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What Are the Different Types of Alcohol Addiction treatment?

A: Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a disease in which an individual experiences an intense craving or compulsive need to consume alcohol. Effective alcohol addiction treatment programs often combine a variety of techniques, including medications to reduce craving. Psychological support methods, such as behavioral counseling, are also very commonly used in alcohol addiction treatment. Experts note that alcohol addiction is a very complex disease and that treatment should address all of the related social and emotional issues a patient may be experiencing, and not just the problem of alcohol use. There are currently several prescription medications that can be used in alcohol addiction


What Are the Different Types of treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

A: The only way to overcome alcohol abuse is to gain control over drinking. Any treatment for alcohol abuse has at its heart a basic philosophy about how to best give a person control. Some people find that therapy, either group or one-on-one, is highly effective, while others must enter a rehab program as treatment for alcohol abuse. It is even possible to use medications to help alleviate some of the effects of withdrawal from alcohol and other medicines to reduce the feelings that led to alcoholism in the first place. treatment for alcohol abuse can even be as simple as resolving to stop drinking, but most people find that support is an essential part of treatment. ...


What Should I Expect from Alcohol Rehabilitation?

A: Alcohol rehabilitation is the treatment for the physical and psychological addiction to alcohol. It begins with a physical detoxification to rid the body of alcohol, then uses counseling sessions to get to the root of behavioral or mental issues that contributed to alcohol dependency. The final part of the rehabilitation process is aftercare to help individuals acclimate into society without falling back into their addiction. treatment can take place on an outpatient or residential basis. An outpatient alcohol rehabilitation treatment is conducted during the day at a treatment center, then patients return home in the evening. It is usually for people with an alcohol problem that has not...


What Are the Different Methods of Treating alcoholism?

A: There are three major steps that an alcoholic must take to treat his or her alcoholism — completely quit drinking any form of alcoholic drink, detoxification, and finding a treatment regimen. The different methods of treating alcoholism, otherwise known as alcohol dependency and alcohol addiction, may be undertaken either as an outpatient or inpatient program. treatment methods often involve a drug or non-drug therapy as well as counseling and use of support groups. These methods may be combined depending on the magnitude and complexity of alcoholism a patient is experiencing. An outpatient program for treating alcoholism takes place...


alcohol addiction

A: Hello Radha, I understand your predicament.  An alcoholic will only seek help if he has a desire to stop drinking and your husband obviously has no intention to stop unless a miracle happens or he touches rock bottom.  I suggest you contact any AA group and request one of its members to come and have a friendly chat with your husband.  A recovering alcoholic is the best person to pass on the message.  Meanwhile, please contact the Al-Anon group which should also be there in your city since AA is existing.  Here you will meet like minded people and others who are in similar situation like yours.  Give it a start Radha, you never know when the message will get into your husband.  Trust in God and pray hard.  I"m sure you will come out a winner. ...


son is an alcoholic

A: Good afternoon Amy: Thank you for your follow-up question. I am sorry to hear that your son hasn?t done anything constructive about his drinking problem and I am especially sorry that you kept the news from your husband about your son at the time that it happened. You apparently allowed your emotions (about your son?s accident) to get the better of you, and you prayed that your husband wouldn?t find out. You did say that you live in a small town that ?everybody knows everybody?. So for sure he would have heard about it. Believe me when I say that your husband is hurting too, but men hurt in a way that most women can?t understand. It?s not that he doesn?t love his son, but he is disappointed not only in him but in himself, for thinking as you do, by failing at being a good father? the...


Alcohol addictions

A: Although not necessary for treatment of alcoholism, a variety of medications may be prescribed as part of treatment. Some may ease the transition to sobriety, while others cause physical hardship to result from the use of alcohol. In most cases, the desired effect is to have an alcoholic abstain from drinking. * Antabuse (disulfiram) prevents the elimination of (acetaldehyde), a chemical the body produces when breaking down ethanol. Acetaldehyde itself is the cause of many hang over symptoms from alcohol use. The overall effect is severe discomfort when alcohol is ingested: an extremely fast acting and long lasting uncomfortable hang over. This discourages an alcoholic from drinking in significant amounts while...


What Is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

A: Drug and alcohol detox is a treatment for people who have developed physical dependencies on drugs or alcohol. Cessation can cause serious symptoms and complications during the period known as withdrawal. A drug and alcohol detox provides medically supervised care during withdrawal to treat symptoms and stabilize patients. Detox can also be used for drugs associated only with psychological dependencies to create a structured environment for people who are quitting. For certain addictions, drug and alcohol detox in a clinical setting is critical. Withdrawal from alcohol, heroin, and certain other drugs can be deadly if conducted at home or in an unsupervised setting. During drug and alcohol detox, patients are monitored for signs of emerging complications and are...


What Are the Different Types of Alcohol Addiction Services?

A: There are several types of alcohol addiction services. They correspond to the stages of treatment and recovery for the illness. The process begins with assessment services to determine the appropriate treatment plan, which can include some form of residential treatment in a rehabilitation facility “rehab,” or outpatient treatment coupled with therapy and educational classes. There are also aftercare services following treatment to help the alcoholic stay in recovery, including groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which is available worldwide to offer continuing lifelong support to recovering alcoholics. The first step in recovering from an alcohol addiction is to...


What is Alcohol Detox?

A: Alcohol detox, sometimes called drying out, is the first step in ending addiction to alcohol. When people have been alcoholic, they frequently have extremely adverse physical reactions whey they stop drinking. Many people suffer from delirium tremens (DTs), which when not managed medically, has a high death rate. This is why most people undergoing alcohol detox do so at a hospital or at an alcohol or drug treatment center. During this process, medications are given to help people through the DTs and any adverse health effects can be carefully monitored and treated. There is possibility of alcohol detox causing seizures or extremely erratic behavior, so people need help during this time. Not everyone will require medical treatment for...

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