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What Are the Different Options for Rheumatoid arthritis treatment?

A: Although there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, several options may help lessen joint pain and ease inflammation. Most rheumatoid arthritis treatment plans start with medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids, to address symptoms, with some cases advancing to chemotherapy. Physical and occupational therapies also help patients alter their actions so everyday tasks do not inflict as much pain. For very aggressive rheumatoid arthritis, some people undergo surgery. Patients may also find relief in lifestyle changes. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that targets healthy joints, causing extreme pain, swelling, and stiffness....


How Do I Choose the Best Psoriatic arthritis treatment?

A: Psoriatic arthritis is a common autoimmune disorder that causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling accompanied by outbreaks of dry, painful skin rashes. The disorder can cause significant discomfort and make even simple daily tasks such as typing and walking very difficult. There is no cure for psoriatic arthritis, but patients can usually manage their symptoms with the aid of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Home remedies, natural supplements, and healthy lifestyle choices can also bring some degree of relief. An individual can discuss psoriatic arthritis treatment options with his or her doctor to determine the best personal course of action to take. For most people,...


What are the strengthening exercises for arthritis treatment?

A: Strong muscles help keep weak joints stable and more comfortable and protected against further damage. A program of strength-conditioning exercises that target specific muscle groups can be beneficial as part of your arthritis treatment program. There are several types of strengthening exercises that, when performed properly, can maintain or increase supportive muscle tissue without aggravating affected joints. Some people with arthritis avoid exercise because of joint pain. However, a group of exercises called isometrics are designed to strengthen targeted muscle groups without bending painful joints. Isometrics involve no joint movement, but rather strengthen muscle groups by using an alternating series of...

What type of exercises are used for arthritis treatment?

A: Exercise is an important part of arthritis treatment that is most effective when done properly every day. Your doctor and therapist will prescribe a program for you that may vary as your needs change. -Range of motion exercise. Gentle movement of each joint through its normal range of motion will help relieve stiffness, improve and maintain joint movement, and increase flexibility. -Strengthening exercise. Strengthening exercise helps preserve or increase muscle strength. Isometric exercises tighten and strengthen the muscle without moving the joint and are most useful when joints are painful. Isotonic exercises strengthen the muscle by using it to move a weight. -Water exercise. Warm water helps relieve pain and relax muscles. Swimming is...

How can we begin a new exercise program for arthritis treatment?

A: Regardless of your condition, discuss exercise options with a physician before beginning any new exercise program. Also, begin new exercise programs under the supervision of a physical or occupational therapist, preferably one with experience working with arthritis patients. People with arthritis who are beginning a new exercise program should spend some time conditioning using a program that consists only of range-of-motion and strengthening exercises, depending on their physical and athletic condition. Endurance exercises should be added gradually, and only after you feel comfortable with your current fitness level. As with any change in lifestyle, your body will have to take time to adapt to your new program. During the first few weeks,...

rheumatoid arthritis treatment

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Inflammatory arthritis treatment ?

A: Hi, welcome to the ehealth forum and I am glad to help you. You seem to be concerned by the break of 2 years in the treatment of inflammatory arthritis. Inflammatory arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis is chronic disease of unknown cause and variable course. Some patients experience only a mild illness with minimal joint damage whereas others have progressive disease with marked functional impairment but the therapy for RA is known to retard the progression of disease especially with DMARDs like Methotrexate etc. Also, those with high titres of rheumatoid factor, C-reactive protein and haptoglobin have a worse prognosis and a more aggressive and progressive joint damage. You must have complete...


How can I get rheumatoid arthritis treatment with no health insurance?

A: There are programs available, like the Partnership for Prescription Assistance and drug specific patient assistance programs, that can connect people who are uninsured or have limited coverage with programs that may be able to provide prescription medications at no or minimal cost. You may find information about these programs through the Internet. This information is solely educational. It''s important to consult with your physician or health care provider about any specific question regarding your medical conditions or medications; particularly before taking any action. You may also find helpful information on rheumatoid arthritis at http://www.everydayhealth.com/arthritis/rheumatoid-arthritis/index.aspx. Derek...


What are the range-of-motion exercises for arthritis treatment?

A: To help relieve pain, people with arthritis often keep affected joints bent - especially in the knees, hands and fingers - because it''s more comfortable during the early stages of arthritis. While this may temporarily relieve discomfort, holding a joint in the same position for too long can cause permanent loss of mobility and hinder daily activities. Range-of-motion exercises (also called stretching or flexibility exercises) help maintain normal joint function by increasing and preserving joint mobility and flexibility. In this group of exercises, affected joints are conditioned by gently straightening and bending the joints in a controlled manner as far as they comfortably will go. During the course of a range-of-motion exercise program,...

What are the thermal modalities used for arthritis treatment?

A: Applying ice packs or heating pads, as well as deep heat provided by ultrasound and hot packs, helps relieve pain locally. Heat also relaxes muscle spasms around inflamed joints. Heating joints and muscles with a warm bath or shower before exercising might help you exercise more easily....
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