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How is acute laryngitis caused?

A: acute laryngitis is often a secondary bacterial infection triggered by infecting agents causing such illnesses as colds, measles, whooping cough, or influenza....


Any homemade [or otherwise] remedies to help ease the dry/non-productive cough associated w/ acute laryngitis?

A: Go for a very brisk walk first thing in the morning take your Mucinex with a big glass of cranberry juice and a zinc supplement. Irrigate your sinuses and gargle with warm normal saline. Stay mobile during the day. About an hour before you're ready to go to sleep, take OTC Benadryl - it does a great job of drying up the PND, also a great cough suppressant. Sleep with your upper body elevated, not laying flat down. A warm compress on your chest will help, a heating pad on low will work. Regarding the non steroidal anti inflammatory, All Nsaids are about the same, which ever one you have on hand will do just fine, take it with food cause they are murder on the gut. Hope you feel better real soon....

Are there any unknown ways to cure laryngitis?

A: laryngitis is a condition in which the larynx is inflamed. The person suffering from the condition is generally afflicted with a hoarse voice or could completely lose his or her voice due to the irritation affecting the vocal cords. There are two types of laryngitis, acute or temporary and chronic. acute laryngitis lasts just for a few days, while chronic laryngitis may last for over three weeks. Upper respiratory infections like the common cold, caused by a viral infection, are the most common cause of temporary laryngitis. If the infection that is responsible for the condition is bacterial you would need to be...

How is chronic laryngitis diagnosed?

A: A medical doctor can usually identify laryngitis, whether acute or chronic, by the characteristic hoarseness of voice that it causes. Your doctor can also do a physical examination by performing a laryngoscopy, in which the inflamed tissue of the throat is analyzed using a mirror or a flexible viewing tube. Chronic laryngitis will be distinguished from acute laryngitis if you report being hoarse for over three weeks, at which point you may be referred to a specialist to help you with your condition....


What is laryngitis?

A: laryngitis is an inflammation of the part of the throat called the larynx or voice box. The larynx is located right above the trachea, where the lungs and throat meet. On either side of the larynx are two folds of skin called the vocal cords, which tighten or loosen to form recognizable speech and sounds. If you`ve ever stretched a balloon`s neck to make pitched squeaks, you can understand how these vocal cords work to create human speech.. Ordinarily, the vocal cords are coated with a thin, smooth layer of mucus to keep them lubricated. When the larynx becomes inflamed by a virus or bacterial infection, however, the cords swell up and the mucus may thin or dry out. The result is a hoarse or raspy voice, often accompanied by fever and a cough. Most cases of


I enjoy laryngitis, stipulation to be better by Tuesday! Anyone know of early home remedies?

A: laryngitis is another word for a sore throat. First you should rest your voice. Too much using of your larynx, increases the inflammation. dont talk, sing or shout for a couple of days. Gargle beside hot water to which turmeric powder is added. Do this atleast 4 times a year. You should feel better. I am putting a few home remedies which may support you. * Garlic is the most important remedy for sore throat. Chew some garlic pieces. * Add lemon liquid (from one lemon) some honey, to a glass of hot marine. Drink this. It will give instant relief from agony. * Gargle with thaw salt river. It is the best old age home remedy. * Increase your soft intake and make sure your house is humidified properly. * Cut a lemon into 2 pieces. Take one piece and put some...


Can food poisoning cause laryngitis?

A: IANAD, but through past experience, food poisoning acts much faster than the 8-9 hours you mention, which makes me somewhat suspicious that it may not be related to the food. It might be worth a call to a clinic or a health hotline just to run your symptoms by a medical professional. Maybe some other MeFites can provide some additional suggestions....


acute obstruction of the larynx?

A: Laryngeal obstruction may be acute or chronic, with signs varying to match. Stridor and local signs, such as pain, swelling and the presence of foreign bodies, constitute the clinical syndrome. When a patient has obstruction of the pharynx he uses the accessory muscles to maximize airflow that is often manifested by retractions in the neck or abdomen....


What Are the Different Types of Voice Disorders?

A: Voice disorders can be caused by a number of different things. Smoking, frequent clearing of the throat, talking too much, screaming, infections, and certain types of cancer can all affect the throat area. Most voice disorders are a direct result of an infection or irritation of the larynx. The larynx consists of two different groups of muscles that are referred to as vocal cords. When these muscles vibrate, sound is produced. If the vocal cords have been affected by any kind of disease, stress, or irritation, vibration will be kept to a minimum. The number one cause of throat irritation is acute laryngitis. acute laryngitis is caused by a viral infection that creeps into the vocal cords....

How do I get my voice back?

A: The condition of losing one’s voice is medically called laryngitis, which is a result of larynx (or voice box) inflammation. The most common cause of laryngitis is viral infection, but it is also caused by prolonged strain of the voice by talking or screaming, excessive smoking, inhaling fumes, and coughing. Other than hoarseness, laryngitis also causes itchiness and dryness of the throat, sore throat, and mild fever. If you suffer from acute laryngitis, the problem will last only a few days and you wouldn’t need medication. However, if it’s chronic laryngitis that lasts for a few weeks, you will need professional medical...

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