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What Are the Different Types of Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment?

A: Alcohol and drug addiction affects many people from all walks of life. In order to effectively eliminate the addiction, treatment is typically required. The different types of alcohol and drug addiction treatment include medications and behavior modification. Medications are used to ease cravings while behavior modification provides addicts with a way of emotionally coping with their addiction. If the alcoholism or drug abuse is severe, medications are used as the first step in a patient’s recovery. When an addicted person quits consuming drugs or alcohol, the body goes into a state of shock known as withdrawal. During this time, the body is cleansing itself of toxins in a process called detoxification, or detox....


What Is Alcohol Addiction Therapy?

A: People drink alcoholic beverages for a number of reasons. For some individuals, the reason is because they cannot stop or abstain. These people are commonly referred to as alcoholics and they may never be able to change their habits without assistance. Alcohol addiction therapy refers to a treatment strategy designed to help people with this type of problem. Many people fail to realize that alcoholism is a disease. Just as people cannot generally cure gonorrhea or heart disease without professional help, many are unable to overcome drinking problems without professional assistance. Alcohol addiction therapy is often called rehab. This term is a shortened form of the word “rehabilitation,” which means restoration. When a person gets


How many recover from alcohol and drug abuse annually?

A: Dear Stat-man, First, a couple of definitions and distinctions: "abuse" according to the American Psychiatric Association describes a pattern of use that causes impairment of social or occupational functioning. Compare that to "dependence," characterized by either tolerance (a need for increasing amounts of a drug, over time, to achieve the same effect) or withdrawal symptoms. "Addiction" is defined by compulsive use, a need to increase dosage over time, and symptoms of tolerance and withdrawal. Dependence and/or addiction may also be associated with continuing the drug abuse behavior despite suffering negative consequences. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 40 percent of those who entered a treatment facility in 2004...


What Is an Alcohol Withdrawal Seizure?

A: An alcohol withdrawal seizure is characterized by an abnormal disruption of the electrical activity inside of the brain as the direct result of abstaining from alcohol following a period of steady use. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome generally begin within several hours after drinking a final alcoholic beverage and, in some cases, may even occur several days after final consumption. Along with a list of other physical and behavioral symptoms that occur during alcohol detox, an alcohol withdrawal seizure is considered to be among the more dangerous and most severe. Seizures may also be experienced as a result of alcohol poisoning.. An alcohol withdrawal seizure differs from other types of seizures as this particular type begins primarily in the brain stem. While other seizures...


My 22 yr old son is an alcoholic.

A: Hi Terri, Where alcoholism is concerned it often does not help much to give the person information. The illness is so strong that nothing said means much when the compulsion to drink comes again. The mental obscession and physical compulsion combine to blank out the alcoholics mind to any good knowledge of their problem. This is why they often say a person must hit emotional bottom before they will get serious about recovery. When he realizes he must quit or die a slow death then he will be more willing to accept an unfavorable solution like AA. If he is truly alcoholic then he will not be able to quit for long on his own will power. His drinking will repeat itself every month and then the time may get less. I could only stay...


Alcoholic boyfriend

A: Hi Clara, If your relationship is going okay today then that is what matters most as none of us can predict the future precisely. Even if your boyfriend denies any alcoholism it may be that something else will separate you from him, we cannot know the future and it is better to practise keeping our thoughts in the present or very near future at least. If his drinking is a problem for you or for him then he needs to seek help. If he drinks and there are no negatives consequences then it may not matter so much. alcoholism and addiction to alcohol are characterized by the loss of control when drinking and the compulsion to drink. Also health problems, blackouts and problems with the law are common. If there are no...


How can you make an alcoholic get treatment, if they don't think they have a problem?

A: That is almost impossible. They first have to admit to being one. That''s the biggest part of the battle. Once they do realize it, then they have to WANT to work on it. I quit drinking 2-1/2 years ago. When I stopped, it was unplanned. I just didn''t feel like drinking. The program of alcoholics annonymous has your answer. They say that while it is difficult to convince someone they need help, if you enlist the help of another recovering alcoholic, you have a much better chance. No amount of talking about it from a friend or loved one usually will help, but another alcoholic can generally win the confidence of the man who still suffers in an hour or less. By disclosing his story, the recovering man can show the man that they are the same, and life can be better if he is willing to take...


What is the best way to get rid of alcoholism .if one is alciholic for 2 to 3 years?

A: Give your life to Jesus. get treatment at an inpatient treatment center, they will do the best job,self recovered alcoholics have much higher relapse rates. As an inpatient, you wiull be physically checked as well , after 2 to 3 years , significant liver damage may have already been done. alcoholism is a disease. There is no way to get rid of it. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. If you have a problem with alcohol, you need help. Contact your local crisis center or mental health professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. There is no shame in having a drinking problem. Millions of people have the same problem. It is a genetic disease that can be treated. treatment programs...


What to do with an alcoholic friend?

A: Greetings to you, Jonas.  I believe I hear your heart, and you are welcome to my time. You have written: >> G is a functioning alcoholic ... >> Her alcoholism isn"t so extreme that she can"t hold down a job, but G struggles to stay sober. Being literal minded, I wonder whether that means ?G? truly wants to stay sober and is desperately trying to do so but cannot or that other people struggle with the fact she drinks either as or whenever she does.  Either way, however, it is important for you and your wife-to-be and others to understand, and for ?G? to eventually discover for herself (with or without a little help) something she might already at least suspect: She cannot presently fathom the idea of living without alcohol or...


alcohol/marriage issues

A: Hello Dana, Thank you for your question.  Yes, marriage issues are a major phenomena in an alcoholic relationship.  Let me first explain to you what kind of an alcoholic your husband is and how you could help him and yourself in order to save your marriage. alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and lifelong disease.  It cannot be cured but can only be arrested by total abstinence.  The face of the alcoholic needs to be changed and the walls of denial must be broken down in order that alcoholics everywhere can receive proper diagnosis and treatment. By your description, your husband is what is called a ?functional alcoholic.? Functional alcoholics often go undetected because they do not fit the image of the...

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