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Hypnosis for patients afraid of dental treatment?

A: I have specialized surrounded by pain control for masses years . There are numerous individuals that can not use chemical anesthetics or gas for pain nouns. Some of them can use a technique called glove anesthesia to completely blur the area to the point that they can enjoy procedures such as root canals done comfortably. The same holds true for deliver babies and having bones set. You may not be capable of do it the first time you try or even the second or third but you will be able to do it. Do it first and afterwards make the dental appointment. Do not try to do it the daylight before the dental appointment and expect to do it contained by the dentists office. You will involve the hypnotist present during the procedure. Some dentists will not be in favor of this so do some homework be...


Need to get brother in on mental health treatment, but how?

A: I''d advise asking the doctors this question. The question itself gives them insight into your family dynamics....


Is there an effective treatment available for agoraphobia that does not involve prescription medication?

A: Exposure therapy is an effective treatment for most phobias. This is where the patient has to face his or her fear and eventually become desensitized to it. Cognitive therapy can also be used. This is a somewhat humanistic approach that emphasizes the thoughts and fears behind the phobia. Replacing these bad thoughts with more happy and realistic ones helps people overcome their fear as well. Hypnosis is not a scientifically proven treatment, yet it may help the patient relax and develop techniques to help relaxation. When the panic of the phobia presents itself, the patient practices these techniques to overcome the anxiety involved in the phobia. These are all effective treatments....


treatment of Adult ADD/MDD (w/ chronic fatigue)

A: Nathan- I"ve got some ideas for you but need to know this first..... What is MDD and GAD?   Are you on ANY medication at this time? Have you taken medication for these symptoms in the past Are you in a large city or more rural Hope to hear back from you! Sijka...

HgH treatment for Fibro?

A: I haven''t heard of that treatment program. Do you have to go to a teaching hospital or can the physician perform this treatment in his/her office? Let us know how it goes, should you decide to try this treatment. Blessings, Kirstee Hi mranxiety, I''m reading your other posts and I see you are telling my story. I also went years on Antibiotics, doctors cannot find anything (except Enterococcus Faecalis in my semen). I became sick in 1 day 5 years ago and my life totally screwed up since. Did you confirm you have Fibro and did any treatment help you in any way? I''m running out of options. Thanks, Mr Screwed...


Do old symptoms return during treatment?

A: Yes, old symptoms can return. You may also get new symptoms too while treating. When I started treatment, my panic attacks and anxiety cam back full force. I hadn''t had problems before treatment for three years. The muscle jumping is normal when treating. I would let your doctor know about the tingling and numbness though just to be sure.< muscle twitching is freaking me out. Today I had less of it, but some days its constantly twitching from here there, heck, if i pay attention I can even see it twitch many times....


Has anyone had ketamine treatments?

A: Hi there, I have had 12 hour infusions with Ketamine, but only for one day, and not in a hospital setting. Ketamine really does relieve the pain. I feel it is the only key to hope for this desease. Sam Thank you for the reply. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. The doc. is trying to get it approved for me and it is going to be over a two week period consisting of 10 infusions. I hope it gets approved. I do not have an answer yet but tommorow I go for another block and if that does not work then he is going to try and get the ketamine treatments approved. He told me not to get too excited but how can I not?? Everyone knows that any ray of even possibility is a ray of hope, and that is what I am focusing on right now. Going for a beir block and I hate...


Tinnitus treatments

A: Hi Thinesh, As I said, the neuromonics is expensive, but it has had great success. There are also biofeedback, tinnitus retraining and relaxation methods which I believe are listed on the other site. You should also be sure to limit exposure to noise and limit further damage. Hope this helps. Harriet B. Jacobster, AuD Board Certified in Audiology...


Once you get someone help, do you stick by them while in treatment or wait for them to come back?

A: bleedingsun44,   It appears you are gettting close to a point when you may have to step away for your own well being.  All of the issues seem to be taking their toll on you.  You need to talk to him about them.  Do not be afraid to tell him how his behavior affects you and there is no reason to allow it to continue.  Set boundries with him.  Do not tiptoe around because you believe he should be given some slack, until he has had treatment.  I can see there is only so much you will put up with.  Make him realize it also.   It seems someone needs to make him understand how serious his situation is.  He needs to invest himself in his treatment and needs a personal reason(s) to take a...


treatment Motivation

A: Eating disorder patients are among the most difficult patients for adoctor. While the majority of people with pathologic symptoms go to thedoctor with the aim of freeing themselves from their symptoms, and withstrong motivation for therapeutic change, eating disorder patients go tothe doctor with dubious intentions.When eating disorder patients visit the doctor they do not usually do soprimarily to ask the doctor to free them from the obsession due to weightand body image control that are their true pathological symptoms, but moreoften to be helped to regain the control that they think they have lost. In fact, when these people ask for a medical consultation they do not haveany real intention of giving up their weight control. They are in a blindalley and are very distressed by the idea of...

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