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Diagnosing renal failure: renal failure Ultrasound Characteristics

A: renal failure whether acute or chronic can strike anyone, at any age, at any time. It affects hundreds of million of people worldwide each year. Fortunately, because of improved understanding of the causes and course of renal failure, mortality has gone down from 90% to 50% in the recent years. To help the incidence go down even further, there are several initiatives that recommend for the early detection and prompt aggressive treatment of renal failure. This can be accomplished by having a thorough and accurate assessment through various diagnostic techniques in order to identify the individualís risk and possible...


The Most Common Causes of renal failure in Children

A: The kidney is the filtering system of the body, regulating the removal of wastes from the blood and sending it to the bladder for excretion via the urine. The kidneys also maintain the right balance of sodium and potassium in the body. It also helps in stabilizing blood pressure. According to the National Institutes for Health (NIH), about 1 to 2 chilfren in every 100,000 youngsters will suffer renal failure for different reasons. The most common causes of renal failure in children include genetic predisposition, birth defects, glomerular diseases, acute and chronic diseases, and urine reflux. renal failure among...


acute tubular necrosis?

A: Don: The whole idea of acute tubular necrosis is that it"s relatively short term, typically 1-3 weeks.  It doesn"t typically become chronic renal failure.  From your description, it"s debatable that you even have ATN. Dietary supplements may or may not have anything to do with this.  It depends in the quantity and type of supplements.  Usually, kidney problems are not caused by such supplements. It isn"t clear what you mean by sperm production.  If the sperm count is down, that means you had a semen analysis from a laboratory.  Or do you just think the semen volume is down? Varicoceles can cause some problems with sperm counts.  This should be checked by a urologist for...

How do I calculate residual renal function?

A: This paper states ” the standard method of quantifying residual renal function is by 24 h urine collection, calculating GFR as the mean of urea and creatinine clearance and normalizing to 1.73 m2 surface area. This method has been the most well studied in advanced renal failure both before starting dialysis and after starting CAPD [22]. ” to make it a bit easier… i would try this. Hope it works for you! :) Thank you @Dr_C. Even old questions bring on valuable information!...


Can kidney failure get cure by medicen?

A: THE BEST CURE IS "PRANAYAM" DO YOGA REGULARLY. NEVER TAKE THE RISK OF OPERATION PREFER DIALYSIS FIRST AND DO YOGA REGULARLY AND DEFINATELY U WILL BE CURED. AND BELIEVE IN GOD AND MAINTAIN UR DIET LIKE U HAVE U TAKE ONLY 2GRAM OF SALT IN UR FOOD, 500ML OF WATER IN A DAY, NO FRY FOOD NO OILY AND SPICY THINGS. GO TO AHMDEBAD(INDIA) THERE IS FAMOUS HOSPITAL OF KIDNEY. TAKE CARE well it depends on the time course of events..what we call acute renal failure occurs when there is a problem that develops over a few days sometimes over a few minutes...! it can get OK if the precipitating cause is removed and then the person gets fine...on the other hand a chronic renal


Improve renal Function

A: Dear pnranjith the medical problem your presented in this case, that is exacerbations of renal function is a very common complication in patients with hypertension and diabetes. In deed it is estimated that the majority of patients with both diabetes and hypertension will eventually present with acute renal failure and if diabetes/blood pressure are left uncontrolled, acute renal failure can progress to end stage renal disease. - assessing your dad''s case, i noticed that he is on insulin therapy for the management of his diabetes, suggessting that he is a type 1 diabetic patient. based on the...


When liver and kidney failure sets in because of alchoholism how bad is it?

A: Path of destruction has set in. Douse the patient in Milk Thistle.... There is proven data to show that it can stabalize severe liver disorders, especially from alchohol. for kidney, tons of Cranberry and Uva Ursi. (no sugar). Juice the cranberries yourself or get "Just Cranberry" one bottle every day from your local health store. Your life is worth it. Horrible. Kidney failure is a horrible disease. You have to go on dialysis, and those treatments are aweful... and you are stuck on a machine awaiting nothing, because you are not going to end up getting a liver and a kidney probably.... Liver failure can cause build up of bile acids = itching, problems with the clotting factors = bleeding.. etc. etc... You will have toxins...


What Are the Different Types of renal Disease?

A: renal disease is any type of disease that causes the kidneys to fail. There are several different types of renal disease. Kidney stones are the most common form of renal disease. A kidney stone is a small, hardened material that forms in the kidney. This may cause blood in the urine and pain in the back and stomach. One method of treating kidney stones is to let the stone eventually pass through the urine. The kidneys can also have simple benign cysts, composed of small fluid filled sacs. Eventually, the cysts may dissolve and usually do not require treatment. Hematuria, also known as blood in the urine, is a different renal problem. Blood in the urine is usually harmless and caused by...
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