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How Can I Get anonymous hiv testing?

A: Being tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hiv) is important for anyone who is sexually active. The earlier hiv is caught, the earlier treatment can begin. Most people, however, are uncomfortable with going into a doctor''s office or clinic and giving their name, address, and phone number before being tested. Fortunately, there is an option that allows anyone to be tested in a very discrete way. anonymous hiv testing is one of the most popular testing methods because it guarantees complete anonymity for the patient. Many clinics offer this service, usually for free. Anyone who wants the anonymous

anonymous Hep A, B, and hiv testing.

A: You might want to ask AIDS Partnership Michigan about the hiv testing. They can probably refer you to confidential Hep testing (and vaccinations) as well....


How Do I Get Free hiv testing?

A: For anyone who is sexually active with multiple partners, having a periodic hiv test is essential. Even when both partners routinely practice safe sex, there is still the potential for some risk. Unfortunately, many people do not undergo hiv or STD testing for reasons related to cost or confidentiality. However, there are resources in many communities that make it possible to obtain free hiv testing that is also confidential. By and large the most common resource for free hiv testing is local health clinics that cater to people with limited incomes. Most major cities will have at least one free clinic, with many...

How Do I Choose the Best hiv testing Center?

A: Being tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hiv) can be frightening. Although testing is wise for anyone who believes they may have been exposed to the virus, going to an hiv testing center may be a difficult and scary process. By choosing an hiv testing center that is willing and capable of fulfilling a patient''s needs, the experience can be made much less stressful. While many general practitioners offer testing for sexually transmitted diseases, a person may not be comfortable visiting his usual family doctor for this test. Because exposure to the virus is often through sexual activity, a person seeking

Anyone who has had an hiv test..?

A: its just a blood test....but its not common to get it from a guy so dont freak until you know if you do or not.... For the record I have been knowingly hiv positive since July ‘05. Q:”What do they do, and how long does it take for the results to come in?” A: Go to a cdc (center for disease control) found in a health department for free anonymous testing. Either call and schedule a testing time or go in and wait. As far as the time it varies due to how far they must send off the sample or if they do the testing on site. Where I live it’s relatively slow, about two weeks. Q:”How do you deal with the fear?” A: Not knowing whether or not you have an STD or may be...


What is hiv testing?

A: hiv testing is done to determine whether or not someone is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hiv), the virus which causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Sexually active individuals, intravenous drug users, and health care workers should obtain hiv testing on a regular basis, ideally once a year. There are many different types of tests used to look for the presence of hiv in the body, and there are anonymous testing options for people who want to be tested, but are concerned about their privacy. There are three basic kinds of hiv

How long does an hiv test take?

A: Dear Wondering, It''s great that you''re planning ahead. At Columbia, the Gay Health Advocacy Project (GHAP) offers free confidential hiv testing to the entire Columbia University community. Walk-in hours are available each semester, so there''s no waiting time for appointments, with results generally back the next day. If you''re not at Columbia, and/or prefer anonymous hiv testing, try one of the city or state Department of Health (DOH) testing sites. For confidential and anonymous testing sites in the New York City area, call 800.TALK.hiv (825-5448), a service of...


hiv question*My bf is getting a hiv test(non-virgin)I am a virgin* and if he comes out positive is there any?

A: Yes. If, and that''s a big "if", your boyfriend has hiv, unprotected sex, vaginal ,oral or anal, exposes you to hiv. You''d need 12 condoms...lol. Why would children not be involved? There might be adoption as an option. I think it might be restricted to hiv+ children if it''s allowed at all. Condoms do a good job of protecting against hiv, and even if the condom breaks you have something like a 1% chance of getting hiv from an infected person each time you have unprotected sex. So if you''re careful, always use a condom (but never more than one) and are willing to take chances you can still have sex. him being hiv+ deff. doesnt...


hiv test

A: Hi There are some tests that can pick up hiv sooner than 3 months, though these are not offered as standard (sometimes they can give a wrong result). If you are concerned, then you can visit a testing centre for anonymous counseling - they will then tell you what to do and which test to have (I see you are in the Netherlands, so these centres will be available). Hope this helps - best wishes Ian...


hiv testing at Columbia: Can unaffiliated partners of students be tested?

A: Dear Reader, Kudos to you and your boyfriend for wanting to get tested for hiv! Since you''re a Columbia student, you can get tested for hiv at no additional cost through the Gay Health Advocacy Project (GHAP), a part of Health Services that serves the entire Columbia community. GHAP also tests partners of Columbia students, faculty, officers, and staff, so you and your boyfriend can go together. However, your counseling sessions are separate. GHAP''s hiv testing and counseling sessions take place in Primary Care Medical Services. The walk-in hiv antibody testing schedule varies each semester. To find out the current hours and location, as...

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