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Accupuncture for anxiety-

A: Wotan, Good morning ! anxiety treatments can be classified into two categories: 1. Symptom relief treatments solely focused on providing symptom relief (full or partial). 2. Addressing the core causes of anxiety identifying and successfully addressing the underlying core issues that cause an anxiety condition. Once these core factors have been addressed, anxiety and its symptoms disappear. NOTE: Symptom relief treatments only affect the symptoms. They SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED AS anxiety CURES, since they don''t address the real problems that cause anxiety.


Why are the European cures of anxiety and depression being ignored under USA medical standards?

A: As far as depression and anxiety, or GAD is concerned, I totally disagree with the statement of "there is no cure, European or otherwise". All of our woes and troubles have basically been a product of 3 things, but after time and maybe some good strong belief and faith, these illnesses can be at least bettered. First off, our diets nowadays SUCK; in america, it is considered "SAD"- Standard American Diet- not enough essential fatty acids for instance for the brain''s proper nutrition. Second, we are generally predisposed for things like anxiety, and our predescesors have caused our generations some troubles, but third, is also the fact that people today are put under intense and immense anxious and nerve-racking...


Please...I''ve had severe anxiety for so long?

A: Hello laurara, Perhaps you should ask your doctor about Pamelor or Tofranil, both of these anti-depressants are considered to be excellent for anyone that has panic disorder. They are "older" tricyclic A/D''s. Also, it sounds as if you need an anti-anxiety medication. Ask your doc about that, as well. Wishing you the best, sweetlemon Laura, Sorry it took a while to respond to you, but I researched some options for you. So you have taken Lexapro and Celexa and neither have helped. They are both in the same class of antidepressants called SSRI''s, so tell your doctor that SSRI''s aren''t working. You also took Welbutrin, which is in a class all its own, so don''t worry about that one. For your depression I would ask your Dr. about SNRI''s...


What are the Different Types of Anti-anxiety Medications?

A: anxiety, panic and nervousness may result from conditions like social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or post traumatic stress (PTSD). Due to the range of causes for long-term problems with anxiety, there are a number of types of anti-anxiety medications. Some may be more effective than others depending upon your diagnosed condition. Most types of anti-anxiety medications are not used alone, and those suffering from debilitating anxiety are strongly advised to pursue therapy also to address and help recover from conditions that can cause things like panic...


How Effective Is Hypnosis for Social anxiety?

A: Hypnosis for social anxiety can be very effective, but the degree to which this treatment works depends on the person. The reason for the social anxiety, other solutions that have been tried, and additional factors can also influence the effectiveness of the treatment. Ideally, hypnosis for social anxiety should be undertaken with a willing and eager participant who has reasonable expectations. In this case, hypnosis for social anxiety has the potential to be very effective. As a medical treatment, hypnosis is often treated with suspicion. Not all people believe that hypnosis is effective as more than a placebo, and...


is there a natural cure for anxiety/panic attacks, I have tried Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Zanax, Klonepin

A: Natural treatment for anxiety There are various home cures and remedies that are time tested for threading anxieties. Some of the most popular methods of treating anxiety naturally are massage therapy, yoga exercise and stress management. These helps in diminishing muscle tension, relieving stress and improving sleep. Read on the following natural treatments that can help you get rid of your anxiety: Involve in exercises pertaining to mind and body. Most popular and useful forms of exercises and physical activities are breathing exercises, yoga postures, self hypnosis and meditation. These natural techniques will help in reducing stress level and will eventually...

.Are there any meds for a combination of concentration, depression and anxiety?

A: I don''t know of any effective treatment for concentration alone, Sharon. However, this is often a side-effect of depression or anxiety, so treating them will usually produce an improvement in concentration too. anxiety and depression tends to begin within a year or so of a significant life changing event such as bereavement, divorce, job loss, moving house, etc. Therefore, it isn''t surprising that you might be struggling after being hit with 5 such events in 2 years. Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy cures. The treatments take time, may make you feel worse initially and may worsen your concentration in the short term. However, it is also likely that without

Depression and generalized anxiety diorderI

A: Thank you for your question and welcome to anxietyConnection.com   I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice.   I can tell you that there is no exact science in finding the right medication. Because everyone experiences anxiety differently and also reacts to medication differently, there is no one medication that is better than another. Some people may find one medication works and some may find it doesn''t work well or they experience too many side effects.   Often, finding the right medication is a matter of trial and error. Most doctors recognize this and work with their patients to find the right medication and the right dosage.   Any question or concern you have...


Social anxiety disorder: Panicked about meeting new people, speaking up in class, and so much more!

A: Dear Reader, About 5 million Americans have some form of social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia. While everyone experiences nervousness or fear in social situations to a certain extent, those with social anxiety disorder are debilitated by their fear. They may have a constant, intense, and chronic fear of being watched and judged by others, or be terribly afraid of being embarrassed or humiliated by ways in which they behave. As you have described, this fear can prevent people with social anxiety disorder from doing everyday activities, such as going to school or work, and can become so much of a focus that they severely limit their socializing. It`s understandable that you are worried about how your...


Any good natural remedies for anxiety attacks?

A: I get em, I always carry a little flask of something to sip on if I think I''m going to panic. Water, Juice, faling that something stronger like vodka. I''m also having anxiety and depression , this guide will definitely help you without taking drugs. http://panicportal.url-go.com Yes, there are definitely lots of ways to treat depression and anxiety naturally. Breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, visualization, herbal treatments, yoga, meditation are all very effective methods. Like anything else in life,.you get out of them what you put into them. It takes time, and usually a combination of techniques to determine what is right for you. You need to see a naturopath or herbalist and get properly assessed...

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