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What Are adrenal tumors?

A: adrenal tumors are tumors of the adrenal glands that arise from the cortex or the medulla, two parts of the glands. adrenal tumors are formed when excess secretions of hormones occur. The adrenal cortex can produce an excess of aldosterone and steroid hormones, and the adrenal medulla can produce too many catecholamines. These excess secretions form adrenal tumors, which can be either benign or malignant, but it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. The two adrenal glands are located just above the kidneys...

What is an adrenal tumor?

A: An adrenal tumor is a tumor located in one of the adrenal glands. Many adrenal tumors are benign, sometimes only being diagnosed as part of an examination or imaging study for another condition. There are several treatment approaches for adrenal tumors, depending on the precise location of the tumor and its grade. In some cases, the tumor may be left alone and monitored, while in other instances, it may be necessary to excise the tumor. The adrenal glands can be found sitting on top of the...

adrenal tumor question

A: His treatments are new and experimental. There is yet no sure experience of results from these therapies so it is hard to give advice here, but I agree with those drs. that think that the adrenal tumor showing no certain response should be eliminated in some way. It is most uncertain if that will be of any help but still that is the only advice I can give in this uncertain situation.  ...


RE: adrenal tumor tissue

A: Hello Holly: One of the causes of Cushings Syndrome is a functional adrenal tumor which produces excess of hormones. This tumor can be a benign adenoma or a carcinoma. A benign tumour rarely measures more than 5 cm and weighs upto 50 gm. A carcinoma can weigh upto 1000 gm. However exceptions do occur pituitary tumors and ectopic ACTH syndrome are linked to cushings syndrome. Multiple endocrine neoplasias are also implicated....

12 cm adrenal tumor on my right adrenal gland

A: Hi, I understand that you are worried . Normally , a general surgeon performs such surgery . But if you want youcan consult a urological surgeon for the same. As far as the life with one adrenal gland is concerned , youcan live a perfectly healthy life with one adrenal gland as you can with one kidney . MRI is reliable for thediagnosis . Please consult a general surgeon , endocrinologist and urological surgeon for the advice . Hopethis helps you . Take care and regards ! Wish you all the best !...

Has anyone been diagnosed with adrenal tumors?

A: hi,I had an adrenectomy because of 4cm tumor on my right adrenal gland. Iwas 225 before the surgery and now 2 yrs later 250 pounds. I am looking toget the surgery so even if you have an adrenal tumor doesnt mean you willloose weight....


too much glucose in urine - adrenal tumor

A: Well, if it quacks like a duck, and I have seen a duck, I think I would deduce that it''s a duck, even though I don''t see duck feces. There can be lots of reasons why a small nodule might not be viewed on one imaging set versus another. The resolution of the particular equipment used, the positional differentiation of the "slices"....and how much the docs know about the specific equipment and technicians running it. I think that the urinalysis results that you are giving are from a 24-hour collection. My question would be to you, during the 24-hour period in which you were tested, did you have any episodes of the palpitations with the associated pressure spike? And if you did, consider that these tests tend to average the output over a long period. If the duration of your...


Steroids affects on adrenal tumor

A: Hello -- The effects of steroids on a benign adrenal tumor could range from nothing to pretty much either end of the scale: a reduction in tumor size or provocation to grow more. It''s difficult to predict, because steroids can suppress production of adrenaline but since they duplicate the stress response in the body, they sometimes result in the release of additional cortisol, thence adrenaline. This could do nothing or possibly could stimulate the tumor to grow more. This is something that should be taken up directly with your endocrinologist, since the precise type of tumor, its size, and


I have been diagnosed with a benign tumor on my thyroid gland, could this turn malignant? I had an adrenalectomy last year in December, could there be a relationship between the adrenal tumor and the thyroid tumor?

A: There can be relationships between the two, as there are families that have tumors of both the adrenal glands and thyroid. These particular thyroid lesions are cancerous however; there are blood tests (genetic testing and other markers) to test for this if your endocrinologist is suspicious....


Elevated metanephrines, possible adrenal tumor?

A: Hello -- I think you''ve done your research and come to a pretty sound understanding of the possibiities. While there''s no certainty that there''s anything malignant going on, that should be eliminated as well. Your endocrine system is certainly out of balance, but since the cortisol is elevated the root problem may not be adrenal but pituitary instead. While some of what you describe does sound like pheochromocytoma, the elevated cortisol strongly suggests the underlying cause if further upstream. In any case you need to have a thorough endocrinological evaluation to determine just what is going on, and that should have been set up once the abnormal test results were returned, since they align well with your symptoms. I hope you will arrange for a consult with...

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