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What Is The Life Expectancy Of acute Liver failure With No Medical..

A: acute liver failure is the sever damage to liver cells. This can cause hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma, renal failure and many more. At this stage prognosis is poor. With the symptoms of hepatic coma and renal failure 80% patient is almost dead. If patient is still not having these functions then liver transplant can work with good prognosis....


Is acute kidney failure reversible? Or does it mean a lifetime of dialysis or an organ transplant?

A: acute kidney failure is reversible, but may come back from time to time. chronic kidney failure progresses until there in no kidney function, and is not reversible. Some acute kidney conditions may be serious enough to requier periodic dialysis, and can become chronic, which leads only to end stage renal disease. once end stage is reached, dialysis is required until such time as a transplant is received....

renal failure+necrosis hip

A: Dear Azra, Yes there are remedies to help you feel better in the midst of all this. But recovery will take a long time and requires close monitoring by a professional homeopath who knows you case very well. It cannot be achieved though this forum, which offers advice of a more general nature. There are remedies like Symphytum, Nit-ac., Eup-p., Calc-p. that can be useful, but also many others that can also help. These may help with the bone and hip - the bone eroded due to the steroids most probably. There are remedies to help support the kidney but due to the serious condition you are in, I will not offer a guess as to which can be useful to you in case it causes an aggravation and there is nobody there to help you with it. If you can find a homeopath locally, seek one out for...


What Is The Life Expectancy Of acute Liver failure With No Medical Attention?

A: acute liver failure has symptoms like hepatic encephalopathy, cirrhosis and renal failure etc. This can be due to paracetamol toxicity, alcoholism or viral hepatitis. Only treatment is liver transplant. Even with liver transplant prognosis is not very good. If no treatment then death can occur any time usually between 8-28 days....

Types of renal failure

A: acute renal failure acute renal failure occurs to kidney failure that develops very suddenly. This leads to kidney dysfunction, resulting in an inability of the kidneys to produce concentrated urine and remove waste products from the blood. This condition has a number of causes. Autoimmune kidney disease Very low blood pressure caused by shock, dehydration, injury, surgery, serious illness and burns Severe kidney infections Conditions that damage the blood vessels leading to the kidneys Urinary system obstruction Pregnancy complications This type of kidney failure causes several symptoms. A...


what is renal failure

A: acute renal failure - Here it states:This topic provides information about sudden kidney failure. If you are looking for information about long-term kidney disease, see the topic Chronic Kidney Disease. What is acute renal failure?acute renal failure means that your kidneys have suddenly stopped working. Best wishes....


Rapidly Progressive renal failure: Causes and Treatments

A: Rapidly progressive renal failure, also known as acute renal failure or acute kidney failure, is a condition in which renal ability to refine unwanted metabolic byproducts from the blood deteriorates rapidly within days to weeks. This condition might occur as a result of blood flow reduction to the kidneys, which prevents urine flow from the kidneys. High levels of potassium in the blood and heart failure are several complications it may occur. You might suffer from this condition if both of your kidneys are infected....


prognosis for 84 yo male with renal failure due to diabetes

A: acute renal failure & Chronic kidney failure - I found these two articles for you. Have a nice day....


Why did my doctor prescribe metformin and Diovan HCT if they cause renal failure?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to answer your question because we can''t explain why the doctor chose those particular medications to treat your medical conditions. Metformin is primarily used to treat diabetes and Diovan HCT treats high blood pressure. Please look at the links below for more information. If you would like to try again or submit a new question please return to the Ask the Pharmacist page at http://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/. You can also find helpful information on Valsartan and metformin at http://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/hydrochlorothiazide-valsartan and http://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/metformin. Jennifer Carey, PharmD...


Do you treat a blunt trauma (nasty bump), to the diabetic leg in an elderly person with end stage renal failure, on dialysis, with hot or cold? Why

A: Hello,Thanks for bringing your question to dLife.Should you ice or heat an injury? Ice treatment is most commonly used for acute injuries. If you have a recent injury (within the last 48 hours) where swelling is a problem, you should treat with ice packs to minimize swelling around the injury. Heat treatments should be used for chronic conditions to help relax and loosen tissues, and to stimulate blood flow to the area. Check with your doctor for specific treatment for your injury.Take care....

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