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Generalized anxiety Disorder (GAD) - Constant Worry and anxiety

A: A person who suffers from Generalized anxiety Disorder (GAD) experiences a constant, uncontrollable worry and anxiety related to different aspects of life. Although everybody worries to some extent, the difference between regular worry and GAD, is that GAD is stronger, more persistent, occurs more frequently and is harder to control. Furthermore, the anxiety, the worry and the physical symptoms have significant negative consequences for important areas of life - for example, social och occupational areas. The anxiety is difficult to control and is therefore a problem for all areas of everyday life. Adults suffering from GAD worry about things like their work, their economy, the health of...


What are Some treatments for anxiety?

A: According to the anxiety Disorders Association of America, approximately 40,000,000 adults are affected by an anxiety disorder in the U.S., most of them women. Left untreated, anxiety can escalate and impact career, social, and family relationships. In addition, studies have shown that having an anxiety disorder significantly increases the risk of developing other conditions, such as depression and heart disease. However, until fairly recently, the condition was poorly understood and even dismissed. Fortunately, increased awareness has resulted in several effective treatments for anxiety becoming available. Careful screening and diagnosis...


What Are the Different treatments for anxiety Attacks?

A: The main categories of treatment for anxiety attacks include medication and psychotherapy. Within the medication category, there are several options to treat anxiety attacks. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), which are antidepressants, are among the possible treatments. Doctors may prescribe serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), tricyclic antidepressants, and benzodiazepines, which are tranquilizers, as well. Psychotherapy treatment for anxiety attacks, however, is usually limited to two main types: cognitive and psychodynamic. SSRIs and MAOIs are both antidepressants...


How Do I Choose the Best Generalized anxiety Disorder treatment?

A: Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a medical condition that affects many people. There are generalized anxiety disorder treatment options that can relieve the symptoms and allow people with GAD to lead healthy lives. treatment plans can include therapy, medication, or lifestyle changes. Many people with GAD choose a combination of treatments. Psychotherapy may be the right generalized anxiety disorder treatment plan for you. It involves talking one on one with a counselor who is trained in GAD. You may discuss life changes to help manage your stress and keep your anxiety low. Your...


Does anyone have anxiety attacks on Topamax? If so what do you take to control them if anything? It?

A: 29 Mar 2012 Dear gr07: I can identify with the anxiety part it''s so unreal. I go every single day with anxiety shakiness and not able to be around anybody. I''m taking Ativan but was on Topamax, I was on it in the beginning of last year (2011). Good luck! -Blondie Votes:+1CommentVote upReport tinytinatiny 29 Mar 2012Hi ya''ll,i don''t have an answer but I have the same problem.I am on Topamax for headaches and I am having anxiety, shaky hands and lost my appetite.I didn''t think it was caused by the topamax I thought it was my Lithium.All I know is I hate being depressed and having panic attaches.I take wellbutrin too.It still doesn''t go away... why take all this stuff if its not gonna work... its frustrating......


How do I overcome some of the fears that trigger my anxiety attacks?

A: 17 Mar 2012 Hello tiffers2788. I would suggest therapy. Be it through a private therapist, or the reading route. You can learn and teach yourself, coping skills to deal with your anxiety, and all the baggage that come along with it, all available through your local library. (inexpensive to boot) The internet also offers your the world of knowledge, simply by as you just did, accessing a website. Best regards, pledge Votes:+2CommentVote upReport babyr052517 Mar 2012 Dear tiffers2788, I would have to agree with Pledge on seeking counseling or a therapist. You know I suffered with the exact same thing you are describing. My husband thought I was crazy. Well he thought I needed help, is what he thought. My friends, relatives, family, doctors, all suggested counseling...


Do you use benzodiazepines to treat anxiety?

A: Benzodiazepines are indicated for the management of anxiety disorders or for the short-term relief of the symptoms of anxiety. anxiety and tension associated by everyday life stressors typically does not warrant treatment with anxiolytic medications. In addition to their role in the treatment of anxiety disorders, some of the benzodiazepines also have sedative-hypnotic, anticonvulsant or muscle relaxant properties. They are also used to treat panic disorder, induce sleep and as an adjunct to anesthesia prior to surgery or procedures. There are several different medications belonging to the benzodiazepine class. According to the Drug...


anxiety!? what's the best meds for anxiety or treatments?

A: anxiety is such a complex symptom, or it can also can be cosidered an affliction, too. Lots of the antianxiety drugs can relieve anxiety, but they are also highly addictive, and considered a temporary solution at best-- Benzodiazipenes are in this class, and include medications such as Valium and Xanax. Definitely for temporary use only. Another consideration is that many of the medications used to treat respiratory problems have a side effect of nervousness/anxiety. Your health care professional is the best person to consult with regarding this. Tell your doc of your intermittant feeling of anxiety; they may be able to adjust your meds or have some other helpful...


Constant anxiety attacks?

A: 21 Mar 2012 Panic attacks are quite unpleasant (to say the least)!! See your doctor and explain what is going on, you may be prescribed a medication that can keep those panic attacks to a minimum. Best wishes, sweet lemon Votes:+0CommentVote upReport sweet lemon 21 Mar 2012I missed Celexa in your question, are you currently taking it? If you are and it''s not working re panic attacks TELL your doc! You may be switched meds, something that is better suited for quelling panic and anxiety. Add your Comment franklin8...21 Mar 2012 Dearmsi - If I remember correctly you are pregnant. Congrats. With pregnancy your hormones are in a uproar. It is no wonder you are having anxiety attacks. I''m not sure, medication wise, what the doctor can give you...


What are some good ways to deal with anxiety?

A: One of the best starting points to dealing with anxiety is to identify the cause. Is it job related, a relationship, finances, ? This self-analyzing task is often very difficult, but must be honestly approached. It can be something as simple as caffeine or as complicated as loss of a loved one. Once the cause of anxiety is identified, the next step - how to treat the problem. Symptoms of anxiety (insomnia, depression, diffifulty concentrating,etc.) are effects not causes. Here are a few suggestions which may help with anxiety: Exercise - both aerobic and non-aerobic. Walking, jogging are great. Yoga and similar relaxation techniques are very helpful. Socialize with neighbors and friends....

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