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  why does edema occur with acute liver failure

A: Hello and welcome. acute liver failure is condition characterized by development of signs such as jaundiceand indicates that the liver has lost almost 60-80% of its functions.The complications are hepaticencephalopathy and impaired protein synthesis as indicated by low levels of albumin and prothrombin in theblood.Since albumin is synthesized in the liver when its synthesis is impaired it leads to hypoalbuminemia andcauses edema.Do keep us posted. Regards...


acute liver failure with PTB

A: Hello, What do you mean by PTB? Are you referring to pulmonary TB? If this is the case. Then the main problem now is the acute hepatic failure. It carries a very high risk of death. If he can survive this and his liver labs normalize then you can discuss the risks of anti-TB treatment. I agree with your doctor its a very dangerous case. acute liver failure is bad enough let alone when coexisting with pulmonary TB. Best regards,...


What Is The Life Expectancy Of acute liver failure With No Medical..

A: acute liver failure is the sever damage to liver cells. This can cause hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma, renal failure and many more. At this stage prognosis is poor. With the symptoms of hepatic coma and renal failure 80% patient is almost dead. If patient is still not having these functions then liver transplant can work with good prognosis....


What Is The Life Expectancy Of acute liver failure With No Medical Attention?

A: acute liver failure has symptoms like hepatic encephalopathy, cirrhosis and renal failure etc. This can be due to paracetamol toxicity, alcoholism or viral hepatitis. Only treatment is liver transplant. Even with liver transplant prognosis is not very good. If no treatment then death can occur any time usually between 8-28 days....

Anyone Know The Symptoms Of acute liver failure?

A: Death is natures way of telling us to slow down. http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/svc/alpha/l /liver/diseases/acute-liver-failure.htm hope that helps daffy The friend sounds very ill. If she refuses to go to hospital there is very little more you can do. As a diabetic alcoholic, she has been sailing too close to the wind for some time. Does she not have any family member who could persuade her to seek treatment? She may be in danger of dying or slipping into a come. She might have a stroke and live for the next few years paralised and helpless - too awful to contemplate. Sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like she has a serious illness but refuses to do anything about it. You could...


What Are the Causes of liver failure?

A: liver failure occurs when damage to the organ causes it to improperly function and shut down. acute liver failure is a sudden condition, often brought on by overdose or poisoning. Chronic liver failure is the result of a long-term, progressive degeneration, and is frequently caused by alcohol abuse, malnutrition, and cirrhosis. Other causes of liver failure include certain diseases, such as hepatitis and hemochromatosis.. Some causes of liver failure are sudden, one-time conditions that cause the organ to overload and...


What Are the Treatments for liver failure?

A: The treatments used for liver failure depend on what caused the liver problem in the first place. When an overdose of acetaminophen or wild mushroom is at fault, doctors may use medications to treat the patient and reverse liver impairment. Sometimes medications are also used to treat problems caused by liver failure, such as fluid buildup on the brain and severe bleeding. Unfortunately, some cases of liver failure are not reversible, and a liver transplant is the only answer for the patient. When a person is diagnosed with liver


If you overdose on medicine, how long does it usually take to show signs of liver failure

A: In acute liver failure, the organ fails quickly, sometimes in 48 hours, as opposed to the more usual forms of liver failure, caused by disease or alcoholism, which can take years to develop. Thanks!...

Can vancomycin cause acute renal failure?

A:  Vancomycin can be toxic to the kidneys, resulting in acute renal failure. Risk factors that can contribute to acute renal failure include hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, age, other medications, and low body muscle mass. The amount of vancomycin absorbed into the blood stream is dependent on dosage as well as other risk factors. Close monitoring of vancomycin blood serum levels (also known as serum trough levels) is recommended to prevent and identify acute renal failure at its onset. Discontinuation of vancomycin and the administration of IV fluids can allow the kidneys to clear the vancomycin...

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