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adrenal GLAND

A: Addison''s disease. This article states: ''Your adrenal glands are located just above each of your two kidneys.These glands are part of your endocrine system, and they producehormones that give instructions to virtually every organ and tissue inyour body.'' if you have to see a endocrinology for adrenal gland dose that mean you have cancer...


Spironolactone vs. adrenal gland removal

A: Hi Fairycakes, This is a bit of a difficult question. If there is a good surgeon that is experienced in this type of surgery, having the surgery is potentially curative. The other perspective is that this is a surgery and there are certainly risks that go along with it. Taking the spironolactone may help but also is not without its side effects. My best advice to you is to talk with an endocrinologic surgeon about the procedure. This way you''ll get all the benefits and risks explained to you so you can make an informed decision. Best wishes....


What does pituitary gland do to control adrenals gland?

A: for all those people who put silly things on here and think its funny yall obviosly need to grow up and get a life some people care about there future and want to get good grades on there assement so for all of u wo do that stop cause no ones laughing...


adrenal glands and manic bipolar

A: Hello there   Honestly I do not know.  I have never heard of such a thing but I am not a doctor.    I am going to give you the link to our Bipolar site.  Perhaps someone there will know more.  I recommend that you discuss this concern with your mother in law''s doctors to find out.   I know thyroid problems can have an effect on mood but I am not sure if this is what you are talking about.   Thank you for your question....
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