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Is it possible to regain athletic fitness after the resection of left adrenal gland due to 8.2cm pheochromocytoma in it?

A: Anything is possible with faith and perseverance. I''ve seen people over come more than that. i don''t know...i''m neither a doc or an athlete but i can tell you that people can do unbelievable things..amputees running, climbing, skiing, swimming. Our minds and willpower should never be underestimated. 8.2cm? Im not even sure what a py-whatever is but if you are saying you had a cancerous tumour of that size removed and you are alive and kickin anything is possible! hows your pancreas? 0.o what does that even mean? [ Reply ] That is a look generated by my eyes when considering your question. [ Reply ] Nope Do you say ''nope'' speaking from experience? [ Reply ] I am a professional [ Reply ]...


Is it common procedure in a kidney transplant, to remove the donors adrenal gland that sits over the donor kidney?

A: The adrenal gland stays in place during the donor operation and all attachments to the kidney are carefully clipped or cut....


I was having right side pain and my doctor ordered a CT scan which revealed a cyst on my liver and another on the left adrenal gland. Six months later a CT scan showed significant growth in the adrenal cyst and no cyst on the liver. I was sent to a surgeon who wants to do total left adrenalectomy. All my 24-hour urine tests have been normal as well as all my blood work. Do I really need a total adrenalectomy? I have no pain, no hypertension, no symptoms of Cushing or Conn''s. I would not mind a biopsy or removal of tumor, but am really reluctant to have total adrenal gland removal.

A: This is a pretty classic conundrum in patients with adrenal masses, as things can look pretty suspicious on scans and end up benign when they''re looked at under the microscope (and vice versa). In similar cases we tend to discuss the pros & cons with both surgery and Endocrinology prior to committing the patient to surgery. I''d recommend seeing an endocrinologist who specializes in adrenal abnormalities to get a better idea of the risks and benefits of surgery versus close ''watchful waiting'' with scans and monitoring....


adrenal gland problems causing flu like symptoms?

A: I would also like to add that i have been checked for mono and my white blood cell count is normal. I''ve also had a ct scan done of my brain and sinus. That is another reason i am rather confused about the constant fevers i''ve been getting for 3 months, because my doctor tells me that there is no infection in my body. They never reach over 101 degrees though. ok thank you once again for responding. Hello, I am not an expert here by any means but I do have a question. You mentioned your weight problem but didn''t say if it was underweight or overweight. Most commonly it is weight loss that is associated with adrenal insufficiency and this is often due to anorexia or dehydration. I am not familiar with other weight issues surrounding this condition. Fever is...


Do adrenal glands regulate the pitutary glands?

A: The other way around. The pituitary is in charge. But there is feedback : adrenals to hypothalamus to pituitary to adrenals....

Question about the adrenal glands

A: If her cortisol level was low, it needs to be investigated with a stim test. Don''t wait and ignore this, get it tested and if necessary treated. Cortisol does have an impact on the thyroid but I am not sure in what way. I do know that ideally you treat the adrenals before the thyroid if both are present at the time of dx. Please get a stim test done and let me know the results. I have a six year old with adrenal problems, I fully understand the frustration that goes into getting a dx, he has recently been started on prednisolone to help his symptoms. It sounds like your daughter may be developing polyglandular Type 1, when they draw bloods, get her calcium levels and B12 levels checked as this can also be common...


Shock the adrenal gland

A: Please do not let your wife do this or see this doctor again! How long has she been on steriods? Was she diagnosed with addisons? A person has to be slowly tapered from steriods. By 2.5mg at a time maybe every 2 to 4 weeks. I tried for a year to get mine to start working again, but it didn''t work for me. It does work for some. This is shocking....Wanda She does have Addisons and has been on strtoids for about 4 years. She went in for a level and her level was good for once and the doctor thought that maybe he could get the gland working again. She takes 20mg a day so this is a pretty big change. She also has Epilepsy, which makes it tough when her level is low. I appreciate the input. Our problem is that there are not may Endo''s in our City. Two groups...


What Could A Mass On Top Of You Left adrenal gland Be?

A: It could be a tumor, a cyst, or a sac of adrenal fluid, even a kidney stone....

? can a person who has had bc once-( had a lumpectomy) had rad but NO chemo was done originally and the bc comes back, can another lumpectomy be done followed by chemo? also you mentioned in 1 of your answers that doing a bx of the adrenal gland is FAR trickier that having a double mastectomy? i thought a single mastectomy was considered a major surgery in which lots of things are tricky? is a mast. either single or double no longer considered a major operation?

A: mastectomy surgery is not considered anymore to be major surgery. that''s why some places do it as ambulatory surgery actually. it doesn''t involved going into the abdominal or thoracic cavity. adrenal surgery does. once a breast has a been radiated it cannot be radiated again so lumpectomy is not to be done a second time--- mastectomy is to be done. chemo has nothing to do with local recurrence in the breast. it is to address the possibility of cancer cells traveling elsewhere....
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