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How can a person get help for an alcohol problem?

A: There are many national and local resources that can help. The National Drug and Alcohol treatment Referral Routing Service provides a toll-free telephone number, 1-800-662-HELP (4357), offering various resource information. Through this service you can speak directly to a representative concerning substance abuse treatment, request printed material on alcohol or other drugs, or obtain local substance abuse treatment referral information in your State (see treatment Referral Information). Many people also find support groups a helpful aid to recovery. The following list includes a variety of resources: -Al-Anon/Alateen -Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) -National Association for Children of...

Functioning Alcoholics

A: Jenifer, Please understand as I preface my response by saying sometimes I get questions where I have to doubt the seriousness of the questioner.  Let me say there are some pranksters that like to have fun with free advice websites such as All Experts. I say this because I can"t imagine you and your boyfriend can call yourselves "functioning alcoholics" drinking the amount you do. Let me take some other points here, assuming the veracity of this message: 1) There is no "functional alcoholism."  It is just a matter of how much overuse of alcohol is negatively affecting someone"s life.  Just because someone has the external appearances intact (job, residence, car, money) doesn"t mean their use of alcohol is non-problematic. 2) You are not...


Alcohol Recovery and treatment

A: I guess you made a step in the right direction coming to AMHD. I cant specifically offer any advice to you because there is just so much advice out there for a person in your predicament. Common sense would dictate though that he not be anywhere near anyone who drinks and absolutely no alcohol in the house to tempt him. Here is a website that may help, and if this one doesnt, well there is lots if you google ''helping a recovering alcoholic''. He has made the first good step in seeking help for his problem. Six ways you can help an alcoholic family member. tick I beleive that most professionals advise to not treat the person any differently than you would had none of this occured. I think that is a wise approach. If you start babying him, or trying to avoid every little thing that may...


toronto addiction treatment

A: Have they read the "To The Agnostic" chapter in the Big Book? AA has less to do with finding God than it does with getting positive reinforcement and feedback from a group of people who have made a commitment to stop drinking. It''s all about replacing booze with the group until you''re clear-headed enough to not need the group. The God stuff is off-putting, sure, but so is cirrhosis. If he or she wants treatment, I suggest going to many different AA meetings until he or she finds one that de-emphasizes the God stuff. At the very least advise them that they should put in as much time getting sober as they did getting drunk. There''s a group called Rational Recovery specifically designed for atheist/agnostic alcoholics, and I like what they say, but...


What Is Residential treatment?

A: Most states and many regions of the world have different types of residential treatment centers. Unlike counseling and treatment sessions that are attended by appointment by outpatients during the day, residential therapy means that the patient lives on site. The patientís stay could be as short as a few days or as long as several months. The different types of residential treatment include mental health, adolescent, alcohol and drug. Some substance abuse treatment centers have residential therapy for both alcohol and drug addicts who want to quit. Other types of these centers are divided into separate residential treatment facilities. Drug residential rehabilitation...


Is alcoholism Really a Disease?

A: They call it a disease not to make excuses for people, but to emphasize how serious it is and how hard it is to overcome -- and also that you can''t ever get rid of the underlying condition. People who call it a disease believe that it is impossible for a drunk to ever be in control of alcohol, unless they stay away from it completely. Drunks feel sorry for themselves, and they make excuses -- any excuse they can think of. That might as well be part of the definition of active alcoholism. Don''t listen to them. Instead, ask a recovering alcoholic -- someone who has stopped drinking and is working to stay free of alcohol. They know that they are only one drink away from being overtaken by their disease. Support groups, 12-step programs and rehab centers have a high...


Where can I find Alcohol Rehab Centers?

A: Check our usdrugrehabcenters.com. It has a searched called CenterSearch which will allow you to search among 14,000 Alcohol and Drug rehab centers to find one close to you. It also has a lot of information about recovery and alcohol treatment centers in general. They say: ..is committed to providing the most comprehensive resources currently available for those in need of information on residential treatment programs and outpatient rehabilitation programs nation-wide....


kids, alcohol and the law

A:  I know it is agenst the law to supply alcohol to under 18''s. And i guess to a point it is child abuse. But parents are alowed to give there children alcohol and I guess depending on how much they give them is depending on if it is child abuse or not. If a parent gives them a small amount in a safe enviroment so they can experiance it safely then I think this is better then not giving them any and they experement in a unsafe enviroment excesive alcohol! Children will more then likely experement with alcohol wether we like it or not, we just have to help them know how to do it safely and how much they can handle! PARENTS should be giving there child information on how to look after them selves (not just alcohol but sex and drugs and other things as well) and not expecting schools,...


Can alcoholism be treated?

A: Yes, alcoholism can be treated. alcoholism treatment programs use both counseling and medications to help a person stop drinking. treatment has helped many people stop drinking and rebuild their lives....

What Are Common treatments for Insomnia?

A: Insomnia is a sleeping disorder in which an individual has trouble falling asleep or remaining asleep, resulting in daytime fatigue that can negatively impact many facets of life. The best treatments for insomnia depend on whether the condition is a symptom of another issue, such as a health problem or stimulant usage, or if it occurs on its own. If insomnia is secondary, or caused by another issue, treatment usually involves addressing that issue through medical intervention or the limitation of stimulating substances. In the case of primary insomnia, or sleep difficulty which is not caused by another issue, treatment often involves modifying sleep-related behavior to improve the individualís ability to sleep as...

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