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Need Possible alcoholism treatment Tips!!!

A: Hello Jish, I apologize that this response is so late. I''ll provide some information in the hope that it will be useful to you and to others who may read your post. You are aware of the issue of alcoholism running in families. There can be genetic influence, and there can also be environmental influence through coping with styles of family pathology. You describe many difficulties within your family system, and you may not be fully aware of how the childhood abuse can seriously affect your current issue. A rehab program probably would be the best approach for you, if you are willing to do it. While you don''t feel that wine and beer are problems for you because you haven''t taken them to the point of drunkenness, they may in fact be substitutes and still a large...


How much does alcohol treatment usually cost, and does insurance cover this?

A: alcohol and treatment,well yes pretty much all insurance plans have a listing of providers.if i were you i`d give my insurance co. a call and ask for rehab providers ,and ask if thier is a co-pay,also not to be so straight forward,but are you sure he wants help i hope so for both of yalls sake,and the reason i say this is because if he does'nt have the desire to really stop it will be a loss of time.god bless girl.you can email me if youd like some support.BEEN THIER DONE THAT.ramirez.25@sbcglobal.net...

My son is undergoing alcoholism treatment.

A: Eventually family members will get depressed and you may feel bad while you take care of the persons suffering from alcoholism. You can distract yourself in between and also can join some support groups and can understand the way to care about your son and to take care of yourself from other people. Talk to your doctor regarding this and join a self-support group....


How can i get myself supporting with alcoholism treatment

A: You can join any of the support groups like AA. This can help to know about the relapses, coping, and also to cope with the same. Consult with your doctor and follow on his advice over this....


What is the medical cure for alcoholism.......?

A: Whiskey. *Hiccup* Well try staying away from it. Like parties and don''t buy it! Also don''t go to a bar because it wont help you either. There is no "cure" for alcoholism. There are treatments. Antabuse was mentioned as one of them and there are some other medications on the market that are used to help curb cravings for alcohol but nothing that will ever cure the disease. To treat alcoholism (besides rehab) there are outpatient groups, psychiatrists that specialize in addictions, support groups other than AA (i.e. Moderation Management - but do know that founder of that particular movement did relapse and kill two people because she was driving while intoxicated. She later said that AA was the way to...


What Is the Best treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

A: The best treatment for alcohol addiction is the one that works. Exactly what that is depends on each individual, and there are several treatments that may help end physical and emotional addiction to this powerful drug. Just as important as a specific treatment may be the individualís desire to quit drinking. Without strong motivation, many people return to drinking because they donít have sufficient willpower, support, or the readiness to abstain. When an alcoholic has the motivation to succeed, there are a number of treatments that have all been shown to be useful. Initial treatment for alcohol addiction means quitting drinking in some sort of protected...


How Do I Find treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

A: There are numerous ways to find treatment for alcohol abuse, and many of them are no more than a phone call or an Internet search away. In most communities, one of the most accessible treatments is a variety of 12-step programs, which are often run by the organization Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However there are plenty of other treatment programs and severity of alcoholism may help determine which one is most beneficial. First, it is very important that people consider the degree of alcohol addiction. Those who occasionally binge drink are not the same as those who routinely drink lots of alcohol and need it to survive the day. Alcohol addiction poses several problems. Detoxing from this...


disparing wife and children of a alcoholic.

A: Good afternoon Lesley,and thank you for your question. I hope that my answer will in some way help you out of your situation.  What I have to say is also meant to apply to your children, where applicable. Yes, alcoholism can destroy the family unit, but (and it?s a big BUT) you have to understand that you are totally powerless over your husband?s drinking. You must stop trying to control something that you cannot control. If you chose, you and your teenage children can get help for yourselves by attending Al-Anon and Al-Ateen meetings. You may not be able to do anything about your husband?s drinking but you can do something about the problem that has developed in your lives by having an alcoholic in it. At Alanon and Al-Ateen meetings you will find out what...


Alcohol endangerment

A: Good afternoon ACJ: Thank you for your question. I will try to give you some information that will at least start you off in the right direction. Let me first say ?If drinking causes problems then? IT IS A PROBLEM!? The fact that you are that concerned about your husband"s drinking makes it a problem with your marriage. As you already know, by your class on alcoholism, it is very easy for those who are close to an alcoholic to become an ?enabler?. Never-the-less, you may need some reminding to determine if in your own way you are still enabling your husband"s alcoholism. Are you the kind of person who is enabling your husband by allowing him to continue drinking and not holding him responsible for all of his un-acceptable behavior?...

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