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Is there outpatient treatment for alcoholism?

A: Yes there is outpatient treatment available for alcoholism. zin fact, today more people recieve outpatient than inpatient treatment. For some. inpatient is necessary. For others, outpatient is best. It depends on the person and how advanced their alcoholism is. Those with medical problems and few family or other support will do better in inpatient. Outpatient has some advantqages in that it is less expensive, one can live at home and go to treatment daily and even go to work and stay with their family. The key to getting the right treatment is to get a good assessment from an addiction professional and go with their recomendation. There are...


About de-addiction treatment

A: Good morning Sonu, and thank you for your question. As far as I know there are no adverse side effects associated with the de-addiction treatment program for alcoholism. However, since your father is a diabetic it would be more appropriate for you to consult with his physician. In any case your father should, as suggested in most de-activation programs, attend Alcoholics Anonymous after he leaves the treatment center. For your information; Stopping drinking is not a matter of willpower. alcoholism is a disease. Drinking alcoholically is but a symptom of a deeper underlying problem that an alcoholic must face up to in order for an alcoholic to recover. Without learning what that problem...


What is Alcoholic Rehabilitation?

A: The disease of alcoholism affects millions of people worldwide, often leading to severe legal, health, and personal problems. Those who wish to stop drinking and recover from their disease frequently seek help from alcoholic rehabilitation programs. There are many different forms an alcoholic rehabilitation program may take, including direct medical treatment, individual counseling sessions, inpatient rehabilitation, group therapy, or any combination of these options. A person with severe alcoholism may need to undergo a medical treatment known as detoxification. Medical doctors often administer drugs such as benzodiazepines and barbituates to remove alcohol from the body and lessen the...


Should I Drink Alcohol During Chemotherapy?

A: Although direct reactions are rare, it is generally not a good idea to drink alcohol during chemotherapy with any regularity. Very rarely, chemo drugs will have an adverse reaction, or drugs being taken with your treatment may cause reactions. People are also at a very high dehydration risk during treatment, and alcohol will only exacerbate the effects. Additionally, alcohol may increase gastrointestinal upset caused by chemotherapy, as it is a stomach irritant. The main reason you should avoid alcohol during chemotherapy is because there may be potential drug interactions. Although it is unlikely that the drugs being used for your chemo would directly be affected by alcohol consumption, you are probably on additional medications to help...



A: Unfortunately, a major roadblock stands in the way of help for most sufferers. It is called denial. The difficulty of admitting our problems is intrinsic to human nature. The stigma connected with out-of-control drinking stands in the way for many. No one wants to admit to what he or she is ashamed of.    Alcoholics and Addicts are very good at hiding their addiction.  Alcoholics sometimes drink vodka because it is odorless.  They put it in their coffee or soda can to hide it.  Usually you will find old and new bottles hidden around the house, in the wood piles, or out in the shop. No matter what you try to do or say if he uses he uses.  He will drink as long as he wants to drink.  When he is ready to stop he will stop.  It seems unfair that he...


Why 'avoid alcohol' during antibiotic treatment ?

A: Because you do not want to crash your car and waste all that expensive medicine If you''re sick enough to need antibiotics, you should probably focus on getting better. Although kidney damage from mixing antibiotics and alcohol is unlikely, the odds of liver damage are higher. Many antibiotics are broken down by the liver, and so is alcohol. Since the liver can only metabolize so much at one time, overloading it with antibiotics and alcohol increases the risk of liver damage. Importantly, anyone with a diagnosed liver condition, such as Hepatitis B or C, should not drink while taking antibiotics. Even without drinking, certain antibiotics can have some uncomfortable side effects. People who take an antibiotic called Flagyl (generic name: metronidazole) often experience nausea and...


I can't get my partner to get treatment with his alcoholism even tho tonight he was spewing up blood?

A: Try to get him hooked on some pain medicine and maybe he''ll forget about the alcohol. Does he have family that you could call so that they could come over and help. He needs an intervention. alcoholism and diabetes are not a good mix. I am surprised that you are even on the computer at the moment. Pour any alcohol left in his house down the drain for starters-and do it now. Call friends and family over now to help keep him under control and then maybe suggest taking turns makng sure he does not drink anymore, get him into AA, and checking in on him. Good luck and God Bless If you are tempted to drink then you need to take action. He won''t stop drinking while you are working/ fetching benfits for him, providing him with a home, feeding him etc. You are in a...



A: Greetings to you, Terry. You have written: >> I understand alcoholism/addiction is a disease ... Some folks do say that, but something like "two-fold malady" is actually more accurate: )1 a physical "allergy" due to some abnormal body chemistry that makes it impossible to control one"s drinking after her or she begins; 2) an emotional/mental obsession that drives him or her to nevertheless take the first drink. It has only been within the past fifty-or-so years that alcoholism has come to be called a disease so money could change hands during alleged "treatment" - doctors used to admit they could do virtually nothing for the alcoholic - and that change has not been good for the alcoholic....


Alcoholic sister - drunk driving accident

A: Hi Kathy, Most of the questions I get are from family members of alcoholics and addicts, and not from substance abusers themselves.  This fact helps to explain the nature of this disorder and how inescapable it appears to the users and their family members. This article I have been recommending all my questioners to read, to understand the addictive mentality in detail: http://www.bma-wellness.com/papers/addicts_dilemna.html There is a belief we tend to live by in our field, that alcoholics and addicts will have to suffer consequences in order to become "ready" to accept treatment and change.  Even when treated, there may not be sufficient motivation to embrace the sober lifestyle.  Substances are perceived as vital, like water, food, and...


What Are the Different Types of Alcohol Addiction Help?

A: There are many types of addiction help, and specifically alcohol addiction help. Which type of help an addict should use will depend on what best suits the addict''s personality and level of addiction. Seeing a primary care physician or addiction specialist, enrolling in outpatient or inpatient detox and treatment centers; getting therapy, and attending group meetings are some of the most common ways to get help with an alcohol addiction. One common place to go for alcohol addiction help is a primary care physician. The physician can assess the severity of the addiction and make recommended treatment plans. Depending on the severity of the problem he or she may be able to treat the addict directly, but more than likely the patient will be...

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