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What do you consider worse Marijuana abuse or alcohol abuse?

A: alcohol! Marijuana is a plant. alcohol alcohol for sure. People can function when they smoke pot. Drunks can''t. I still can''t figure out why alcohol isn''t the one that''s illegal. alcohol because it stays in your system [well, the effects of it, at least] for longer as well as it destroys your kidneys along with your brain cells, when pot only kills the brain cells. And the lungs, I guess. But the kidneys will go with excessive drinking before the lungs with excessive post-smoking. They''re both stupid. Don''t do either. Or just drink socially in small amounts when you''re of age. alcohol abuse is much...


How Do I Find Treatment for alcohol abuse?

A: There are numerous ways to find treatment for alcohol abuse, and many of them are no more than a phone call or an Internet search away. In most communities, one of the most accessible treatments is a variety of 12-step programs, which are often run by the organization alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However there are plenty of other treatment programs and severity of alcoholism may help determine which one is most beneficial. First, it is very important that people consider the degree of alcohol addiction. Those who occasionally binge drink are not the same as those who routinely drink lots of alcohol and need it to survive the day.


What Are the Different Types of Treatment for alcohol abuse?

A: The only way to overcome alcohol abuse is to gain control over drinking. Any treatment for alcohol abuse has at its heart a basic philosophy about how to best give a person control. Some people find that therapy, either group or one-on-one, is highly effective, while others must enter a rehab program as treatment for alcohol abuse. It is even possible to use medications to help alleviate some of the effects of withdrawal from alcohol and other medicines to reduce the feelings that led to alcoholism in the first place. Treatment for alcohol


Do you think there are there long term health issues resulting from ''casual'' alcohol abuse?

A: Short term drinking can be even deadlier than long term drinking. For some reason people believe that drinking and getting drunk is safe, it is not. You run the chance of death, or getting in an accident and never being the same. My spouse and I know 2 people that drank in college and that ''one night of drinking changed their life forever. One is in a wheelchair still from an accident. The other was in a coma for weeks and spent the next year trying to learn how to talk and walk again. He is still not the same and can not hold a job. There can be long term effects from drinking alcohol casually, as well. My Mom was recently diagnosed with severe bipolar and dementia. Her condition is so bad and is progressing so quickly, she is now housed in a nursing home, in a...


How to Deal With Withdrawal Symptoms of alcohol abuse

A: A person who abuses alcohol is most likely not physically addicted to alcohol but often engages in problem drinking behaviors, according to MedlinePlus. Behaviors include missing work or school because of drinking, experiencing alcohol withdrawal or hangover symptoms, having relationship problems and experiencing legal or health problems because of continued alcohol abuse. Withdrawal symptoms might require the help of a professional detox center or hospital depending on the extent of the abuse. Withdrawal symptoms usually begin within five to 10 hours of having the last drink....


Name 2 diseases caused by alcohol abuse?

A: Getting Married Catching STD alcoholism and Hep C Cirrhosis Heart Failure alcohol poisoning alcoholism Feotal alcohol syndrome,baby underweight at birth (premmie),very ill. Cirrhosis.(scarring of liver,resulting in death of hepatic tissue therefore function. liver disease Hepatitis CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER HYPERTENSION there is no high risk if he take less alcohol, but if it is above the limit, 1) lost his diginity 2) no respect even his own children 3) the life days are counted to faster. think twice about his family and this beautiful world. Cirrhosis Fetal alcohol Syndrome You ask your question directly out of the test paper. Research is...


How to Educate Teenagers About alcohol abuse

A: Talking to teenagers about alcohol abuse can be a touchy subject, especially when there are so many negative influences on television and from other media sources. Educating teenagers properly about the dangers of alcohol abuse is important to prevent drunken driving, alcoholism and unwise decisions. Allow teenagers to ask questions about alcohol, and explain that drinking responsibly, if the decision to drink comes up, is the smart way to go....


How to Overcome alcohol abuse

A: Like any addiction, alcoholism and alcohol abuse can be challenging to overcome, although there are ways you can increase your chances, including mental preparation and getting support. No matter how serious the alcohol abuse has become, it is possible to recover completely, although this requires complete dedication from the affected individual. According to HelpGuide.org, drinking problems can have a number of causes, such as social, environment and mental health issues....


How many Americans suffer from alcohol abuse?

A: Bureau of alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), in 2000, estimated that 14 million U.S. residents suffer from alcohol abuse and dependence, and 76 million are affected by the alcoholism of a family member....


How to Prevent alcohol abuse in College

A: With all the newfound freedom that comes with the college experience, it''s easy to take the sudden increase in independence a bit too far -- especially when confronted with a culture that promotes parties and drinking. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance abuse at Columbia University, more than 49 percent of college students ages 18 to 22 drink. There are numerous reasons why, from peer pressure, to the stress of all that coursework, to simple cases of not knowing personal limits. Regardless, knowing how to recognize a serious drinking problem can help to prevent alcohol abuse in college....

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