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husband is an alcoholic

A: Good morning Claire and thank you for your question. The first thing that I would like to tell you is that if your husband is an alcoholic (as you described? and I think he is) all the begging in the world will not get him to stop drinking. You as his wife and he as the addicted alcoholic are beyond the point where you or he has control as to whether he drinks or not! Both you and he are totally powerless over his drinking. The second thing is that you should never, ever make any threats to him that you are not 100% sure that you intend to follow through with. Thirdly, you must always protect your child from the influence that your husband?s drinking will on him or her. To accomplish this you may have to get a restraining order to get him out of the house. If he refuses to go to a...


Relapsed Alcoholic Father

A: Good afternoon Yvonne: Thank you for your question. I will try my best to give you some information that may help you with your situation. It is important for you and ?his significant other? to remember ?IF DRINKING CAUSES PROBLEMS THEN IT IS A PROBLEM?! The fact that your father"s drinking has brought to the point that you ask me your question indicates that your father"s drinking is causing a problem. It"s no wonder that he is depressed, alcohol is a depressant and he is just driving himself further into deeper depression. Alcohol has the same chemical formula as ether (the old type of anesthesia) except that ether has the water removed. Plus your father is full of remorse and guilt for screwing up his life the way he has. In over 36 years of dealing with alcoholics I have never...


Alcoholic in family

A: Good afternoon Dianna: I apologize for not answering your question earlier, but we had a very bad rainstorm and I lost power for the past two days. In any case thank you for your question. Hopefully I will provide you with some information and options that may help you with your B-I-L"s drinking problem? and your sister"s apparent role as an ?enabler?. First let me say that it is of prime importance that your bil NOT be trusted to take care of the children. Your bil has as much control over his drinking as a pedophile has to not molest kids. I am not stating that your bil is a child molester but he should not be trusted to baby sit your sister"s grandchildren?to an alcoholic a drink may be the most important thing in the world to him at any given time. And it is usually at the most...


Re: alcoholism within family member

A: Good afternoon Caroline: Thank you for your question. I will do my best to help you with some information. First let me say?it is nowhere written, that I know of, that you must accept the unacceptable behavior of your mother-in-law. Her drinking is unacceptable behavior if it bothers you. Especially so if you have any children of your own, you are setting them up with a very poor power of example for them to see their grandmother drinking. They will think ?if grandma can drink so can I?. alcoholism is a family disease that affects everyone in the family. The drunks war cry usually is ?I"m not hurting anyone else but myself by my drinking?, little knowing the devastating effect that it has on all members of the family. ?Your husband? owes it to her to tell her...


alcoholism with friends

A: Good morning and thank you for your question. Below you will find 12 questions that can be used to determine whether your friend is having a problem or not. They must be answered truthfully in order for them to be meaningful. The questions are normally directed to the drinker, but if you think you know what your friend?s drinking pattern is you may find them interesting. But remember, your friend is the only one who can make the decision as to her being an alcoholic or not, enough to want to do anything about it. 1. Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days? 2. Do you wish that people would mind their own business about your drinking and stop telling you what to do? 3. Have you ever switched from one drink to another in the...


How Do I Choose the Best Alcohol Addiction treatment Center?

A: Choosing the best alcohol addiction treatment center can be a difficult task. There can be many to choose from and several considerations that must be taken. Some of these institutions may offer free or income-based services while others are profit-based, and the type of programs can differ by whom the facility treats. Follow-up and support programs may also be of concern and can affect the outcome of the process. A reputable rehabilitation program typically recognizes these concerns and will address them with all potential clients. Costs will vary among alcohol addiction treatment centers. Some may be quite expensive while others can offer discounted rates. Free or income-sensitive centers can require the individual be placed on a waiting...


alcoholism?! Help!!!?

A: I don''t know about this Ask them if they could share any of their experiences with alcohol? bring in a alcohol chart with age and body weight and have the class find out what is their limit so that they do not get alki poisoning Does Alchol kill? yes or no? Explain how you know. you could ask them if they''ve had any problems with alcoholism, what part alcohol plays in their communities, what they think is the right path to take concerning drinking alcohol and what could would they do when confronted with Ellen''s situation? just a few thoughts. How do you think Ellen felt when her father passed away? What do you think about Alcohol and the effects it has on people? That''s all I can think of... but, best of luck to you. Ask them what their favorite drink is :)...


How is alcoholism treated?

A: treatment for alcoholism can be different for each person. If the person has a serious physical illness due to the alcohol, he or she must get medical care right away. treatment often begins with ''detox,'' or detoxification, which is the body''s withdrawal from alcohol. After the body is clean of alcohol, the alcoholic enters a counseling program. The goal of counseling is to help the alcoholic face emotional issues that lead to drinking and to learn ways to stop drinking. Medications may be given to curb a physical craving for alcohol. treatment programs can last from a few weeks to years. Places for treatment include hospitals, live-in

How Effective Is Rehabilitation for alcoholism?

A: The effectiveness of rehabilitation for alcoholism is a topic of debate, as it is very hard to pin down accurate statistics to provide a meaningful picture. It is generally agreed that alcoholism is with people for life and an effective program creates permanent changes to help people abstain from alcohol and avoid relapses, but does not achieve a cure. While some programs may boast very high success rates, like 90 to 95 percent, the truth is usually more complicated. When measuring the effectiveness of rehabilitation for alcoholism, one complication is what “success” means. Various researchers define this differently. Someone who leaves an alcohol treatment program and does not relapse in...


Is my boyfriend an alcoholic?

A: . I am concerned about the "can`t leave him because ..." thinking. It is not pleasant when you are trapped. My opinion? When drinking poisons a relationship - your words - it`s out of control. You need to sit him down and talk to him or talk to him and a Physician before you bring a child into this problem.. While I can`t specifically advise whether a drinking problem exists in his particular case let me provide some examples that frequently appear in those where a problem has been shown to exist. (these behaviors are drawn from years of treatment experience). 1) Family history of alcohol problems. 2) Daily drinking to excess (excess is my term and admittedly subjective) even without loss of productivity. 3) Cutting back or quitting for a short time "to...

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