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Where is the adrenal gland?

A: ... situated atop each kidney....


Where is the adrenal gland located?

A: ... situated atop each kidney ......


What occurs when epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine are secreted from the adrenal gland?

A: The release of these hormones is stimulated when an animal is excited or frightened, causing increased heart rate, increased blood flow to the muscles, elevated blood sugar, dilation of the pupils of the eyes, and other changes that increase the body''s ability to meet sudden emergencies....


What effect do Lupron injections have on the adrenal gland?

A: Do some research about lupron, there is alot of information on the internet. Google lupronvictimshub where there is lots of infomation.You can join and people will answer your questions,.....


How long can I expect my sister to live, she has Stage IV colon, lung, liver, adrenal gland cancer & small int

A: 1 month or less There is no way to be sure. The ticket will be punched when it''s time. She needs to follow her doctor''s advice. I''m hoping she also went for a second opinion. If she is fighting it, the outlook improves. As for any idiot that tells you something like ''one month'' without knowing your sister, we can only say that his lack of compassion is showing his lack of intellect. check out this research group they have a message board you can use http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/ listen to the dr.s and although they wont ell you evrything take what they tell you and research it on the net. i feel deep sympothy for you my sister had a rare liver cancer at age 23 she found out and lived two years. she took treatments but it was incurable. best advise is pray to GOD and let him...


Are the kidneys inferior to the adrenal glands?

A: Yes. (And the adrenal glands are superior to the kidneys.)...


What are the functions of adrenal gland?

A: The adrenal gland consists of two main parts. The cortex and the medulla. And the cortex is divided into three layers of tissue, Zona glomerulosa, Zona fasciculata, and Zona reticularis....


I''ve been recently diagnosed with tumors on my kidney and adrenal gland. Did my diabetes cause this?

A: Dear wolfdawg, You mention that you take both oral medication and insulin for your diabetes. You probably have type 2 diabetes rather than Type 1. When I read some scientific literature regarding tumors of the kidney and adrenal gland, I found the following risk factors for developing kidney tumors: smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, long-term dialysis, a disease call Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, exposure to asbestos or cadmuim, and being male. You may have one of more of these risk factors. However, the exact cause of most of the tumors is not known. Good luck on your treatment....


Is it common procedure in a kidney transplant, to remove the donors adrenal gland that sits over the donor kidney?

A: The adrenal gland stays in place during the donor operation and all attachments to the kidney are carefully clipped or cut....


What may cause your sodium level to drop other than adrenal gland problem?

A: Your mother has a complicated medical history indeed. I will focus my answer on the sodium drop. If her doctor has been ordering regular sodium levels, then there is obviously some concern about these and there are also several possible reasons why her sodium continues to fluctuate so much. A decrease in sodium can be due to many things; these include diuretic drugs, kidney disease (such as your mother has), Addison’s disease, and diarrhea. Here is an excellent article on sodium test result (written for the lay-person). http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/so......

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