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heart attack at 24. How bad was it ?

A: My question is : How bad was this attack(if it was an attack at all) ? ..attack) is always bad. It is a permanent damage to a specific part of the heart. Quite a few people told that at 24 an attack is difficult, even for people who are heavily overweight, drink and smoke a lot and eat a lot of non vegetarian. Dear all, Thanks for being patient. I actually went in for a 3D Cardiovascular Cartography. The reports are out. The problem is I do not know which values I should post :-( its a good 5+ page report. While undergoing the imagery, the doc said my heart is pretty normal and there are no clots as such (clots lesser than 20 % cant be detected, she said).and that the heart was normal. the EF is 60 % The abnormal values which are pointed out in the observation of the report are: TFF...


Thank goodness, I''m a pear

A: This thread is positively fruity. And what a pair . . . Oh . . . you wrote pear . . . nevermind . . . c''mere you you need to be pared by a pear ~~~~~~~~~~ Hey there LTX! you better head off to the New York thread - Noddy''s been makin'' ''spersions on your get-up. So, how do you get the ratio, and what ought it to be? (Looking down at fairly indented waist, and biggish hips......) dlowan - from the link Quote:In general, he said, people are regarded as being at low risk if their waist-to-hip ratio is less than 0.85 for women and 0.9 for men. The waist is measured between the top of the hip bone and the lower edge of the rib cage without clothing; the hips are measured over light clothing at the widest part of the buttocks. Dr. Sharma and colleagues showed last year with Interheart data...


Heart Attack ?

A: acute myocardial infarction (AMI or MI), commonly known as a heart attack, is a disease state that occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted. The resulting ischemia or oxygen shortage causes damage and potential death of heart tissue. It is a medical emergency, and the leading cause of death for both men and women all over the world.[1] Important risk factors are a previous history of vascular disease such as atherosclerotic coronary heart disease and/or angina, a previous heart attack or stroke, any previous episodes of abnormal heart rhythms or syncope, older age- especially men over 40 and women over 50, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, the abuse of certain illicit drugs, high...


I take 75mg of plavix per day. Will protonix have an affect on the plavix like prilosec or nexium?

A: Interactions between your selected drugs Hello, Monitor major omeprazole ↔ clopidogrel Applies to: Prilosec (omeprazole), Plavix (clopidogrel) GENERALLY AVOID: Coadministration with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) may reduce the cardioprotective effects of clopidogrel. The proposed mechanism is PPI inhibition of the CYP450 2C19-mediated metabolic bioactivation of clopidogrel. This is consistent with studies that reported decreased effectiveness of clopidogrel and poorer clinical outcome in patients who have common genetic polymorphisms of CYP450 2C19 resulting in reduced or absent enzyme activity. In a population-based nested case-control study among patients aged 66 years or older who started clopidogrel after treatment of acute


Can someone that takes medicine for high blood pressure take delsym?

A: Hello, Can you please the name the HBP medications he / she is on? so we can try to help you. One thing though, give us the full name of the medications please.-This is to check for any interactions.- Thank you. He is on Allopurinol Tab 300MG(takes once a day) and Lisinop/HCTZ Tab 20-12.5(takes twice a day). Thank you for all your help. If you need any other information, please let me know. maso4169Hello, You are wlcome.- Interactions between your selected drugs allopurinol ↔ lisinopril Applies to: allopurinol, lisinopril, hydrochlorothiazide/lisinopril MONITOR CLOSELY: Coadministration of allopurinol with angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors has been associated with a risk of severe hypersensitivity reactions, neutropenia, agranulocytosis, and serious infections. The...


Needing information on diabetes and heart disease

A: Ladyshark, I am sorry to hear of your sisters death. Could you please post the exact phrases used in her autopsy to describe the cause of the death. Thank you. Yes I can here is what it said was a 32 year old female with a long history of diabetes mellitus since age 5 who died suddenly and unexpectedly. She was status post cholecystectomy approximately one and a half weeks ago at Allan Memorial Hospital in Waterloo. The family consented to an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The family also consented to tissue donation. The autopsy is performed at 9:10 a.m. on 10/27/2003 with Tina Friday assisting. CAUSE OF DEATH: IMMEDIATE: LARGE ANTERIOR acute myocardial infarction. BASIC: SEVERE CORONARY ARTERY...


Define cardiac arrest, heart failure, heart attack. Thanks?

A: Heart failure with pain A CARDIAC ARREST, or circulatory arrest, is the abrupt cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively during systole.[1] The resulting lack of blood supply results in cell death from oxygen starvation. Cerebral hypoxia, or lack of oxygen supply to the brain, causes victims to lose consciousness and to stop breathing, which in turn causes the heart to stop. Brain damage is likely to occur after 3-4 minutes, except in cases of hypothermia. To improve survival and neurological recovery immediate response is paramount.[2] Cardiac arrest is a medical emergency that, in certain groups of patients, is potentially reversible if treated early enough. When cardiac arrest leads to death this is called sudden cardiac death...


Who else (besides Dr.) could I contact to review medicine list for adverse reactions?

A: My pharmacy gives me a printout of everything interactions,adverse reactions etc.Go to the pharmacy and bring the meds and ask for a printout most pharmacys have them,also you can go to barnes and nobles and look them up in nurse books or a Physicians Desk Reference.You can also type the drug in this site under interactions checker at the top of the web page and it will you can find out alot of info on the drugs, they usually have at least 4 different write-ups(professional,Concise,general etc,)Good Luck Thank you. I spoke with his visiting nurse and the pharmacy. I have the interaction print out too. Nurse thinks may be caused from low oxygen so we are checking that throughout today. Add your Comment Rajive GoelPlease mail me the list of meds that your dad takes, I could be of help,...


How to predict Heart attack?

A: Heart attack is not a hereditary, Prevention is better than cure so be aware of all the mostly often occurred diseases like BP, Diabetes and etc. So daily use to have physical exercise and proper diet food. But unfortunatelly once any one get heart attack then they must be very carefull. Talk to your doctor and get a good preventative regimen of treatment lined out. You cannot "PREDICT" a heart attack. all that cake and pie you eat, and the fact you sit on your lazy **** all day. also, cats and dogs always seem to know first theyll duck and cover suspect when, 1. Difficulty in breathing. 2. Difficulty in chest while climbing the steps or upward slope. 3. pain in chest or in limbs. 4. Heavy sweating. On checking, high bp high bs bad stress test confirmed blocking on angiography...


Does clopidogrel interact with proton pump inhibitors?

A: The SPC for clopidogrel [1] makes no mention of interactions.  Similarly, the FDA monograph (via drugs.com) also fails to mention an interaction [2]   However, a 2009 article in the CMAJ [3] “A population-based study of the drug interaction between proton pump inhibitors and clopidogrel” reported the following:   “Results: Among 13 636 patients prescribed clopidogrel following acute myocardial infarction, we identified 734 cases readmitted with myocardial infarction and 2057 controls. After extensive multivariable adjustment, current use of proton pump inhibitors was associated with an increased risk of re
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