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Could I become a counsellor if I am prone to depression/anxiety myself?

A: I really wouldn''t advise you become a counsellor if you feel like this, it would be hard to emotionally separate yourself. Would you go into psychiatry? It means another degree but this way you can treat mental disorders as well, something you can''t do with counselling. Yea why not..You would be a perfect candidate for advising those who suffer with the same condition but you would have to be very positive in adviseing others because if you couldnt cope with your own condition then how could you advise others ...Im 44 now and I suffered with the same when I was younger..You know a lot of it had to do with my fears about the future and my low self esteem..Im a lot better now but thats probably because im wiser and stronger but it still effected my life.. Im still single and ive had very...


what is good for anxiety

A: Try eliminating meat, alcohol and stimulants from your diet. Increase your intake of wheat germ, whole grains, bananas, nuts especially cashews which are high in magnesium, yogurt, vitamin B6 and any food high in magnesium, in addition, making breathing exercises or meditation part of your daily routine will surely do much to help  you of your anxiety. Guidance!...

Is it wise enough to have medicine to control anxiety during pregnancy

A: Were you on any medications for the anxiety prior to getting pregnant?  If so, then I would contact the therapist and have him speak directly with your obstrician so they can work as tem members on your ''health team.'' If you were not being treated prior to your pregnancy and these are very new mood symptoms then i would contact a therapist who has expertise dealing with pregnant patients - since certain medications can not be used during pregnancy and others have to be timed to be used during certain trimesters - and see if you are a candidate for anxiety treatment.  I would not delay and youmight use your OB as a source for a list of therapists....


should I take anxiety medication

A: Jules   Thank you for your question.   Unfortunately, no one else would be able to make this decision for you. Remember, however, that if you choose to try medication, it does not mean you are making a permanent decision. You can always talk with your doctor about stopping the medication if you feel it is not helping or you no longer want to take it.   For further information:   anxiety treatment...


Help with anxiety/panic attacks?

A: 20 Jan 2012 Hello Emma, It sounds like your doctor either doesn''t know what to do for you or just isn''t willing. I am assuming you are talking about your regular doctor? I think you should probably be seeing a psychiatrist and maybe a therapist or counselor as well. Have you considered this? They are more knowledgable and equipped to deal with these type of issues. If you are already doing that then maybe it is time for you to find another doctor. I don''t know if this helps at all but I am here for support if you need a friend. Best wishes to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Your friend -Terri- Votes:+4CommentVote upReport Emmad2687 20 Jan 2012This is my regular doctor I asked for information on counciling and she stood by open...


Hi All, I was prescribed carbamazepine, for anxiety disorder. I am using the VA for treatment.?

A: 15 Dec 2011 Hey Dave, I''m very glad to see you back!! Many members have been asking about you. We have all been concerned and were hoping you were doing okay. I don''t really have any answer for you just wanted to say I missed you and I''m happy that you''re here. Best wishes. Your friend -Terri- Votes:+0CommentVote upReport David Cass 15 Dec 2011Thanks Teri, Not doing well at the moment. I hate the VA system. I changed Doctors , Made them mad. I am not going back to all those horrible drugs. If at the very first of my Illness they would have told me,"Here take these drugs, they will make you impotent.hurt your liver, mess with your memory I would not have taken them. I am so upset with all of this I am about ready to give up I cannot fight any more. This new drug has every side...


Has anyone developed or made worse anxiety or panic attacks when put on high dose prednisone?

A: 6 Feb 2012 I was prescribed prednisone many years ago for my problems with allergies. I had many adverse reactions with this drug. My heart felt as if it were coming out of my chest and I couldn''t leave my bed. I was alway feeling spaced out. I literally felt as if I were dying. I was taken off of that drug and I will never take it again. I''ve also taken Buspar for simply needing to sleep at night. Well it didn''t help me sleep. When I think about Buspar today, I know it was responsible for the start of my panic disorder. My panic was so bad I was afraid to go to sleep at night. I didn''t calm down until my doctor prescribed ativan to control my attacks. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport franklin8905 6 Feb 2012How long did the effects of the prednisone last? I am 1 wk post taking it and still...


I have been on anxiety medication for 15 yrs. and find that they no longer are working. Need Help?

A: 10 Mar 2012 Dear Gypsy Rose: I am on Ativan also, been on it for a good while year, year half daily. I feel your pain. I really don''t have the right answers that you are looking for. Hang on there, (((Gypsy Rose))) Votes:+0CommentVote upReport pledge10 Mar 2012 Hello Gypsy Rose. I''m certain that you''ve developed Tardive Dyskineisa. Its developed when a person is on a drug for a very long time. Its the involuntary movement(s) as a muscle twitch in your mouth. When this happens the medication is stopped. This is done to stop the symptoms. Its not always successfull. You might tell your doctor for this is a serious condition. As to perscribing another drug, at the moment, your main concern (my own point of view) is to reverse the Tardive Dyskinseisa. Best...


What to do for work anyone if you anxiety?

A: 19 Feb 2012 sorry typo''s I forgot to spell check... Votes:+0CommentVote upReport pledge19 Feb 2012 Hello j1091. Thats a very interesting point and question. I''ll have to give it some thought and will add it below via comments. I''m just wondering what type of drugs that you have tried in your past. Only in as much as they haven''t worked, well, helped in as much as you being unable to function well outside of your home. Thats a cripple effect. and again tells me that your anxiety levels are that high your present medication(s) aren''t doing the job. Best of wishes,pledge Votes:+1CommentVote upReport Wger282423 Feb 2012 Someone said to me once that people with aniexty are the bravest people in the world. We have to face our fears everyday. My suggestion to you is...


What Is the Most Common treatment for Agoraphobia?

A: Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder related to a fear open or public spaces. Individuals with this disorder often have marked anxiety or nervousness about being in crowed or public places where they may not be able to get out quickly. One common treatment for agoraphobia is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a psychotherapy or counseling method that focuses on controlling the trigger and symptoms of anxiety. Another treatment for agoraphobia is medication. Doctors often prescribe anti-anxiety drugs, such as Prozac® and Zoloft®. Combined with relaxation techniques, treatment for agoraphobia is often successful,...

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