologist or your local pharmacist. be very careful what you do take with asthma. Cortico-steroids. Prednisolone...


asthma treatment

A: Just to clarify I have never heard of this because the risk regarding inhaled steroids and heart disease hasn"t been proven.   Here is my reference. http://www.heartcenteronline.com/myheartdr/home/research-detail.cfm?reutersid=34... And here is what the research information says. "At the other end of the scale, the researchers found no evidence of increased risk in people taking inhaled steroids for asthma or antiinflammatory steroid creams for conditions like dermatitis." Publish Date: March 25, 2003 Of course there are other sites that say steroids increase risk but they are not specifically stating inhaled steroids. Inhaled steroids do not have a systemic effect. Just to clear the record I will stand with that above reference. Cyndee...


Natural asthma treatments

A: What Is asthma? asthma involves the narrowing of the small airways in the lungs called the bronchioles. When a person has an asthma attack, the bronchioles tighten (bronchospasm), which in turn restricts the flow of air and makes breathing difficult. In addition, the airways become inflamed and full of excess mucus, adding to breathing problems. asthma is a disorder in which itís difficult to exhale, so stale air remains in the lungs. Most physicians will prescribe medications to control asthma symptoms, which is important. But a natural asthma treatment may also help you avoid the discomforts of this disorder. Below...


Is Advair better than Symbicort for asthma treatment?

A: Hi Josefina,   Thanks for your question! It''s always hard to know for sure who will have side effects from a medicine and who won''t, and what those side effects might be. We each seem to react a bit differently to medication, both from a desired effects perspective, as well as from a side effects perspective. All doctors can do is predict what might happen.   So, that is why treating disease is often a matter of trial and error, to some extent. There are many medicines that treat asthma effectively. But not all of them are effective for every person with asthma.   You don''t say how long you''ve been using Symbicort. Often, side effects gradually go away over time, as you get ''used to'' the medicine. So, if...


What do you think about the new asthma treatment?read description for more details.

A: ''..The drawback: Thermoplasty irritates airways, meaning risks right after treatment that include temporarily worse asthma, a partially collapsed lung and coughing up blood.....'' WOW. Just wow....


are home nebulisers effective for asthma treatment

A: As long as the equipment you are using is operating and used properly, the treatments you do at home should be as effective as any administered by a professional respitory therapist....


When are pills prescribed for asthma treatment?

A: It depends on what pills you're talking about. Singulair (Montelukast) is an asthma allergy pill, kinda like an anti histamine. It is prescribed sometimes in place of a corticosteroid inhaler. Sometimes with an steroid inhaler. There are two other pills like Singulair that work in much the same way. There is an albuterol pill but is not used very much anymore. If it is used, it is for very severe asthma where the person doesn't have enough air movement in and out of the lungs to inhale an albuterol inhaler. Theophylline is a bronchodilator very smiler to caffeine but a much stronger bronchodilator then caffeine. It is also only prescribed for people who have very severe asthma. It is very hard to...


What is meant when a doctor says there is no airway dysfunction but the person has severe asthma and responds to aggressive asthma treatment?

A: This question brings up an important issue of terminology and definition and expression in medical communication. Evaluating airway functioning one has to consider a number of factors to state unequivocally that there is ''no airway dysfunction''. No one can answer your question or explain the response except your doctor who stated that there was ''no airway dysfunction''. So for the answer, you must ask your doctor to explain. In the communication between doctor and patient, the doctor must be careful to use words that are properly set in the context of what is being discussed and the facts within that discussion. Further the physician must feel assured that the patient understands the meaning of those words. It is often wise for the doctor who has used a technical word and after...

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