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Constant anxiety attacks?

A: 21 Mar 2012 Panic attacks are quite unpleasant (to say the least)!! See your doctor and explain what is going on, you may be prescribed a medication that can keep those panic attacks to a minimum. Best wishes, sweet lemon Votes:+0CommentVote upReport sweet lemon 21 Mar 2012I missed Celexa in your question, are you currently taking it? If you are and it''s not working re panic attacks TELL your doc! You may be switched meds, something that is better suited for quelling panic and anxiety. Add your Comment franklin8...21 Mar 2012 Dearmsi - If I remember correctly you are pregnant. Congrats. With pregnancy your hormones are in a uproar. It is no wonder you are having


How do I overcome some of the fears that trigger my anxiety attacks?

A: 17 Mar 2012 Hello tiffers2788. I would suggest therapy. Be it through a private therapist, or the reading route. You can learn and teach yourself, coping skills to deal with your anxiety, and all the baggage that come along with it, all available through your local library. (inexpensive to boot) The internet also offers your the world of knowledge, simply by as you just did, accessing a website. Best regards, pledge Votes:+2CommentVote upReport babyr052517 Mar 2012 Dear tiffers2788, I would have to agree with Pledge on seeking counseling or a therapist. You know I suffered with the exact same thing you are describing. My husband thought I was crazy. Well he thought I needed help, is what he thought. My friends, relatives, family, doctors, all suggested counseling...


Has anybody had good results with Lamictal against anxiety attacks?

A: 29 Feb 2012 I was put on lamictal, and it was the best med I have ever been on, which is very many, I ended up with a small rash so now I''m refused to be put on it again, I regret not ignoring the rash to see if it was something else, I have been put on a lot since, with not so much luck, lamictal was what I needed and now can''t have. So just to let you know my experience, give it a chance, if you react the way I did it will work wonders. My doc has me on seroquel xr I stopped it 5 days ago now, couldn''t handle what it did to my mind, but can say I didn''t need to take any of my 6 mg of Xanax while on it for anxiety, seroquel take away all anxiety , down side in my experience, it also took away everything else normal in my mind. Good...


What is a good home remedy for anxiety attacks?

A: SUGAR - avoid it, to reduce anxiety symptoms. The swings from high to low blood sugar result in corresponding mood swings. Sugar is not your friend. Eat complex carbohydrates instead. EXERCISE reduces anxiety. Is it because you are too pooped to worry? Who cares; it helps. Exercise has many other health benefits, too, so there is no way you can lose by trying it. Start easily and work up. simple. clean and tidy and with lots of sunshine and fresh air getting through the house. Drink lots of water, exercise regularly. Have some indoor plants. Take a walk sometimes. Jacob, You have already received several points of good advice for what might be called anxiety attacks, or "panic


I've been getting little anxiety attacks

A: You are having anxiety and panic attacks I would go see a psychiatrist and get put on some meds. sounds like mild panic attacks. next time you feel an attack try inhaling deep through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. try this and relax and your attacks should go away. sounds like you might have general anxiety disorder. even if you can''t take any meds, you should ask your family doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist, and they can give you some advice about how to manage it, or the psychiatrist and your GP can discuss what meds you might be able to take for anxiety that wouldn''t clash with the meds you''re on. good luck! yes...


Is it true that an anxiety attack can resemble a heart attack?

A: yes.... They really do suck I know... I hate them. i''ve ben told that too.....i''m inclined to belive it though, some of thoes are terriable....... Most 24yr olds, even grossly overweight ones, don''t get heart attacks(if that helps at ALL)...so...... Funny thing is, last night i, well.........yea, i''ve got this prob too.... sounds crazy, but count backwards from 100....seriously, it helps u get to the point when u can breath some...maybe u can go lay down if u can get up....ah im no good w/this kinda stuff as i dont deal well...turn on a CD or go2 youtube and find some nice music to help anxiety attack can have many of the same symptoms as a heart attack or other conditions. take it easy. get some air. i have suffered from


What Are the Different Treatments for anxiety attacks?

A: The main categories of treatment for anxiety attacks include medication and psychotherapy. Within the medication category, there are several options to treat anxiety attacks. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), which are antidepressants, are among the possible treatments. Doctors may prescribe serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), tricyclic antidepressants, and benzodiazepines, which are tranquilizers, as well. Psychotherapy treatment for anxiety attacks, however, is usually limited to two main types: cognitive and psychodynamic. SSRIs and MAOIs are both antidepressants...


Having an anxiety Attack?

A: If you are suffering from an anxiety attack you may not know it, especially if you have never had one before. You may feel like you are having a heart attack or simply have this nagging feeling that something is inexplicitly wrong. You may have a racing heart and pain and the chills, which can all, make you think that you are having a heart attack. If you are exhibiting any symptoms that could be a heart attack you should seek out professional medical attention to rule it out. You should never take these symptoms lightly. Once you have had an anxiety attack and know that it is not a heart attack you can start to look for anxiety remedies to help you through them. One part of being able to conquer


I think im having an anxiety attack?

A: First, relax. It''s the fear more than the actual attack that''s getting to you. Remember, there''s nothing to be afraid of. Life will go on. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths, and do something relaxing. Watch a relaxing show - a family show, or listen to some calm music. It works for me! BUT - Go see a doctor about this - You probably need therapy and/or medication to help with them. And they''re not your fault! Get help! Find a doctor or pharmacist. Pray! Try to relax and breathe with strong breaths. Sit still and try to calm down. Number one do you have a bood pressure cuff? Number 2 if not call the paramedics. The heart and lungs are the only losed circut in the body and if one shuts down the other one will to Chest pain, shortness of breath, and anxioty can be a heart attack waiting...


anxiety attacks feel like heart attacks?

A: Yeah, it can feel like a heart attack and any of your 5 senses can be warped. Since you are so young, you might ask if they will allow you to take some stress tabs with zinc, this would be natural alternative. I would hate to see you start this young on anti anxiety meds. The attacks are really terrifying and seem to run in families. You might could go to a doctor and get on some anti depressants, those can sometimes stop the attacks. If you do think a family member has these same attacks, ask this person what worked for them. The stress tabs with zinc are vitamins that help the nervous system and should be taken with a meal. Some of them cropping up now probably has to do with you going...

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