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A: Good afternoon Jody: Thank you for your question. First off; your boyfriend should not try to stop smoking at the same time as he stops drinking. ?First things first?.  Also, it is natural for an alcoholic to be filled with guilt and remorse after each episode of drinking to excess. You do know that alcohol is a depressant, and the longer and more he drinks so will his depressions intensify. I hope that you seriously consider; the decision you make regarding your future with your boyfriend (I assume since he has only been in the country for 3.5 years) of only a short period of time as being one of the most important decisions that you will make in your lifetime! Since you presently have only a relatively short period of time...


How to Overcome alcohol dependence

A: alcoholism is a disease that affects one in thirteen Americans. The effects of alcohol are far-reaching and can wreak havoc on a person''s personal and professional life. alcoholism has no cure, but can be treated in a variety of ways. There are several steps that a person can take to end his dependence upon alcohol and begin to rebuild his life....


How to stay in and when to leave a relationship with an alcohol dependent partner.

A: Beverley Glazer MA. IC Hi Danielle, I understand the turmoil that you"re going through -- particularly when you know that your boyfriend needs you. But you"ve answered all your own questions. It"s just difficult not to feel guilty about leaving. alcoholics usually get involved in codependent relationships. They say the right things to their partners to keep them, but will manipulate the situation and do what they like. Here"s more information: http://www.untwist-your-thinking.com/codependency_relationship.html There are also books on codpendency that can help you. You"ve done the most that you can do for him. He"s gotten the right type of counselor, he can go to AA meetings and get a sponsor etc., but if he"s lying, he"s not serious about making...


When do the symptoms of alcohol dependence show up in a person?

A: Guess your boyfriend’s family have the alcoholism disease leading to be dependent of alcohol. It has been roughly calculated that alcohol dependence starts up at the age of 21-22 years. And when he shows up symptoms you can consult with his doctor and can be get treated if it has been diagnosed earlier....


Does alcohol abuse equate to alcohol dependence?

A: An alcoholic is someone addicted to alcohol. Your friend, if he drinks a few times a year and isn''t constantly craving/needing alcohol, is not. What your friend is, apparently, is simply an asshole when drunk. That''s got nothing to do with alcoholism....


alcohol dependancy

A: Hi Ivy, You"re husband may be right. He probably feels the withdrawal symptoms and they can be very frightening. There are many treatments available for addiction: http://www.untwist-your-thinking.com/treatment-available.html The most important thing is that he have follow-up after rehab, to stay on track. If your husband has so much alcohol in his system, that when he slows down he starts to shake, he has to be detoxed to get the alcohol out of his system. This should be under the supervision of a medical professional. Detox is often done before rehab, unless the rehab has a detox facility as well. I hope your husband makes the decision to quit drinking, because his addiction is extremely dangerous and it"s slowly...


alcoholic Dependent Boyfriend

A: Beverley Glazer MA., I Hi Leisa, --You"re right Leisa. alcoholics will lie and do anything they can to get what they want, but they don"t usually accuse a girlfriend of 13 years of having a sex change. Whether the alcohol has "affected his mind" could be possible, however you told him that you want nothing to do with him, and you do not have to feel guilty about it. He needs help for addiction, but at this point, this should not be your concern. Many alcoholics get involved in codependent relationships and yours may be one of them. Here"s more information on that: http://www.untwist-your-thinking.com/how-to-break-up.html There are 12 step groups for codependency or addiction counselors who can help...


  Could you please give me the definitions/description and the differencesbetweenalcohol abuse vs. alcohol dependence?

A: When a person continues alcohol use despite social,interpersonal and legal problems it is alcoholabuse,whereas people who have alcohol dependence meet the criteria for alcohol abuse and meet the followingcriteria as well,1.Drink more than intended2.Prefer alcohol over other activities3.Experience withdrawal symptoms when reduce the quantity or stop alcohol4.gradually require increasing amounts to produce the same high.5.a return to drinking after abstinence....


it''s hard to show my boyfriend affection or have sex unless i''m drinking but i love him very much. am i an alcoholic or alcohol dependent?

A: Sounds like alcohol is a problem in your life. Go to your local addiction counselling office and talk to them about it. Sounds like you are a very shy person and you like drinking because it gives you confidence. Maybe stop drinking and go to some self esteem building classes, then you won''t need drink and you won''t have anymore drink induced episodes that make you cringe. By realising you dont need drink to be confident, will give you a wee confidence boost in its self :) don''t put all the blame on alcohol. honestly, don''t take this the wrong way....i think that you might have the problem of dating boys for the sake of dating them. i did the same thing for half my life. you might think you like/love them alot but in reality, you don''t...


alcohol dependence

A: Hello Alexa, First of all, it is a very healthy sign for you that you are seeking help to directly address your boyfrind"s alcohol problem. Many people in your situation avoid dealing with such an issue. But, I must say that it is a difficult task to try to "make your boyfriend see he has a problem." Denial in an alcoholic (assuming your boyfriend is an alcoholic: tension in a relationship around drinking, drinking in the face of adverse consequences, and defensiveness when confronted about drinking are all signs of a problem) is very powerful. The most you can do is, caringly, when he is sober, clearly state the facts supporting your position that his drinking is a problem, and then, if you are ready to do so,...

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